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Monday, September 1, 2008
haha lol !! haha so today i had exams eh!! haha lol.. just tired lor.. haha lol.. i never sleep sia ... i study the whole night ar.. haha then i go home rite??!! haha wanna sleep ar.. haha .. then thx to my sis ar!! 

HAHA SHE SUDDENLY VERY SIAO ON AR!! haha lol.. she say wanna go watch super band... haha then very weird rite??!!

haha then i ask ask ask!! haha let me know is actually rite??my cousin de fault ar!! haha lol... but not fault lar.. haha but IDEA TO SPEND MY SIS BIRTHDAY LOR!! HAHA...actually is me and my sis ... spend the day today one!! haha nvm let her join in!!

haha lol.. then i go mediacorp ... haha just boring i tell u!! haha

and u can see HOW FREE IS SINGAPORE YOUNG GIRLS!! got time don wanna study!! haha lol..but its a very cute scene to see all the young girls like crazy like that ar.. haha lol.. then hor when i go there rite??!!

i hav to stand outside and wait 1 hour plus sia!! nvm lo... haha then i go in rite??!! i tot start le sia....aiyo... 

haha this is the live bah!! 

haha lucky got marcus come with me lor... if not really very boring ar... haha lol... 

then actually very sianz de lor.. haa then until one person come kbkb!! haha then is the cordinator ar... haha sorry if i got the wrong spelling!! haha lol... 

haha which is him.. haha so my cousin me and marcus didnt know we where sitting at the place.. where we need to support a group!! haha but lazy to move lar.. so decided to support the team call ying!! hha 

haha lol.. actually the whole place very empty lar.. is all those very free de small girls... making so so so much noise eh!! haha lol... buay tahan ar... 

hahaa lol... then went in... wait another 1 hr again!! 

haha lolllsee... the floor very empty rite??!! 

haha finally started!! 

haha this is all of them 

in a closer look!! 

HAHA LOL... WHEN I GO THERE LISTEN RITE??!! HAHA actually i got super lot of comments sia.. haha but i think very bad la...don feel like saying... cuz after i know the result i quite sad ar... 

cuz OBVIOUSLY ITS PLAN WHO IS GOING IN OR OUT...not saying u are better or wat... 

cuz ying is definitely better... if u hear live... u can see everybody clapping eh.. everyone from other side also... then wu ge ren obviously didnt sing that well.. SERIOUSLY CANT REALLY SING AR... c star.. not bad... really got improve... 

so this comment rite?? kinda of bad ar... its not personal ar... its can see from the crowd and use the ear to listen ar... erm...just sianz lor... 

aiyo then i faster leave that place cuz its really sianz ar.... 

then we are off to town for my turn to sing to my cousin!! haha before that we went to swensen to hav dinner eh!! haha lol... then we give me sis a surprise!! 

haha where she has to stand on the chair!! 

haha and everybody sing her the birthday song eh!! haha lol... 

sobsob... fun rite??!! haha hope she like it.. haha cuz its the first birthday.. she celebrate with me... 



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