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Tuesday, June 10, 2008
hihi!! guys sorry for the late reply!! haha i very sick and busy this few days eh!! wanna blog but don hav the jing shen to blog and everything!! haha!! 

haha but on this day there is nothing happen!! the whole day ar!! ONLY ONE HAPPY THINGS HAPPENED!! which is my thai god mother came to singapore!! so so so happy to see her!! i miss her like hell lar!! 

haha seriously when she tap me i was like so shock!! haha lol !! haha erm we seldom see each other!! actually we don really very we really really very close!! haha usually i try to save alot of money so that i can go thailand to visit her...

but in the end , always end up paying this and that and the money hav to be used!! haiZ!! 

but this year i must must must go!! cannot don go!! actually hor she said don worry abt money that she will pay my air tickeT!! haha but don wanna lar psps!! 

haha my thai god mother sit air plane like sit bus!! haha she today come singapore !! touchdown!! then tomorrow go home!! haha style rite??!! haha like take bus!! erm actually i am more worried abt her health!! 

cuz she quite old !! so haiz!! so old still hav to travel here and there!! haiz ...hope she got good health!!



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