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Monday, July 14, 2008
hihi guys... this might be a very long post!! 

erm so take ur time or heart to read ... or watever!! cuz i might not be able to blog for the next 2 days .. cuz maybe like nothing to blog or wat... 


lets get back my feeling and talk abt wat has happen on this day!! haha after the long long work out excersise yesterday!! haha my whole body ache ar!! haha lol... si bei pain lor!! really long time never play le... haha .. aiyo really really really very pain!! 

haha but i still hav to climb out of bed!! cuz there is alot of housework waiting for me to do!! haha ... lol... sobsob!! so i wake up !! brush my teeth and wat ever!! haha then start... sweeping the floor!! 

haha then mop the floor!! haha then iron all THE CLOTHES! HAHA LOL... then start cleaning some dusted!! furiniture!! haha.. then able to rest!! haha....

u don see i just write and blog this way hor!  i CLEAN VERY LONG HOR!! spend abt 3 to 4 hours!! then finish!! i took my lunch at 4 u know!! sobsob!!! 

then looking at still got so many clothes rite??!! haha... haven iron finish sia!! haha haha but very hungry lar!! haha.. lol.. buay tahan!! so i bathe!! and change then go down de!! 

so i went down... haha ALONE!! SOBSOB...haha to eat zhou !! haha... after i recover hor!! i hav been very picky with food !! and like to order many many differents kinds of food lor!! haha...

haha having a very filling lunch!! haha its time for me go back home and relax... haha so i went online and saw.. *** friendster... 

haha and i saw some thing very cute!! 

haha see... maths sia!! haha lol... describing!! women!!?? haha ... when she is women in a relationship!! haha lol... but seriously i find it super interesting lor!! super duper!! haha.. i laugh and laugh... 

personally i don think that women=problems!! HAHA PERSONALLY!! LAR... NOT TRYING TO ACT OR WAT...haha maybe is because since young i hav been living with women s and my friends majority also women!! and worst thingy is.. my horoscope!! i more to favour to women!! OR MAYBE MY AMBITION IS TO A GIGGOLO !! 

women does not = to problems!! woman are for men to love and treasure... and without woman there wont be so many love songs!! without woman , mens will become all gay!! without woman there wont be love to be made!! 

so guys... treasure woman s u hav!! 


haha anyway... continue abt my life!! haha so i meet my sis for dinner!! haha.. she treating me dinner leh!! so good rite??!! hhaa SEE WOMAN AGAIN!! haha.. sobsob!! haha lol.. then we deciding where to eat mah.. haha lol.. 

sobsob.. then i wanted to eat bay street!! haha its a very nice restaurant haha VAL WILL LOVE IT!! cuz the xia there is super good man!! wonder they still hav mah!! haha lol... 

haha but in the end we chose ICHBAN!! AND I REGRETTED!! 

haha sushi!! looks yummy rite??!! haha but cock ar.. haha damed sucks.. not really fresh!! 

the soft shell crab.. its all flour!! and its nonsense!! when u bite it rite??!! obviously its cook and cook again!! and its all flour!! nobody will wanna eat de!! 

okok.. then its meal its mine!! the chawamushi !! is good.. the salmon is good... the rest sucks!! 

we tot this cheese scallop very nice hor??!! in the end also sucks lor! sobsob.. haiz... we eat one mouth never eat le!! cuz u know why!! its so hard and its obviously overcooked man!! 

then my sis got angry!! complain complain!! haha lol.. then they change the thingy for us!! but to us.. already no use le... cuz its not worth for paying such food lor!! 

then we take the bill and go and pay!! haiz.. wont come to this place any any more!! never again!! 

haha then me and my sis funny lar.. haha we keep on scolding each other then push the blame to each other!1 haha... funny lor.. so we decided to go shop around!! haha before we go giant!! HAHA... GIANT!! 

haha u all know wat is that mah!! ?? haha bleah.. don tell u guys!! 

haha then we go see lappy ... see jia ju ... haha then say if we got our future house blah blah or wat.. wat we going to do... haiz... actually hor... my sis and i maybe wat we wanna is very simple.. things like our own house!! 

haiz... so we chat chat chat abt stuffs and go to the top roof!! haha and play with water.. haha actually never really play with water lar.. haha but i give small kid bully sia!! 

haha neh this boy.. haha he wanna shoot me with water.. haha actually i am the one shooting him with water de.. haha he very cute ar.. haha wanna come for revenge.. haha then i don wanna get myself wet.. of cuz i scare lar.. haha lol.. 

cute lor.. babies are so cute... i love them!! haha lol... 

then me and sis think of ending our day early!! haha so we go giant and shop shop... haha giant very big ar... haha so many things to buy!! haha but not many things suitable for me to buy!! haha... until i saw this!! 

haha lol... 

haha giant lob lob so ex sia!! haha freaking ex lor.. haha .. nowonder that time i eat the lob lob... so ex sia!! 

haha seriously freaking ex... haha we walk round and round giant.. haha but it seems like there is nothing we wanna or need sia... haha but we tok and tok and tok... haha lol... so i bought my thingy!! haha then we go pay and go home... haha lol.. 

haha but before i go home.. i suddenly wanna eat ba kua sia!! 

haha long time never eat le... haha but not nice lor.. haha i like to eat those ba gua with shiny shiny surface de... as thought like sticky sticky like that... then the sides... abit chao ta.... haha then black black like that!! haha

then actually i wanna buy 5 to eat sia... then the girl tot i say.. i wanna buy 5 dollars.. no brain sia...then she  give me 3 pieces .. haha then if i say i wanna buy $5.50 then she cut for me meh!!??haha lol.. opps ... cannot say ppl no brian!! maybe i to angry with the lousy dinner i had!! 

spoil my wei kou!! 

o ya...forget to tell u guys!! i bought this fan home!! haha like i told u guys... when a person no money ar.. everything also spoil!!  

actually wanna use this money to top up my card card de... haiz... but now hor.. don need liao!! haiz.. aiyo... very very sianz eh.. know wonder they said... the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer!! 

seriously i agree with this saying eh!! erm.. haiz so i went home.. alone...then i alone.. kang this whole thingy home lor!! then go iron everything then bathe.. then sleep!! haha try out the new fan!! haha.. lol.. okok lar.. not very good or bad.. still okok !! 

this part really very long... those who don wanna read... can don read bah.. i just don wanna ppl to ask me why so sad or wat.. so i ask them to read from here!! 

this is the part why i say... i might not be able to blog and etc... haiz... at 1 am... when i was asleep ... i was waken up by my mums phone called!! haiz... she suddenly told me that , the grandmother i love the most... condition not very good ... 

so if can hope i tomorrow go see her!! so i ask abt more on details... why will like that... sobsob!! haiz... i don know how to say... my mum don know how also.. then she just tell me.. popo seems to be giving up on herself.. she don wanna eat and keep lying on bed .. don wanna to tok to anyone except me and my mum!! 

which is super sad... then the worst thingy is ... its seems that my grand ma knows that she might pass away any time ....so she is giving up!! then secondly ... i don know wat the fuk my uncles and aunties go bring my grand mother!! 

go ask their god.. no offence.. but seriously they say that my grandmother cannot pass this friday!! its like 3 days left!! seriously i lost everything le.. i cannot lose her ... if she really go.. i don know how to carry on with my life... 

seriously i don know why go ask wat god lor... 

because of me ... many many things happen!! haiz.. just because of a stupid picture and moving out of house!! then my grandmother was so worried that she couldnt eat or sleep and always cry !! then for nothing she kanna stroke and mentally became a small kid just like this!! 

ITS ME LEH!! ME !! i don know wat can i do i am very very guilty!! haiz.. i just wanna see her smile!! my mother and her... is the only 2 reason why am i so reluctant to go army!! 

finding so many ways... just to see them longer!! haiz.. no one knows... i feeling very very pain inside!! 

there is really nothing i can do le ... i don know eh... i plan to go my uncle house and stay for a few days... and take care of her , made her smile for the rest of the days!! 

i feel damed pain sia!! i don know why leh... my life has been always very bad!! i know in the outside world or maybe africa there is more ppl more poor thingy than me... there is nothing to compare.. i am not comparing eh!! 

but seriously in my life ... i really really never hai anyone.. i tried to help ppl as much as i can.. i tried to give in to ppl , i put ppl before me , i tried my very best to stay on the right track.. because i didnt wanna my parents and my grandma to worried!! or think i turn bad!! 

since young already never see my parents much le... been taken cared by other ppl... no love eh... no love at all ... in my childhood life .. only had love by my grand ma which i think its enough ... but in the end moving house made the both of us separate and being move apart!!

then nvm.. when she is still able to walk.. she will stayed in at my god mother house just to see me.. haiz... and pass me money!! 

seriously guys i don know lar.. i don even know.. which part hav i done wrong... sia... i don know!! maybe i am bound not to be love by anyone.. those who love me or i love... hav to leave me... 

know wonder suan ming de also say... i will stay apart from those i really love or cared... ITS NOT ABT WHETHER WAT THE SUAN MING PPL SAY... but just... haiz.. i don know why my life has been so screwed up!! 

this is the time where she just kanna stroke and i go to her house to pei her and talk to her.. and take care of her!! 

at this point of time she has become like small kid le... haiz... those days i living there... everynight its like sword piercing through my heart... because last time everytime she see i cry ... she will also cry and ask me to stop...but in the night when i sayang her comb her hair!! 

and she is just like small kid sitting there... i cry so badly but i cannot even make a sound!! haiz... i really really very pain!! that time there is no one for me to reach!! haiz.. i really ching shen ti hui dao.. wu shen na han!! 

this is taken on this year her birthday!! she is really not feeling well le!! 

i wanna her to hav more birthday !! haiz... 

i don know wat to comment!! but i just.. love her!! 

this pic is last year de birthday!! 

see i am just big big.. baby to her!! 

haha i am the one which able to make her smile like that!! 

haha...see this is love... 

this explain why me and her so close huh!! 

i will stick to her forever!! 

seriously i don dare to love or wat... haiz.. i don wanna lose anyone further!! i really don dare to love or care anymore!! seriously... i don wanna le.. i very very scare!! 



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