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Tuesday, January 1, 2008
hi guys!!sorry for the late post...its a new begining eh!!...1 YUE 1 HAO!!but its kinda of sad for some of us!! cuz a friend of mine!! is leaving overseas to further her study!!

ahhhhhhhhhhhh very sad sia.. she is the another lishan!! haiz... so today i never go training!! i promise her... at prom night that i will sent her off!! but too bad nobody tell me the time all that.. so i hav to rush down eh!! haha....

thx to iris... she told me.. so we rush down together lo!! haha... so in the mrt!! we didnt tok much!! cuz both also very shy ... so i play my psp lor!! suddenly..2 boys... attack me!! haha lol... no lar.. they just keep on push each other then push me eh!! haha

this 2 boys very cute!! haha then they still all the naruto character name sia... haha so cool!!

so all the way i play with them.. and show them ar... then they very impress eh!! haha...

this boy!! wa... i don know how old lar... freaking cute eh!! haha he keep telling me to choose this and that.. then he can pronounce the name eh!! haha so young then know how to xin shang naruto sia!! lol...

so we quickly!! get down the train then chiong ar... take sky train all that... haha aiyo freaking sianz sia.. u know this is the first time i took mrt , come air port man!! sia... wa lau.. then my ezlink spoil mah!! i using adult fare now!! wa lau...so ex sia!

is very ex ar... i going to buay tahan le eh!! haha aiyo.. sobosb!! aiyo.. sobsob!! haha aiyo but cannot say so much first.. need to go find li shan!!sobsob!!

haha i know i look like retard eh!! but u all don know there is how many ppl looking at the back!! how i dare to smile?? haha.. okok .. enough with the crap..

aiyo when she slowly cross the border rite?? val cry until very jia lat... i feel very sad even though i not very very close with her.. haiz... aiyo u know its like damed sad lar.. taht why i don really like to go airport... cuz when u go airport.. u see ppl leave!!

some come back ..some don??!! .... haiz...

then when u come back from overseas , u don see ur family come pick u eh!! airport is a lousy place lar... !!

so i went home with hong li xin yin and iris... so we board the mrt!! then stand for... changi interchange , all the way to wooodlands!! haha.. lol ... freaking tired man... i tell u!! haha.. then we had swensen!! then i go back home le!!

haha cuz xj ask me to meet him for dinner.. he will start school tomorrow!! haha... so when i go down the bus and walk!!suddenly i saw a auntie approaching!!

haha its weiting!! haha aiyo lol.. all ppl work at ntuc de ... all really look like auntie sia!!

haha close up view sia...!! haha.. freaking look like auntie!! haha..

hav to visit her real soon eh!! haha.. see got discount mah!! haha... lol... so me go find xiang jie and zam.. then we tok tok tok!! haha tok alot of funny jokes lar... ahha lol !! hha then john came.. zam leave first!! hah

haha then we tok alot again!! haha lol... haha... then zam came back suddenly gave me a very stupid sweets or marsh mallows eh!! haha.. lol... seriously damed idiot sia... i mean the sweet... eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk~~~~~~~~

its like medicine! he warn me its not nice.. but i still try!! look at the pic.. i bit a very very very tiny part..and yet i can taste the med...!!!!111

herseys de sia!! eeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkk............don buy guys!!



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