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Sunday, July 20, 2008
hey guys!! take note.. i blog 2 post... at one go.. must read!! 

cuz tomorrow got school ar... then i scare go home no internet to 'BORROW' ar... haha so i blog 19th and 20 de ar... haha.. cuz i think i end my day early!! haha.. my mood is better le!! haha but still worried lar...!! haha 

so i now start with my stories le ar!! 

haha lol.. SO EARLY IN THE MORNING!! 7 O CLOCK!! haha which means i was able to sleep 3 hrs nia!!haha very happy that i was finally able to sleep like 3 hours??!! haha during the night!! haha 

but hav to pei my grandma go see doc.. haha lol.. so i wake up lor!! haha...

take note ar!! guys read this!! 

haha erm long trip !! but meaning full ar!! seriously guys!! do pay attention and take care of ur parents or elderly ones... cuz not easy to take care if anything happens... and its to late... they cannot suffer simple fall...

and  if u think 100 percent.. of hardwork and determination is enough.. then i tell u .. u need 200 percent of hard work and determination plus!!  effort!! 

then if u believe me saying that 200 percent of hard work determination and plus effort is enough!! 

then i think u are a person which does not hav common sense and using ur back side to think!! because nothing is enough... just express everything deep down inside ur heart!! don only know how to think , see or talk..BUT DO... REMEMBER!! 

cuz seriously everything its indiviual!!u hav to satisfied the needs of the elderly!! they are assets.. to the family!! 

okok.. so after see ing doc.. then we went back!! and do our stuff!! i went to blog.. then suddenly my sis told me that my mum asked!! us to go shopping and walk walk!! haha lol... then my aunt also being ask along!! 

so we go northpoint!! the freaking small shopping center!! but got things to buy ar!!?? haha lol... cuz yesterday my sis got a toy!! for my daughter!! then my mother hor!! backside itchy!! ar.. haha lol.. 

haha lol.. say wanna... then while they eating .. me and my sis decided to go play the sweet thingy!! haha to destress or wat ever we can think of.. actually also wanna win for my mum!! then its like we spend 10 dollars nia sia!! 

haha then we got so much sweets!! 10 dollar only sia.. haha lol.. 

haha my sis is expert ON SPENDING MONEY!! ON THIS MACHINE!! HAHA

i more and more crappy rite??!! funny leh!! 

so when we combined rite??!! haha we are more powerfull than ever ar!!?? haha ... this is not the first time le.. we very very expert le lar!! no jk !! even the aunties all that!! also comment!! 

aiyo U 2 VERY POWDER FULL AR... the uncle at opposite hor!! play until like 100 plus still like nothing like this.. POWDERFUL AR U 2!! 

haha lol .. 

aiyo..we don win by luck de hor!! haha big big de i also can catch!! 

haha thats the toy my mother wanna!! haha and we win it for her le!! so we spend like 10 plus got le or 20 ar.. haha then got the thingy le.. but we top up 30... so we decided to play finish lar.. haha lol

then while i playing more and more kids around me ar... haha then i play half way.. bend down... grab.. and give sweets!! to all those who see me play.. haha then the kids... thank u thank u!! haha...so they are so sweet!! ...

maybe i should go pri school or kidergarden to find gf ar??!! huh ???!!! telll me leh??!! should i??!! 

aiyo.. sound pervert ar! 

haha lol.. i give give give.. still got so big bag!! and the doll sia!! nonsense lor!! 

then i went down to meet my mother!! 

haha then we show her this.. then my sis back side itchy!! go tell her... how much we spend... then its like nonsense lor.. she is the one who kbkb so loud that she wanna it!! now we get it.. then she give that expression!! 

cute rite?? my mother!! haha lol.. nonsense her!! 

haha then my cousins , everybody go shopping lor!! went to esprit leh!! haha lol... i seldom go in that shop.. cuz more girls than guys de clothes!! then ppl will use those weird weird de facial expression to see u!! haha lol... 

haha then of cuz.. don fang guo this chance le lor!! haha lol.. i nan de buy clothes leh!! 6 months buy one time lor!! haha lol.. 

so so nan de sia!! haha lol...

haha then i go choose!! haha this are the clothes i bought!!! 

haha lol this one cool rite??!! enlarge to see the the design!! 

haha then i bought this short sleeves de.. haha lol.. cuz hor.. i change bag le.. change with my sis... like those piggy bag lai de.. haha lol.. don wanna use sling bag liao!! 

aiyo i put my lappy into the sling bag!! make my back so pain!! very very sharp pain!! 

okok then i intro my second one! 

haha lol.. cool leh!!! 

haha this is the last one.. haha didnt hav the chance to take!! o ya thats is the bag i am using now!! haha lol.. the 3rd one also v neck de!! haha lol... 

but this one design also very cool !! 

erm.. looks normal lar!! 

but its...!! reversible!! 

haha.. if one day never go home rite??!! haha can change one side to another !! like changing underwear like this!! 

OPPSS... HAHA LOL.. WHY TODAY.. MY POST.. ABIT ABIT.. DIRTY.. haha but can feel i more happy rite??!! 

haha so after shopping then all go back for dinner!! they play mahjong then i play my blogging!!! haha lo.. then POH LI FROM NORTHLAND SECONDARY BULLY ME!! 



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