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Friday, June 20, 2008
hee!! guys.. guys... hee... today rite??!! i went to school!! haha then we keep toking abt yesterday the game and etc!! haha lol... then like very high!! but lesson very boring and dry ar!! haha really cannot make it!!

haha then i wanna sleep le lor!! haha so i suddenly wake up then do my hw!! haha lol... then .. find out everybody go le... not everybody lar!! haha most of the ppl !! left the boys!! haha then suddenly a girl in my class gave me this present eh!! 

haha wa...!! merci leh!! haha seriously i don know the girl!! actually except for zanny!! actually i don know any girl in my class sia!! haha lol... then i seriously very shoik ... cuz she suddenly came to my table!! then say this is ur birthday present!! 

then she walk away!! haha all smiling!! then i am only the one stun there!! haha lol ...stupid sia!! haha very very stupid!! haha i am saying I AM STUPID!! CUZ I NEVER REACT!! or wat.. just stun!! 

haha then standard de lor!! haha ppl start teasing me le!! even the malays also tease me!! haha all now call me lover boy!! HAHA CUZ I REALLY VERY GUAI LOR!!

haha so long so long.. never tok to ppl never approach ppl!! all that.. haha so guai rite??!! haha i tell u guys ... tomorrow they sure wanna tease me de lor!! haha shit man! i really don know how to react!! 

haha but nvm... so from the whole mrt trip rite??!! haha sianz lor.. they keep teasing me until i got nothing to say!! haha but they funny lar... so i when back woodlands rite??!! haha then wanna go pick YIXI!!

haha after school.. promise her we will hav a chance to meet!! cuz if not seriously scare might not hav the chance lor!! haha lol... haha lol!! haha but before that!! SHE LAR... HAHA LATE LATE LATE!! 

then one of the classmate pei me go walk walk!! haha then my brother xiang jie after that come!! haha thx thx to him for pei ing me!! haha sobosb!! haha then we walk walk walk!! tok quite alot lar!! 

then went to innova jc to wait for YIXI!! haha then i wanna use toilet!! then we just walk inside sia!! like nobody business!! haha innova jc really very big ar!! 

haha......aiyo very very fast!! then she came le!! cuz i keep on call call call!! haha then walk walk!! walk to her house!! haha chat and play quiet alot!! 

nice and cute girl!! haha but she very bad!! cuz LIKE TO BULLY ME!! CANNOT TAHAN HER!! sianz lor!! 

then i pei xiang jie go 369 play bb with long tat n accompanY!! haha seriously i don feel like playing de sia!! don feel like de!! haha but... see le then hand itchy!! man!! haha then play le lor!! jia lat!! 

bo bian!! haha then all jio jio jio !! haha okok lar... take of shirt play le!! haha wa lau... in the end.. i cool sia!1 haha okok don wanna self praise!! haha just fun lar..then play with james jason!! and julina!! all that fun man!! 

so so so long never enjoy myself le!! then marcus came find me then i eat!! then go home!! haha thats all...lol!! sianz sianz lor!! 

okok lastly!! i think 2 more days or 1 day is my birthday le!! sobosb!! haiz... sianz lor.. don even know whether am i celebrating!! sobsob!! 


1st: i wanna my grandmother n my familys(including god parents and sister/brothers) n brothers(friends) , yingyin n yong han(cousin) to hav good health and succeed in life!! and live happily

2nd:i don wanna go army so fast !! the best is can defer!! but cannot nvm!! i wanna succeed in life !!

3rd: i wanna be more handsome ,charming, cool, loveable,taller, then will got girls wanna me!! like i said i wanna be spotted!! etc eh!!

4th:i wanna get 1st in pool/snooker in a very young age!! n continue to be a CHAMPION!! jkjk lar

5th: I WANNA HAV A GF!! THEN MARRIED WITH ME N HAV BABIES!!(that means i hav to be strong and fit... upper part and lower part!! (erm sounds dirty !!)but i cannot be impotent!! hav to be big and strong (body n .....!!) don anyhow think...!!


lst:i(val i am hinting u !! haha actually abt the lappy rite??!! is last year de shi!! u owe me 3 presents ar!! i always remember u!! but u!! .... sobsob ahha i never say anything ar!! haha but i really hope something from u!! maybe something in common!! haha so that i can keep!! and its something we HAVE IN COMMON!!so i see it will remember u ar!! u buy bags jackets or wat.. i don really mind!! nice can le!! price wise.. u don really hav to buy back the price like i buy the jacket for u!! or top up the price.. so that its can be equal for the 3 presents!! erm don really need ar!!

below this one rite??!! haha goes out to all the people!!

actually i wanna a LV belt long ago!! i don like to play branded but i love their belt!! gucci also not bad!! but i don take fake stuffs ar!! haha lol ...

2ND: i wanna a I PHONE!! (I MAC PHONE !)

3rd : more limited edition stuffs eh!? like shoes , shirts, bags, and etc...something which i can use eh??!!so when i look at it... it will remind me of U!! (i like limited edition stuffs alot eh... my bag, my phone , my psp , even beyblade is limited edition de eh??!! alot eh?! ) but DON BUY!!...those ZINC BAG... WHICH PUT BIG BIG LIMITED EDITION!! NONSENSE SIA!! it must be nice ar??!! the design!!

from my cousins, relatives , friends seriously rite??!! if u really really really really don know wat to buy... actually can give me ang pow sia!! haah but the best is think wat to buy for me eh??!! ( i will be more happy ... as i know u all use ur heart to think and wat to buy for me...)but seriously i am having alot of financial thingy!! so i need many many support!! quite in debt now!! supporting tis and that!!

5th: actually this wat i really wanna the most!! i really really wanna!! i wanna a HOME!! MY OWN HOME!! i don wanna elborate further!! but i don think any one can give me.. so i am fighting for it!!


1ST: SOFT TOYS / toys!! (DON WANNA) cuz i am allergic to it??!! jus as long is soft toys i cannot sleep with it or play!! pls don buy... i might throw it away... cuz it will affect my face!! if not i give my daughter!!

2nd: CHOC AND SWEETS OR FOOD!!( I DON WANNA SUCH THINGY) cuz cannot keep or use... eat le jiu cannot rememeber u all le!? seriously don wanna eh??!!

3rd: PERFUME!!(I DON WANNA PERFUME!!) firstly i smell nice enough le!! second i hate the smell... don buy for me!! i wont use it!!??

4th: no earings eh??!! (cuz i don hav ear hole!! no place to wear!! pls ar)necklance is dangerous because i love the one i having now!! and i am wearing all the time i scare if i never wear u all buy de !! u all will angry!!

5th: no wallets ... i got alot le eh??!! pls no wallets !!

6th: no pencil box!! pls!! no no no!!

7th:no books!! i like to study but pls no books eh??!! pls ar??!!

8th:no hats!! cuz i totally don wear hat de!! pls!! no hats!!?? no RINGS ALSO!!

9th:no balls or sports... stuff... pls pls no no no!!

10th:no lighters !! no acohol!! pls ar??!! cuz i don smoke and i don drink!!! don wanna ar...!!no no no

11th:no pets ar!!nonono

12th: haha no billabong brands... or ripcurl OR flesh imp all those brand!!..!! pls... don wanna!! wa lau!!

13th: no watches!! pls pls no no no no no no pls!!

14th:no birthday cards pls... i don know where to keep it??!!

15th: i don wanna any psp games!! eh??!!

16th: i don wanan those mini furniture or those put pens or will collect dust de... pls don ar??!! haha no cups all this pls!!??

haha thats is abt all bah!! haha SI JIA!! SEE PROPERLY!!



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