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Tuesday, July 29, 2008
haha lol ... guys!! sorry for the late reply man!! haha actually really nothing to blog.. haha cuz my days kinda of dry!! haha lol... haha nothing to do.. haha lol... so early in the morning i wake up ... and set from marcus house to meet angela!! 

for lunch!! haha but instead of having lunch.. we had a few hours talk at the ice skating ring ar!! haha lol... cuz very sianz .. then both of us not hungry!!! haha then she let me see her com the pics!! 

haha 2000 over sia!! haha i see until almost i wanna late sei! 

haha then i rush to school !!haha lol.. 

haha but class is boring as usual!! 

see...all act only listen to class!! 

haha pls guys!! haha look at my eyes!! man!! haha sad lor!! haha just sad!! 

haha .. u see he and the girl at the back!! haha same position .. so now u know how boring issit mah!! haha very dry lor!! 

haha lol.. 

haha this 2 also my best buddy !! haha lol. .very good to me!! 

haha actually i really nothing to post ar!! haha cuz after school.. i rush back to see my grand ma!! then i go home le!! very early!! cuz i very tired!! and house alot of house work waiting for me!! 



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