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Saturday, January 5, 2008
seriously guys..today i am very sick and tired eh!! shouldnt been this way!! but i am very sad!! haiz.. today is my pool training!!eh!! at first i went there , i finally see the other youth teams players!! then at first very happy!!

then suddenly coach came then tell me , get ready , after new year we will hav a selection eh!! then i was so scare but at least got time to train!! then suddenly there is a idiot go make coach angry eh!! then coach suddenly say.. selection today!!

i was so shock.. seriously i don think i can win them lor.. ppl play for years!! they know the game so much better than me, and i only started playing for 3 months!! haiz..

so just play lor.. i lose lar.. but not that badly , i did wat i can... haha.. nvm lar.. haiz.. i play abt 48 games.. played with 8 different players.. so erm , ya lor just play lor!!

that is me eh!! haiz.. seriously very tired ar!! haha.. haiz...

the worst thingy is!! coach is going to kick out , the most lousy the 2 eh!! will be kick out of team singapore eh!! haiz.. so scary!! haiz.. i don know how hard i hav to work eh!!

i work quite hard for this jacket!! haiz.. u know in one month , which is june i train so hard , just to get into this n own this jacket proudly eh!! haiz... and one month sia , get into team singapore , not easy eh!! sobsob !!

but my dear friends , don worry eh!! seriously i know i cant win those ppl , but i will try my best!! cuz next saturday there will be another selection , i still got 2 more.. selection still got chance!! i hav to win them!!

in one week ,i hav to train and get better than them.. i know they played for years... so i hav to prove to them i can!! then cuz this year got competition !! so its also a selection for who can go bi sai!! so soon or next time u will see me in that vest!! below!!

soon eh!! i mean i hope lar.. i hav that vest!! bye guys!!



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