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Tuesday, July 1, 2008
Jeremy lazy to blog...this dudi help him blog lahs :)

Went to RP to look for friends to teach me POA but in the end never even touch on it!! haha!
A group of people in RP library lor with my brothers!!

See! Almost all on the laptop and do their things lor!! Nice rite?!

haha ...haha... i am back lar!! haha she nonsense lar!! haha lol.. but cool rite?!! haha so many ppl !! haha like opening party eh!! haha... 

haha ... everyone also got lappy eh!! haha lol.. then all so fun!! 

haha lol!! haha my lappy most cool rite??!! haha lol... all white the psp cool rite??!! haha lol.. i mean i mac!! haha most striking!! haha thats is mine!! haha eh!! 

haha then i finish blogging everything actually not everything lar.. haha just blog nia lor!! j

haha... our heads are together!! haha in one man!! haha lol..lian ti ing!! haha lol..

haha that is me and eric!!

X FLIES !! haha.. we saw something shock!! something that U GUYS WONT WANNA SEE~~

haha.. eeeekkkkkkk... haa this one very disgusting lor!! haha lol... sobsob!! haha...i see le i also scare scare!! haha.. eric eyes also very weird!!

haha.. this pic rite?!! haha we take many many times leh!! haha but seriously don know why don hav eric head!! haha rp maybe haunted!! eh guys!1 lappy really very fun!! haha go buy one and play!! haha

haha big headed!! eric and jeremy!! haha lol...

haha retarded!! us!! 

haha.. so we got boring!! because sick and tired of taking pics!! haha so i called my aeroplane!! haha to fly us to paris!! haha .. haha my personal plane eh!! haha ... so few hours later we landed at the airport!! so without further a tu tu tu!! haha.. 

haha we went to ba li tie ta!! haha lol... and we took a nice nice pic!! haha

haha see??!! nice rite??!! haha i never bluff u guys lor!! haha still got ang mor lang at the back !!
haha... angela went to shopping lor!! haha shop shop shop!! haha then we wanna catch the sunset before we get home!! haha... to bad for angela!  NO NAKED MAN!! HAHA FOR HER!! HAHA LOL..

haha.. lang man rite??!! haha the sun set!! haha lol.. 

haha then its me and eric le!! haha... so after everything!! we decided to go home!! haha and i called my aeroplane again !! haha and landed at rp!! haha and tata!! haha bye guyS!! 

haha... pic pic at rp!!?? 

haha so the whole bunch of us!! play ar , eat ar , talk ar , shout ar and etc!! haha then its alot of fun and laughter lar!! make fun out of each other and play psp and etc lar!! haha.. lol !! haha then we slack until 9 !! 

then very very hungry!! haha so we go causeway eat!! but all don wanna eat fast food!! feel like eating food court!! but food court sure close de leh!! haha so we decided to go almeem!! haha lol.. our favourite!! hang out place!! 

haha lol... then we order good good food!! haha to bad!! dudi cannot follow us!!haha bleah!! 

haha guys!! this is the best food since after i feel better!! haha lol.. 

haha.. icecream don know wat!1 haha then stingray then kang kong then egg!! haha then hum!!! haha lol..

haha the sting ray is big big de leh!! haha super big big de!! haha eat until very very very shiok shiok man!! haha lol.. 

so after dinner!! we all play psp naruto!! haha i champion again leh!! haha after lose to eric and marcus!! haha i champion again! haha .. we cab to marsiling mrt!! haha then after that!! go home lor!! haha .. then me and angela tok tok tok!! 

haha angela thx for the message!! yeah??!! 



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