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Sunday, June 1, 2008
haha hi guys i am back!! haha i hav not recover from my sick sick but bo bian , hav to go rc to give my punch card and take my NEW BAG I BOUGHT!! HEE... haha yeah so excited!! but seriously very sick lor!! 

so wat mood also don hav  lar... sick sick = black face!! haha and face GREEN GREEN!! haha so i make my hair and jun bei go out!! haha ...looking at my hair , make me happy like 5 mins??!! haha so long le!! still got a while more then to the ideal hair style!! haha

haha tang yu zhe hair on the go!! haha ... girls~~ wait~~ haha it will be nicer!! haha... 
haha this is the recent me!! haha hair long long!! haha lol...

okok i am lame lar.. sorry but i really very sick head very pain!! even my brother eric call me.. and hear my voice tot i cry!! or wat... haha just very sick!! so i try to keep my blog short ok??!! haha cuz today is my end of my hoilday le !! 

so tomorrow hav to work work work hard le... if not my mum don need to eat ... haha haha lol!! sorry guys!! but i will make it a nice and interesting one!! and i got thingy to announce!! haha AFTER 12!!  haha

haha so i board the bus.. and wanna die soon lE!! i skip the part as in wait wait wait... haha lol!! then wanna sleep!! then i faster reach le!! haha then i faster go collect my bag then jiao my punch card then wanna go off le!! sobsob ... 

haha but in the end tok tok tok!! haha until so long!! haha...haha but wanan thx jenny! haha help me take staff purchase then collect for me n all the stuffs!! haha thx!! haha anyway guys!! time to show u my new bag!! 


okok??!! haha lol...
haha actually wanna buy this one de!! haha but scare dirty!! haha
haha so compare compare!! haha... i got the black one!! haha lol !! nice rite??!! haha my new bag!!! its like so so so so so!! haha nice lar.. haha!! okok i am crazy!! pardon me lar.. cuz i really seldom buy something to pamper myself cuz like to safe money!!

haha so i got everything done!! then chat chat then go home le!! cuz very tired.. then suddenly jie ting family ASK ME GO CATCH PRAWN!! haha haha then i steady steady go lor!! but seriously i very sick ar.. but her family ask me go ... i don dare don go!! haha 

haha lol...no lar jk... they are very nice ppl !! haha i really like to chat with her da jie!! haha er jie!! very xiong but actually funny sometimes!! haha erjie friend!! super jker!! haha xiao mei!! haha quiet!! but very cute when she play with jie ting!! 


haha so jaslyn and shue min come to fetch us!! haha so all of us squeeze lor!! haha lucky all of us very slim!! haha but jas very cute lar... when she come she horn all the way sia!! haha as though she wanna let everybody know she is here!! 

she don horn outsiders or wat de sia!! 

haha so we reach there le!! its so call japanese garden!! haha wow new place again!! haha nice view and everything!! 

nice view??!! rite?? cuz GOOD PHONE GOOD CAM!! HAHA 

haha so we catch catch then tok tok!! haha i like the feeling alot but hope there would a second time!! haha hope nia lar... probably not!! 

then i very sick and hungry went to hunt for food!! aiya forget to take pics of the fish !! KANNA SHOT BY GUN!! AHAHA... 

lol ... then chatted with jie ting ... discuss with her some importants stuffs then go le!! haha nothing much lar... haha then we all go home after that!! haha even though everything happen so fast and short!! haha but kinda of enjoyable!! cuz i think i don really hav a chance for that!! 

so erm.. i shall end here !! abt my day today!! 

then i wanan disclose the thingy i discuss with jie ting and everythingy bah!! cuz tomorrow its really a good start and a new start for me!! and i really hav many friends and brothers ask me to CHANGE AS IN NOT TO TREAT PPL SO GOOD!!

i am nt trying to show that i am a good person or i treat ppl good... but like wat they say !! it doesnt pay well to be good!! no salary no nothing!! and worst thingy is ppl don really know how to appreciate it!! i am tired of it!! 

but i still wanna thank god for giving me a heart which i had before of being so good to ppl!! haha i wanna a change... i wanna be alone and dao!! haha not really dao lar... just don wanna care much!! for others or ppl!! 

its not being selfish !! its more to think of myself!! thats all .. i hope u guys STILL ACCEPT THE WAY I AM!! and honestly don worry lar.. i wont change until how far de lar.. MY HEART SERIOUSLY DON ALLOW!! THAT WHY I THANK GOD!!

BECAUSE ITS HARD , if not i change long ago!! haha wont change much lar.. nothing de... just take it a nothing lor!! just say say nia! and i wont contact with ppl around me.. except ppl come and contact me ... thats all!! 

haha and don know why only GIRLS TAG ME AR... HAHA GUYS IF U GUYS READ MY BLOG PLS TAG ALSO!!  haha i happen to know a few!! haha but guys read blog quite special de!! haha so girls will like u guys!! haha so tag and let them and me know ok??!! 


thx jie ting and family!! ~~ 

next is i just got home then this girl!! haha which i knew quite long ago!! suddenly sms me and chatted with me and blah blah blah!! her name is pearlynn!! haha and i don know why and where she got all my pic!! probably a folder bah!! 

haha she go so many that she edit edit edit!! some 8 in one and some in msn dp!! haha so nonsense lor this girl!! but i wanna thanks her for making my photos look beautifully bah!! 

and hope she don anyhow grab or take my photos on friendster again!! or show ppl!! haha these are the photos!! haha lol!!

haha she edit the before after!!

haha the 8 in one!! which i find it not nice!! haha but her hard work can be seen!! haha lol

haha then this one feel much more better!! haha lol ...

haha and this is her favourite pic!! i probably take this as my new blog pic bah!! waiting for briana help me change my blog skin and everything!! haha guys i gtg and STOP HER LE!! IF NOT SHE MIGHT HAV A ALBUM OF MY PHOTOS!! 

haha i don know wat is she going to do with my pic!! she is dangerouS!! haha

haha sorry i came back to edit!! haha cuz i just know she really did make a folder of me!! haha 21 pic of mine!! haha i really hope she delete all.. i going to block her!! haha for everything!!



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