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Sunday, November 16, 2008
haha hihi!! guys this blog is officially close eh!! haha i am sorry!!

i am going into army on 12 dec... haha hee... sobsob !! don miss me guys!! hall

i shall blog after i come out eh!! haha lol... hee...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008
hihi guys i am back !! haha here to blog !! sorry for not blogging for a long period of time yeah!!

haha miss me??!! haha.. 

o ya!! haha wanna blog abt my grand ma birthday yeah!! haha 

this is my style style de hair eh!! 

hee... took me super long to style sia!! 

haha sweating yeah!! 

haha this is another side!!

haha the thingy held at sherton hotel ar!! haha its very grand eh!! 

haha this is the ball room!! haha 

haha inside!!

haha me and my daughter!!

haha got mum and best cuz!!

haha me and my god mum!!

haha me and my cuz!!

haha lol.. can see another side of hair??!! haha getting longer rite??!! can be like girl le!! haha hee... 

haha my niece!! 

haha my shy cuz!!

haha i love this pic alot man!! haha freaking cool rite?!?! hh one HOT DOG  n 14 PAPAYA!! 

haha cute eh??!! haha hee.. 

haha still got dj!! 

haha shou tao1! 

aha lol...5 tables all together!! haha my family quite big ar!! 

haha slides show for all family picss!! 

haha everybody a 4d number!!

haha all the brothers!! haha playing game eh!! 

haha the menu!! 

haha da shou!! 

haha still got hire singer come sing sing eh!! haha primary 2 only !! 

haha and hire a bian lian da shi for my grand ma!! 

bian bian!! 

haha enlarge the pic!! haha we having pic guessing game!! aha which one is the bra!! 

haha there is still mahjiong guessing game eh!! haha 

haha lol !! hee... nice birthday party rite??!! haha my 21 birthday!! will be on the yacht!! haha lol.. 

Thursday, October 16, 2008
haha guys!! i am back.. haha erm with great demand i am back!! haha actually not great lar...JUST WANNA INFORM U GUYS I AM FINE!! AND a person ask me to blog for her!! 

haha okok lor!! haha now i blog le... haha nowadays very busy with school!! cuz new semester !! then now my new time table is 9 to 5... EVERYDAY!! AHA quite sianz ar... haha lol...

then seriously i trying to blog abt my grand ma thingy and my thingy!! but no time lar.. haha so i just come to blog randomly !! haha lol.. seriously and honestly i still feel very very empty !! she is gone!! 

haiz... erm... seriously if u guys no longer come to this blog its also ok bah!! not no mood to blog lar... firstly no time to blog... secondly !! i really don feel good bah!! because usually blogging make me thinks alot!! 

and it will dao zhi me keep on thinking abt my grand ma then i will stuck somewhere!! erm... I WILL STILL BLOG ONCE IN A WHILE AR!! maybe a short post or long one!! depends on the day itself!! eh...

haha now its my hair again!! haha lol.. 

haha lol.. 

haha hee... 

ahhhhhh sianz ar... 


Saturday, September 27, 2008
i wanna thx briana for helping me!! blogging this thingy eh!! actually i very sad ar... i really don know wat to say.. 

can help me rest few days then blog mah?? its really very difficult for me eh!!! so pls wait for few days.. if i really cannot make it then i will think of closing down the blog eh!! 


poh bye bye... sleep tight... 

Friday, September 26, 2008
haha hihi guys!! i am back eh!! sorry that i am unable to blog so often!! haha but i bring good news eh!! haha lol...haha lol... i cut my hair also le eh!! haha lol... fun lor.. just change hair le eh!! hhaa just change le.. but the front abt the same ar!! haha its the side!! 

haaa anyway rite??!! haha my grand ma already discharge le!! but her hand don know why like this lor... haiz very very sad...lor... 

i don know wat happen ar but i am just happy that she is discharged!! 

this is wat happen to the hand ar!! aiyo... 

anyway guys i am selling psp now!! i mean my job lar!!

erm not just psp , got ps3 wii and etc... and do repair all that!!

its my new job eh!! so seriously if u all interested to buy psp, pls come find me eh!! seriously find me!! i try to give u the best price!! cuz i now already hav the right to open price le!! 

erm...so i try my best to give the cheapest lar!! just as long i don get scolded eh!! haha lol... okok??

just give me a call eh!! thx guys!! this is the shop!! got psp ps3 wii and ds games... 

accessories also got!! 

haha wii !! all that also got..!! 

anyway rite??!! just come approach me if u hav any question ar... haha lol!! okok ?? i will help u!! 

honestly if u need any thing rite??!! really jus call me ar... haha lol...i will give u the cheapest price lar!! i not say say nia.. all of u who come my blog mostly know me de ar!! 


is wanna buy psp must buy now!! cuz if u all read the news rite??!! psp new batch CANNOT MODIFIED LE!! THATS MEANS CANNOT PLAY DL GAMES!! even u HAV ALOT MONEY ASK PPL DO ALSO CANNOT DO LE!! 

haha lol... next time ppl wanna buy psp slim can modi de!! also very ex le!! so TAKE NOTE!! 


use ur brain!! if u can find things lower than market price a lot rite??!! must be something wrong le!! don anyhow buy!! 

haha anyway rite??!! haha i cut my hair le!! and wanna intro u this thingy eh!! ahaha lol... 

haha new wax i am using !! haha not wax ar.. clay!! haha lol.. 

MY NEW HAIR STYLE!! haha lol... 

front image rite??!! take le hor!! looks the same de lar !! so no point showing u guyS!1 haha lol!! 

love my kor kor alot lor!! haha help me make my hair very nice eh!! haha lol... hee!! haha lol.. this time even got colour!! just like to change lor!! haha 

haha this is the back lor!! haha lol...haha the colour contrast nice hor??!! haha need to stlye all that!! ... still got shave??!! haha lol..

haha the colour contrast nice rite??!! haha but the top one nicer!! 

if we look from the front rite rite??!! haha lol... its black totally!! haha thats means same from my last time de hair style!! haha just the side and the back different only!! hhaa lol.. 

Saturday, September 20, 2008
i guess i need to explain why i this few days so busy bah!! haiz... my grandmother is admitted to the hospital again!! and this time more critical , cuz she vomit blood out!! haiz haiz.. i really very scare ar... 

i am sorry ar.. i don think i will blog so often... i hav lots of things to do... firstly go see my grandma... second and etc.. is got things to do!! erm... i don know how to say lar!! but just need to do my stuffs lor!! 

sorry sorry sorry... just some pics bah!! 

haiz.. she cried super loudly when the pipe is down her nose all that....

u see... the tied her both hands ar... haiz.. super sad lor... really really sad ar... 

see that blue container rite??!! that one is blood packet... just incase !! she need more

haiz... seriously my life very boring de lar... very very very boring!! cuz seems to be moodless thats why don wanna blog either!! then only one day , WHICH I EVEN FORGET WHICH DAY!! haiz sorry ar... 

i go out with chang rui marcus and my wife lor... then when to ikea sia... haha lol.. see furniture!! 

haha but actually is not wanna buy furniture ar.. haha is wanna eat THE HOT DOG!! HAHA VERY NICE AR...i eat more that 3 sia!! 

haha lol.. this is the hotdog!! 

then i went to do one survey !! then get a free hotdog eh!! haha lol..

haha so after the ikea rite??!! when to central to get our la mian!! with mum!! and the la mian!! is really good eh!! TRUST ME... ppl who hav been there!! must be those that when to japan before!! 

because its one of the closet taste to japanese la mian!! 

u eat those at ah ji san or sakae or etc... is all nonsense ar... haha seriously the la mian is super good man!! 

haha its like we line up for like 1 hour plus then get our seats.. then while lining up !! i bump into caryn eh!! haha and its  her birthday sia!! haha lol.. so celebrate together lor!! haha lol..

then give her a surprise!! haha buy something which is very very nice eh!! 

haha but nice to see also not nice to eat lor!! 

haha super not nice to eat lor!! 

haha its a form of celebration sia.. in the end a torture!! haha thats all lor!! 

love watever i can think of man!! 

Saturday, September 13, 2008
hihihi !! guys !! sorry for being so irresponsibility eh!! i just wanna say hor!! 

this few days i kinda of busy ar... cuz i hav a lot of job hunting has to be done!! haha and i seriously enjoyed playing bb again!! haha lol... hee... just so so so fun lor... haha !! 

haiz getting back wat i used to be already !! ahhhhhhhhh so shiok lor... 

but another thingy i am very sad abt rite??!! all the high pay job rite??!! all NEED MY HAIR TO BE CUT!! AIYO SOBSOB... HAIZ... AIYO... 

VERY HARD TO FIND JOB AR!!aiyo cuz high pay rite??!! haha need to cut hair ar...sobsob!! aiyo so because of my bao bei hair rite??!! aha i don wanna do the job!! haha

so i might not be able to blog so often okok??!! haha lol.. sorry sorry.. i finally can relax le... haha lol.. i going to my friend birthday le.. haha finally hee... can take alot alot of pics eh.. haha to show u guy!! 




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