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Thursday, August 7, 2008
haha hihi guys!! haha lol... okok !! today i had a very very fun time eh!! haha there is so many things for me to tok abt eh!! haha lol... 

so u guys wait eh!! haha lol.. early in the mornig just go school lor! haha lol .. haha then i saw this car.. haha in my school .. haha just very cute eh!! haha i like it alot!! haha its damed cute lar!! haha freaking werid shape!! 


haha but usually such thingy rite??!! cute ar but sure ugly de!! haha ugly but adorable is true eh!! haha lol !! haha lol... haha but if u really see , really very nice eh!! haha i never bluff u eh!! 

haha lol.. just cute ar!! haha... 

haha okok then zanny when to pay her school fees rite??!! haha lol.. then hor she got her changed!! haha lol.. then mdis very stupid lar!! haha lol... HAHA LOL haha lol.. then she need to go bank in the 3 days then can get back!! 

haha i mean 3 days then can received the money!! haha lol... nonsense sia!! freaking nonsense!! haha 

haha so after that me go town meet marcus!! haha lol.. actually is wanna go shopping!! cuz wanna relax !! then marcus suddenly say wanna go here and there!! then he still cannot decide!! haha so we decided to go marina square!! 

haha lol... we go buy tickets !! haha we are watching the love guru!! ahaa then go play pool!! 

haha aiyo play this pool until i wanna vomit ar!! 

haha hav to think and think again!! haha so no choice lor!! haha lol...but hor marcus how also lose me lar!! we play for 2 hr!! HE ONLY WIN ME 2 TIMES!! 


this is being a gentlemen!! haha lol.. 

haha then after the pool!! we still hav time eh!! haha lol... haha then we saw a new shop at marina square!! haha for many ppl to catch catch toy de lor!! haha lol... 

haha lol.. that is marcus catching!! haha lol 

haha okok i didnt hav chance to take pics of myself , when i play ar... cuz stress ar .. cuz got ppl see behind ar!! haha lol.. then nvm ... actually hor i catch all this rite??!! haha is the sake of proving my skills ar!! 

haha i very good at catching all this.. haha ANOTHER WORDS WASTING MONEY!! haha u know why??!! is not i cannot catch eh!! haha is i can catch alot or very fast and efficient haha lol.. aiyo now i like PORH MYSELF!! HAHA AND THAT IS BAD!! 

haha but really when it comes to this rite??!! haha lol.. haha really good mah!! quite li hai!! haha but hor.. seriously cuz everytime i catch this kinda of soft toys rite??!! ITS LIKE NONSENSE!! CUZ I allergy to soft toys mah!! haha so catch le also no use de ar!! haha lol 

haha but to prove my skills and sustain it!! haha 

haha so this is the story!! haha lol... when i go diao the soft toy hor!! haha lol.. i only spend 4 dollars nia!! haha lol... 

then this time one not very eaasy!!! abit like cheat money but actually not their fault lar.. quite worth it!! cuz it not like just pure soft toy eh!! like u hug hug like this!! is more like a toy ar!! where u can put battery!! 

then it will move!! so the motor itsself made the thingy very heavy!! the machine cannot really sustain the weight lor!! 

haha but skills MEANS GOT SKILLS!! HAHA everytime i try is can catch up the whole body de!! haha but drop!! haha actually rite??!! got skills de ppl rite??!! can see de eh!! like simple catching the whole body ar.. and bring it up ar!! its a skills le!! 

then whether the machine can hold the weight or not.. so is see whether is bluff money de lor!! 

haha so everytime i very jun leh!! haha then behind ppl like supporting me like this!! haha lol.. i heard behind ppl say!! he very li hai eh!! very jun !! but he VERY STRESS AR!! then the other ppl !! at the side!! then say!! 

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh catch dao le!! then the thingy drop!! sianz lor!! haha lol.. haha hold very firm le leh!! everybody can see.. got skills de.. then ppl complain saying machine cheat money one!! haha

ke lian .. so i try for the last time lor!! THEN LET ME CATCH DAO LEH!! HAHA then the girl ask me i spend how much!! its like 4 dollar rite??!! haha then can le!! haha then she turn black face!! 

haha actually such soft toys even u SPEND 10 DOLLAR!! also worth!! cuz if one day u see... minitoons all that rite??!! haha u can see rite??!! haha its far beyond the price!! haha but i got it with 4 dollars!! haha shiok!! 

haha lol.. i got my mickeY!! haha see marcus!! try try!! haha so many times!! and got nothing!! haha actually marcus also got skills de ar!! haha me ar.. him ar.. and eric.. very good and playing this game!! haha lol.. 

but still i am better than them!! haha lol.. 

HAHA SO WE GO WATCH OUR MOVIE LE!! haha i tell u ar.. haha the movie is just funny ar!! THE LOVE GURU!!1 HAHA just spend 6 dollars go in and laugh!!haha very worth it ar!! haha just trust me!! 

don wanna say more abt the movie.. just go watch eh!! haha lol 

i everyweek watch movie more than 2 times.. so hor i can really different shape wat is good movie and bad eh!!

haha then after the movie.. we had out dinner and head back home!! haha lol.. 

o ya show u my soft toy ar!! haha lol... 

haha press here try me!! 

haha cute rite??!! haha actually the minnie lagi cute ar!! haha but i didnt go catch!! CUZ I SINGLE AND AVAILABLE MAH!!lol ...

haa faster help me find rite??!! haha then i catch the minnie ar!! haaha lol.. 

haha hee look at the smile !! haha he is just so cute!! haha lol... 

haha i wanna put braces le lar!! haha don really like my teeth!! MAKE ME LOOK LIKE MONKEY!! HAHA SERIOUSLY!! HAHA.. I WANNA PUT!! 



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