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Sunday, May 25, 2008
haha hi guys i am back man... so so so sorry for the late reply... cuz on this day really very tired and hungry and stress bah... cuz today work the whole day and do ot to help a new girl... which every bruan buffel ppl tell me she is sweet young cute and blah blah blah... 

so i early morning wake up bathe and everything and report to work... then wa lau , hav to do cleaning for the morning shift man... damed sianz lar... no customer then hav to clean the whole place...tired until like shit... before that 3 o clock then sleep lor...

at home clean le then now still hav to clean.. and haha... i got 2 new clothes also... 

one is the sea games de!! 

haha one from my favourite brand jeanne pierre... haha...don know nice or not.. cuz everyday work ar don know how to go out... cant find time!! 

haha see~~~ !! everywhere also sale!! haha girls~~ haha ITS TIME TO SHOP!! HAHA LOL ...

haha for the info for those ppl who read my blog...!! haha i took some of the pics... haha so that u all know abt which shop got wat sales ar hor!!?? haha lol...

adidas hor.. there is only 30 percent rite?? haha i think there will be more so just wait lor.. trust me bah!!

warehouse and top man top shop.. 1/2 price sales... and 50 percent.. haha okok i am saying the same thingy which is lame.. but honestly.. just wait.. guess and etc brand will go up to 70... but get prepare that if u wanna wait for end of the gss sales u might getting things like display or no more!! haha so depends on u guys ba!!

haha and sadded hor!! haha i didnt get a chance to sit on this thingy!! haha i got sit lar.. cuz early morning no ppl... free to sit.. but sianz nobody help me take pic!!

f1 man....

haha so i started working , clean everything and lucky !! the gays in vivo ~~ are not working!! yeah!! haha haha i really very scare them!! they so called interested in me and like me alot.. so i felt very disturb with them around!! 

haha lol...but didnt care much i just wanna faster work then my part time come so i can go eat eat... haha then when i was working rite , the other brand de friends and ppl keep telling me she is a nice girl eh quit young and pretty eh!! haha lol i was like !!

nonsense lar... pls there is nothing to do with me... ok?? haha then here she comes!! haha one look ITS LIKE SHE OLDER ALREADY!! i don know why they say she younger... and ya she is sweet looking bah!! but she is the first part timer i saw... 

cuz our brand rite?? haha part timer cannot see each other de... cuz all working all over the plac haha.. so ya lor.. haha lol... then hav to teach her cut belt lol then i teach teach teach... haha in the end its like all the staff from other brand ppl come ask me the fastest way and etc!!

cool rite??!! haha then i wanna go eat lor.. so go buy my food then faster go back... cuz  realise i never take my stuff , so dangerous mah so rush back to collect my thingy... wa i go in.. so many ppl she don know how.. then i help her all the way... 

then go in eat like 5 mins.. haha then come back help her le!! and  honestly not because she girl then i do this ok??!! haha never really went for my break.. haha so help her lor... then finally not many ppl , she tok tok and get to know her... haha

then suddenly customer buy wallet wanna us to wrap ... so i wrap one she wrap one.. haha but sianz sia...lol cuz i she wrap finish first... then customer see le never really say anything !! haha but after i finish then CUSTOMER ASK!! CAN U HELP ME TO WRAP LIKE URS??!!

hers is not nice... haha customer is foreigners haha... so tok abit direct.. but very bad lor like hurt her feelings.. haha so i teach her blah blah!! 

haha just to help her i work abt 2 hr 30 MINS DE OT SIA!! haha 

then eric and chen yee come find me yeah.. plan to walk walk and shop shop but suddenly great
mind thinks alike so chen yee say suddenly he wanan watch movie man!! haha i so long never watch le lor.. so happy sia !! 

so we when to watch movie... cant decide... but in the end is indiana jones!! haha and its quite interesting lar , thats why i like the feeling of being with them... haha feel like doing wat then do wat.. don need to worry or wat shit!! haha lol... 

then we go eat shi lin !! haha then chat chat.. haha then rush for movie.. abt the movie rite?? haha actually it just only give me the EXTRA URGE TO HAV THE DREAM OF BEING ARCHELOGIST...

haha okok sorry for the wrong spelling cuz don know how to spell but i guess many ppl know bah its more like those find dinosaur bone then go see those mummy and learn those ancient language all that... 

HAIZ BUT I KNOW WAT SUPPOSE TO DO... AND WAT NOT TO DO...  and wat we can do , haiz and i don think i can study all that lar... its my interest and wat i really wanna do but haiz... that it bah!! so let it be a dream... haiz such ppl are very knowledgeable man haiz.. forget it!! 

but at least hor!! HEE THE GUY WHO SOLD THE TICKETS TO US !! treat me watch movie!! haha lol.. cuz i make me laugh and etc aha... cuz we bought 3 tickets... then suppose to be 30 and give me 20 back!! but HE GAVE ME 30!! HAHA SOBOSB!!

so gan dong maybe he see i tired then wanna give me some happiness!! 

haha this is the proved!! haha lol... 

haha then the show end the we decided to go vivo lvl 3 to slack.. .wa in the end they lock up all the places... then we wondering why!! sobsob so we go to lvl de outdoor facing towards the sea!! haha

haha then tok tok tok decided to take photos.. haha i seriously ai shang ye de mei!! very very nice eh!! i don know why maybe since young alone... last time hate to be alone... but enviroment force me too.. ya i seems to hav alot of friends and i do tok alot.... but how many PPL AROUND ME KNOW I DON REALLY LIKE TO TOK??!!

HAHA ITS OK..cuz i don show... and its because i of my house everyday facing four walls that why will like this lor.. and everything its like alone!! so nvm!!

see so quiet so peaceful man.. just wat i like... so fan nao!! nothing wrong!! its not emo.. but not many ppl walk in the streets this way!! alone... and feeling the beauty of it.. if there is someone with me even better!!

haha boat boat...!! 

then suddenly while we were chatting and sitting got ppl say now vivo premise is out of bounds at mid night... we were like , when de shi and wat happen to here sia.. cuz last time not like this de lor.. 

then its like we recall actually vivo really not very clean ar!! really not very clean.. i don know whether can say this in blog and whether will kanna sue mah.. but i guess blog is freedom of speech eh!! correct?? 

erm vivo its quite dirty... there is many many errie staff happen eh!! then hor... aiyo now watching ghost show alone.. so don wanna say to much!! lol... sorry sorry!! haha gtg... haha nights!!



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