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Wednesday, January 9, 2008
thx for those who give me the good and bad comments abt my new look and hair... hope u all get c guan soon eh...

hi hi guys.. my life is so boring yesterday!!

same as always... i played pool all the way till 9 then go home.. haiz.. my everyday life , its like , like this de lor~~ but lets tok in detail wat i did eh!! haha.. so early in the morning i woke up , i miss my class mate alot eh... really...haiz..cuz today i didnt wake up at home!!

i woke up at xuan house , cuz we ton there.. then on the way home.. i see so so many ppl in school u!! kinda of huai nian eh , the school days!! seriously there is little amount of ppl would like to go to school to study... but is a place where we like to go alot...

cuz our friends , our memories , the things we played , the things we destroyed , the ppl we bullied , the teachers we befriends!! all this are wonderful memories... and when we leave the school everything seems so far.. cuz everyone is not brought together!! i miss my class 5 s 2 alot!!

haiz.. we had many wonderful memories... sorry that this post hav so many words.. but just by looking those ppl wearing school u ... really hook back many memories... i miss tan puay hoon voice(sorry for being rude...she is mrs tan) mrs sega , mr tay , miss neo , mr seow!!

haiz... wa... its like so boring man... my life without them... everyday i need to go pool and when i reached, everybody always give me that weird face , because is either they know who is my father , if not they must be thinking , where this fella came from...

which i really don like the feeling eh...damed irratiting eh.. i seriously don know them , and i don feel like saying hi , i am very very quiet when i am alone or out with ppl i don know.. or just one and 2 ppl.. seriously i like quietness , i don like the place to be noisy and ppl around me shouting all that...

seriously i like quietness alot , i don like the enviroment of being noisy , so u all see i don clubbing all that .. in fact i hate that place... i just wanna go because of my brothers.. so i can see them high and happy...i know when i say such thingy , it may not be convincing because ppl who know me , i am a cheerful and funny person which likes to create laughter.. but that is when i feel comfortable... usually i wanna stay quiet!

guys read this eh.. i only feel comfortable and i like it with my brothers n classmate doing that...but other ppl doing that i felt so uncomfortable and pissed off by that...so next time go out with me or wat.. can create laughter or wat don shout shout or play , or seeking attention!!

i really don know why suddenly i tok and blog this way...sorry .. i know kinda of sianz cuz no pics... but i really stuck in pool for very long maybe i too stress le lar...play to long.. then plus my dad also say me... nag nag nag...

i train hard... trying to learn everything in the shortest possible time , and i learning real quick le.. he still wanna nag , ask me slow down.. i am not superman , its take years all that... haiz.. sometimes i don know wat to say eh... in such a short time i can play well then he still say me ...

at first he told me the scores i lost to those ppl in the selection was commendeble (sorry for the wrong spelling)but seriously i was thinking who cares.. still lose mah.. the difference is they play for years and i play for just like 4 months(include this month)

still ask me slow down...aiyo... nvm.. just as long i don lose somemore then kanna kick out can le!! haha must hav determination!! i hav faith in god!!

sorry for this long wording post.. its a good thingy that i let u all know me better eh!! haha rite??!! ending with this picture... bye!!

haha that is my funny class.. but haiz.. only all the malays!! haiz...

haha that is my lishan!! haha...

rong rong.. kun kun .. hong hong... jon jon... min min !! sorry eh.. i didnt hav u all de pic!! haha but i do miss u all overall i miss ANNA MOST...!!

haha all this ppl i mention are all my bao bei class mates !! cheers.. msl sec.. rocks.. when all my friends are there!!



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