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Wednesday, January 23, 2008
same like yesterday eh.. seriously i very scare eh... i really don wanna online too long all that.. cuz i know will hav alot ppl ask me all that... tomorrow i just wanan go school with the money...


never think of any poly to go or wat course to get.. i just need a poly!! seriously.. just need a poly!!hahha... today seriously i don even hav the mood to get out of the house...

so i just rot at home and watch tv the whole day eh!! hahah.. then play with my baby , hope that i don think to much!! ...i shall use the pics to express my thousand words eh!!

haha cute rite?? guess who is she trying to imitate...?

haha...can u all guess?? haha my baby is getting more and more cute and nonsense day by day!! haha but nice mah.. no meh??!! haha

haha woof woof~~

she is trying to learn.. our silkey eh!! haha.. erm i never dog abuse.. is because we are going to hav our dinner , so lock him ... so he wont come disturb us!

haa cute rite?? haha actually he really very cute eh.. i don know why hor.. she don bark at females... when my males friends come.. she bark don know like wat.. then females...de... she go and let them sayang... nonsense ritE??!!
haha.. she just cant stop acting cute for me.. cuz she know i will post on blog.. i don mean she know lar.. like somehow show to my friends ..and her know.. u see the last pic.. is not i wanna take de.. she ask me to take for her!

ahah.. cute rite? see le u also will smile!! aha..

this is the last pic!!

i don know why she ask me to take this pic.. seriously don know.. just say...see~~ my hair cover my eyes... take pic.. then she still pose and slanted her neck.. haha nonsense!!

guys i stop her.. tomorrow u all never see i blog rite? is either i sad dao.. cannot blog.. or i happy dao.. celebrate until never blog!! haha.. but i going for my pool training!!

because currently u all know i busy for my selection rite?? haha but thx to my dad , he just told me he wanna put me in don know wat pool competition.. sianz eh.. another one.. my chance of winning!! is zero.. but at least i wanna go into quarter or semi!!

which is also quite impossible if i don train hard... so i am training even harder!! now!! i don care!!AND PLS POLY... TAKE ME IN!!



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