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Sunday, June 29, 2008
hihi!! guys i am here to blog again!! haha sorry sorry man!! cuz no internet mah!! haha lol.. so these few days i hav been staying at marcus house eh!! haha lol.. so early in the morning rite??!! haha i haven sleep man!! haha then let marcus girl make me wake up!! 

haha see take take photos!! haha i wanna sleep she don let me sleep sia!! i very very very sad lor!! haha lol..SHE DON LET ME SLEEP!! AHHHHHHH~~~~
haha see... look like girl legs rite??!! haha pretty??!! 
haha lol... see!! i really really ke lian lor!! haha lol.. sobsob!! anyway girls~~MY LEGS PRETTY RITE??!!!

haha so early in the morning hor!! very ke lian lor!!! ahha kanna marcus wife fan me!! aha then i wake up faster go bathe all that lor!! sobsob!! haha hee.. sobsob!! then make hair all that!! haha lol.. haha then faster go orchard with them lor!! 

haha first time i so early go orchard sia!! its like so hot!! haha...haha... lor!! i very very jia lat sia!! i very very sad lor!!haha lol.. really buay tahan lor!! freaking hot!! then in the end where we go leh??!! HAHA HONG KONG CAFE!!!
haha damed sianz lar!! haha i almost everyday eat maggie mee le leh!! haha then come hong kong cafe eat ex de maggie mee!! aha lol !! haha... haha then we eat eat!! then go mango to get her clothing lor!! 

haha then we go ang mo kio !! haha lol... meet marcus mum and family!! haha then i am taking bus 25 to bedok!! then change to mrt then go to pasirs!! haha lol... cuz i going carina de chalat!! haha lol 

when i reach there!! haha i go white sands!! search for present!1 haha but i saw 2 clothing very cute de leh!! haha lol look smart lei!! 
haha...cool ritE??!! haha when i married then i will wear!! haha lol... 
haha cute!!??Rite??!! haha but all not my size lar!! haha sobsob!! but seriously now baby de clothing even more better than ours lor!! and their dressing sense is better than us lor!! haha lol.. so i found the my present!! haha lol... haha 

haha lol... 

haha see rite??!! creative.. haha... lol rite??!! haha...  lol see!! its not baby acc lor!! haha its a secret!! sia.. lol... 

haha then i reach le rite??!! haha haha i tot got boy boy leh!! haha in the end all girl girl lor!! haha lol... 

haha all girl sia!! make me shy!! haha only zanny and some some tok to me!! quite boring !!! because i wanna sleep le!! 

haha so we go off early!! haha then i SAW GOT SMALL BOY BOY!! HAHA PLAY!! NARUTO LEH!! haha lol.. haha...then i jio him play lor!! haha u all know who will win de rite??!! haha surely i win de lar!! haha lol.. 



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