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Thursday, July 3, 2008
haha!! today i went rp to study study!! haha .. then suddenly my dear pretty chew min !! come disturb me sia!! haha lol.. so today decided not to say anyting but just to advertise her man!! haha isnt she cute!! 

haha she really freaking boxim lor.. so bad to me!! aha ..but guys u all saw her pic before rite??!! haha cuz u all see her pic before rite??!! haha lol.. 

haha so this is my pretty chew min!! 

haha ... the left side one the idiot.. is chew min.. haha then right is yy!! haha 

haha.. the one with LV hang bag one is.. my pretty chew min lor!! see rich shit rite??!! haha ... i wanan my LV belt she also don wanna give!! 

haha then this is when she is at hong kong!! 

haha then right side one is her!! haha always wanna kiss but don know kissing who!! always say don wanna bf.. actually wanna action to me.. alot ppl wooing her!! 

haha idiot rite??!! haha but she really know how to make herself look extra stupid rite??!! haha lol...

haha thats her... cute rite??!! haha

haha ...mickey mouse!! haha she always has nothing better to do de lar.. haha anyway her hor.. something like my kai xin guo!! always make me laugh de !! haha lol ..

haha.. lol .. i think she can be a model someday!! haha but includes if she is taller one day!! haha lol.. 

haha wanna know her??!!haha come ask me??!! haha wanna her number??!! haha come ask me!! haha but i wont tell u guys!! SHE IS MINE!! HAHA CANNOT ANYHOW AR !! I WILL PING WITH U GUYS!! 


haha but mostly my readers all is ladies lar... haha lol !! haha ... so good bye!! haha... 



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