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Friday, August 29, 2008
i wanna say happy birthday to pohli first okok??!!! haha lol... 

happy birthday!! not i never wish u eh i need to explain!! 

haha wa lau!! haha teachers day is so so so fun man!! HAHA I REALLY SO HAPPY TO GO BACK LOR!! haha u know why ?? haha because it really give me the feeling like the SCHOOL IS STILL MINE LIKE THIS!! 

haha not say until like mine lar!! its like everywhere i go , ppl will hi all that!! haha then say hihihi like this.. the like never ending that , just like the past!! haha really very shiok !! haha 

before that rite??!! actually we are very very tired!! haha cuz like my previous post say eh!! haha because they went drinking!! then i pei them... so its like we reach home at 7 , so its like don need to sleep lor!! straight away bathe!! and come out le!! 

haha lol.. after coming out of my house!! haha lol... i went to sit mrt!! haha then very heng i bump into lee hong and jon!! MY CLASS MATE!! haha then the first thingy they say rite??!! aiyo...

aiyo u became so chubby!! face so round!! 

actually when they say that i lagi don dare to go school lor!! haha scare lor!! haha seriously really scare lor!! haha 

haha but no matter wat still hav to go de!! haha so i reach woodlands then meet eric they all and go le!! haha lol... 

so went we walk in to register rite??!! then got ppl hi to me le!! is izzetti !! haha lol.. 

haha at least she remember me lar!! haha lol.. quite fun!! so hi again!! haha then walk in again!! haha we all started to kbkb!! haha cuz we saw our favourite mirror!! 

haha which is this one!! haha lol.. when we come in to school !! or get out of school.. WE SURE NEED TO SEE THIS MIRROR ONE!! haha lol...

haha then we went into the canteen and see all the stall aunties lar!! haha wa... they still remember us sia!! haha so happy.. haha so we eat eat last time de mee!! haha still so so so soild!! THATS MEAN STILL GOOD LOR!! 

haha lol... then cuz all the pupils still in class !! then i heard we are not allowed to go to class room blocks!! haha but we heck care de lar!! haha then we see something we very angry with!! 

wa lau!! shelter sia!! 

sianz lor.. last time we hav to run over lor!! OUR SCHOOL IS GETTING RICH!! but just sianz lor!! we are not the one getting all the benefit sia!! haiz haiz... haha okok.. 

haha then i really really super happy sia!! haha lol.. cuz i once said , last time i still in school rite??!! all the ppl see my brothers nia.. then i invisible de lor!! very poor thingy de!! haha but still can hihi with alot ppl in school !!! 

haha then now i go back rite??!! i am not forgotten man!! haha lol.. i pass by the classes!! i keep hearing eh jeremy , eh jeremy leh... haha but when i turn i don even know the person lor!! aiyo... 

haha then nvm... cuz we bump into xiang jie.. so go his class find his teachers!! haha at least we are warm welcome by the class ppl ar... they smile smile to us!! haha AND MDM ROSNA NEVER LAUGH AT MY HAIR!! haha 

the school ppl !! loved my hair!! haha lol.. sobsob gandong.. ppl will come over and tell me my hair nice.. sobsob finally

which is super good ar ... finally give me some emotionally support!! haha lol.. 

haha then i continue!! haha going other class... slowly i become more and more angry eh!! cuz seriously i keep hearing and ppl calling my name!! but when i turn!! i don know... and its like they keep on eh jeremy!! 

i not trying to show i popular or wat... but i just wanna explain i really looking for briana and tricia!! so when those ppl hi to me.. i hope its them.. but honestly speaking i am happy that those ppl will call me and surprise to see me again!! but when i turn back... at least a hi from u guys.. and not shy like act until don know.. ppl will fedup one!! 

not trying to be action ar!! haha but just became more fedup abt it!! 

haha then nvm.. wa lau... see the field!! 

haha sobsob!! aiyo they really very very rich lor!! haha ... 

so i am enough with hihi part!! haha so we walk walk walk rite!! then keep on shouting like secondary that time!! haha ..memories!! BOYS~~ !!! 

HAHA we went to ava room!! for sec 5 celebration!! haha lol.. 

haha lol.. see... they quite yong xin lar!! haha 2 class join together !! aha then do a big big one!! 

haha so its like miss neo.. tok tok tok!! until cry!! haha when she see they do those things!! haha lol.. cute lor!! haha... but then i say!! they LOSE TO US LOR!! SO LOUSY!! 

do so much make miss neo cry one time nia!! 

haha LAST TIME WE SEC 1 TO 3 ...MISS NEO don know because of us!! cry how many times!! everytime when she cry is full OF PASSION AND FEELINGS DE LOR!! that she will shout and throw books de.. 

and cry don know like wat.. 

haha so we alot better ar!! 

any way its still something for the teachers lar!! 

haha lol... so many ppl eh!! 

erm.. this is the scene lor!! 

haha then we leave early!! to go to teachers staff room to find more teachers!! haha lol..

wow to my surprise most of the teachers never give bad comments abt my hair!! haha say my complexion really better!! ask whether i go do facial all that!! haha then tell all the teachers why i suddenly shi zhong all that!! 

haha then say a lot a lot lar.. they feel happy for me!! 

haha wa lau.. so touched man!! haha lol... 

went to find my so called father!! mr tay!! HAHA LOL.. then i bump into yixi and val!! haha lol.. long time never walk with her in school le!! haha just fun lor!! haha like in the past!! talk and play ... haha 

then i ask her pei me go find mr tay!! lor!! haha.. so after that then drag eric along!! haha lol.. then we sit INSIDE TOK COCK WITH MR TAY LOR!! haha lol.. just play lor!! haha then chris came by!! haha lol.. 

last time if we sit inside means we kanna case already!! haha but now is go in tok cock!! hahah lol.. 

then tok to long until marcus they all cannot tahan and come find us!! haha 

so mr tay.. let us go.. then we go canteen .. bump into my class mates!! amy anna joreen lee hong... and mother lee hong!! haha lol.. haha lol.. then jk and tok cock also lor!! haha lol.. can see that they miss my jk ar!! haha lol.. 

haha lol.. haha lol.. then take pics lor!! 

aha i think i should stop smiling like that!! cuz really very ugly!! haha lol.. haha lol... 

haha joreen is still as cute as in the past!! haha lol.. 

aha lol.. see!! 

pohli this is the explaination eh!! 

haha so after leaving the school .. we are just like last time.. tok cock outside the bus stop there!! haha lol.. just fun lor!! hha just tok cock then everybody get tired!! haha lol.. haha but still can stop talking!! 

so i need to go causeway to find yixi !! haha lol.. then go until causeway meet her!! and she join us and all of us when to eat and tok cock lor!! haha... 

haha lol.. then never shop ar.. cuz me eric venn and marcus.. really very tired eh!! haha lol.. really very tired!! 

seriously at first i send yixi to bus stop !! 

but i was really not feeling well eh!! so i like wanna vomit already... so i just take cab to send her home the go marcus house!! cuz at night i need to go for my sis birthday!! aiyo... really very tired!! 


haha lol.. then cab to marcus house!! bathe ..and BOMPPPPPPPPPP~~~~~~~!!!!!!!

HAHA sleep liao.. buay tahan lor!! cuz cant really breathe all that!! i not kua zhang ar.. haha but seriously just cannot tahan already!! then just sleep lor!! 

so from 1 pm sleep still 10 plus.. then i wake up to ans my cousin call.. cuz he picking me up to me sis birthday!! haha but very bad sia!! i sleep back.. haiz.. aiyo.. damed jia lat.. lor!! then wake up 12 plus le!! 

then i quickly call my cousin and he fetch me go my sis there .. reached le, bathe again.. then sleep le lor!! haha lol.. 

i am really sorry pohli!!



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