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Sunday, June 22, 2008
haha guys i will continue from here!! haha lol... remember to read 21 and 22 june de post ar!! 

HAHA so so so funny lor!! my brothers all not here!! only the yong brothers !! all here!! haha but nvm also can hav lots lots of fun!! ahha haha but venn hor!! haha keep on psp and patapon!! haha i sad lor!! haha ... 

haha lol

haha... aha see!! 

haha then marcus play play play!! with li hui!! 

sobsob!! nobody care me at all sia!! sobsob!! 

haha 4 naked man!! haha cool rite??!! haha LOOK CAREFULLY HOR!! I NOT VERY SMALL SIZE HOR!! haha shi jia!! I NOT SMALL SIZE HOR!! HAHA LOL... 

haha then yong brothers! haha actually i also one of them!! haha cuz i stay with them long long eh!! haha then part of the brothers!! 

haha that is me and shawn!! haha ... haha hee!! we got ji rou de hor!! haha that shawn only 14 + nia hor!! haha cool rite??!! haha but cannot blame leh!! he sport school leh!! and i old liao 14++++ le leh!! haha but i still got leh!! haha and got breast hor!! 

haha so after that!! haha xiang jie and ken and adam lai liao!! haha then they created a big commotion then go watch movie sia!! haha lol... then i wanna stay alone at home!! haha then so i just i just stay in the room alone lor!! 

wanna feel being alone!! haha actually rite??!! my birthday hor!! every year hor!! haha got few hours i will very very emo and sad de leh!! haha very emo then sad sia!! very very!! don know why!! sobsob!! 

but i will think think alot!! haiz why its like hav to celebrate my birthday alone!! then go chalat also alone!! erm... i know i hav my brothers!! but haiz... just don understand!! so many years le sia!! haha when issit going to be my turn!! 

haiz.. just forget it !! haha GUYS I AM SINGLE !! lol !! 

haha but suddenly my emo period was disturb by my brotherS!! haha the 4 most strong always together de!! aha lol... actually there is more lar!! haha..but not here!! haha!! hahaa..aiyo then my brother wei eric and EVAN COME LE!! 

HAHA see....my evan slim down liao!! but eat that time still like auntie ar!! 

auntie van!! 

haha auntie wei!! haha~~ 

haha so when they eat finish!! we decided to play and cam wore again!! haha cuz really really very long never see each other le eh!! haha lol.. 

haha see!! haha all ask me to do funny and ugly face!! haha but in the end i was the only one doing the idiot!! face!! 

aha this one is taken by yue wei phone!! haha u know we retake and retake mah!! haha pain until like fuk!! haha... they keep on sitting on me!! haha.. lol... then suddenly evan wanna tighen her button because come out!! haha

then i wanna take that time then she run away!! haha lol... then she hide inside toilet eh!! haha lol... i only can get this shot!!

she hiding in the toilet!! 

haha then before the next few pics rite??!! actually we tried something funny eh!! haha lol... we just keep on jumping and jumping!! haha then wanna try to get the best pic!! like we all jump!! haha in the end , we all jump like idiot!! 

but in the end cannot get a good pic!! like idiot lor!! haha lol...haha then everybody jump like idiot!! haha but we change idea!! 

haha but we change the idea to kung fu panda!! haha lol... but we cha one person sia!! ahha lol 

haha lol... i am the tiger!!haha... eric i think is the toad!! haha but i don think its a toad!! wei is crane!! haha evan is circket!! then snake don know go where!! 

haha we look like idiot ar!! 

haha then cam wore with my brothers!1 haha wei wei!! haha look decent ar!!?? haha but no worries lar!! she is decent eh!! haha lol... haha and i look like girl mah??!! haha comments comments!! haha must be pretty de eh!! 

haha my brother!! evan! take photos forever like this ar!!?? 

haha then aiyo... then we really nothing nothing to do sia!! haha lol.. 

haha me and my brothers!! 

just now we holding pig leg!! haha now is mei dui!! haha lol..


haha we try many many times ar!! haha lol .. we are soo soo like kid ar!! 

haha lol.. the eric turn!! 

haha haha... yue wei , and evan and eric!! go pic kai sin up!! haha so i emo again lor!! haha lol.. 

haha this is wei new phone!! haha lol.. my birthday eh!! haha... 

so i emo emo again lor!! haha shit man .. i really going to turn to be emo kid sia!! there is so many things inside me i wanna take out sia!! 

then suddenly my brothers came back with the new sunglasses!! haha 

haha then we play again lor!! haha lol... funny rite??!! 

haha now we start laughing at one another sia!! 

haha then candid shot!! haha we really like small kid but very fun mah!! 

haha then we started fighting again!! 

pillow fight!! 

haha then suddenly all my brothers all come back le!! haha then rite??!! because my birthday rite??!! haha then eric very happy!! CUS HE SAY FOR THE 18 YEARS!! I NEVER DRINK !! so he waited this chance very very long le!! haha 

just to wait this day for me to drink eh!! haha lol...  haha but seriously i think i this time sure die de lor!! he sure wanna make me die de.. cuz he know i 18 le !! he sure wanna make me die!! haha but nvm lar.. let him happy happy one time!! haha and let him be satisfied!! 

but seriously he is the culprit if there is anything happen to me!! because all the brothers didnt say anything !! cuz all know i don wanna drink!! 

see this idiot so happy!! 

haha they hav each cup for everybody!!

but i hav to finish this alone!! seriously i see this i also scare sia!! 

but i wanan thx wei wei!! 

haha thx for helping me to drink the rest!! haha i know eric is the bastard!!haha but u give me the sprite all this.. i so happy sia!! haha i really wanna die le!! but u save me!! haha YEAH!~~ MUCAKS!! haha the rest of the brothers.. only see me die die nia!! 

yan zheng zheng!! see eric make me die!! SERIOUSLY THIS IS THE FIRST AND THE LAST TIME DRINKING!! I WILL NOT DRINK AGAIN!!its so stupid lar!! 

haha this is my most you yuan de brother lar!! seriously i owe him de!! 

haha.. lol... cute rite??!! haha for the cake i need to thx adam and ken and chen yee and xj!! haha lol.. okok  SORRY FOR THE NAKED PIC!! FOR PPL UNDER 16 PLS JUST SCROLL DOWN!!

cuz there is a bit of showing of breaast!!  

haha lol... this is really stupid!! 

haha seriously guys!! there is many many more things happen after that!! i will continue on the next post!! because this is on 22 june!! midnight!! haha after that morning all that rite??!! haha i will continue to say on the later post!! 

haha this is my beautiful cake!! 

haha actually there is videos of they all singing birthday song for me!! and me making all my wishes eh!! haha but wei haven help me up load guys pls wait okok!!?? haha i learning how to put videos le!! haha lol ...



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