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Wednesday, March 12, 2008
guys i am seriously not doing very well eh!! cuz very down... seems to lost everything and i haven get back anything!! so kinda of sad but the recently most happy thingy is my class hav this chalat for zhi min cuz of his birthday!!

haha so i meet up with li shan first~!! haha never change.. but got bian shou very cute!! haha still very cute so we make our way to the chalat!! haha very fun sia see all of them!! haha aiyo then actually go there rite?? haha

is to play majiong de lor!! haha sorry i don know how to spelll cuz i don know how to play ...then its like they teach me de sia!! haha aiyo 24 hr de sia!!

haha... happy birthday to zhi min!!

haha i wanna intro u guys my new gf eh!!

haha that is my new gf eh!! haha pretty??!! haha aiyo they doll me up after i bathe!! haha thats is not any clothing eh!! haha its a towel!! haha nice rite??!! haha aiyo...look gay eh!! sobsob!!



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