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Thursday, January 10, 2008
hi guys!!! erm once again i am back but seriously this time , i got nothing to blog abt u guys know why?? because kinds of not in the mood eh... cuz seriously i don know why , i skip pool today .probably is i saw someone in causeway point...

at first it wasnt that bad , cuz i just walk off, as i don really care abt the exsistance ... until when eric started playing , seriously i find it not funny at all lor.. and to be honest , i am fuking pissed off , just that i don wan2 say , hope he will zi dong .. but he didnt ...forget it lar.. no point saying!!

cb sia... in adam house after my warning he still wanna continue , nvm lar... he jus fuking don know when to stop ... make me fuking du lan... last time when he know i give warning means i am fuking du lan le , and i skip pool and join them because i don wanna think abt the matter..

seriously now i know i did the fuking wrong choice... tomorrow as my day continue , i will stuck in my pool thingy for the time being ... because i don wanna join them bah.. just for the time being , cuz seriously no point eh...they know wat i don like , and all of the sudden i hate ppl doing things i hate the most!!

wats the point of knowing wat i like... on the other hand u guys are making me dulan and pissed off.. its ok , to jk abt my hair all that ,i don mind cuz i also do , and its out of fun..its not abt the hair or wat.. but when i give my warning , kindly just stop ... if u don know.. then kindly carry on..

sorry for all those vulgar language...i know he wont read this but cb i really need to write out , because i now lying on the bed , anytime i may explode eh...that why i come and blog blog n someone to tok too...if not i really cannot stand it or tahan ....seriously when i blog this i am controlling my temper all that le eh...

haiz...that why i said eh.. sometimes when ppl in trouble or need someone to tok to they can come to me.. firstly i will try my best to get the job done and lend them a listening ear.. but when i need it , seriously i don know who to go , or who to approach eh... then when i choose , i choose the wrong...

nothing much to say either i wanna say abt the happy things and who i met in causeway point.. because venn ask me to find him at causeway , so i went , then with eric all that... then i go eat my mac.. cuz seriously everyday i hav been finding ppl to eat with me..

i don really dare to eat alone... wanna thx ken and xiang jie to eat with me yesterday then briana seow yun and hui lin to eat with me the previous day eh... i wanna find gf eh... at least usually or most of the time i don hav eat alone... or maybe someone to tok 2...

okok really don tok abt the sad things le... haha say abt our twins.. haha u see wei de elmo so cute... and look at our jia ting zhu fu... the cheese egg!! xuan.. haha u look at her hair... haha damed cool sia..

guys i risk my life, taking this pic for u all eh... haha lol ... really lor.. i think when she see this pic...i think the next time she saw me.. i will be dead!!

haha see... cool rite??

haha caught her!!! haha lol... that the pic!! haha... but seriously she is my brother xuan!! haha cannot believe it rite?? haha but don worry.. i will show u the real HER EH!!the pretty one!!

haha... that is her!! my brother xuan...single but to bad unavailble !! haha xin shang can le eh.. don think so much!! haha lol... haha so this show u all wat?? its not abt make up... its more abt the hair eh!!

i think natural is beauty eh!! most important is the hair!! but over all.. isnt she gorgeous??

so after the mac... we went to jin dao house .. to pass jin dao mum the eric contact lens money.. then we chat alot... haha jin dao mum never say much abt my hair.. she just said eric they all , should cut like mine!! haha wa wa chuang!! aha..

so we came to adam house and slack eh!! firstly i wanna apologise to adam.. cuz i am really sorry n i know i am freaking rude to take the cable without asking , and without saying a thx eh.. i feel like saying...

but seriously I AM NOT IN THE MOOD TO TOK... really very sorry.. i hope u accept it and read this...

haha the guy in brown is my brother... kang qin wang zi... cool guy... with big muscle... haha... but very cute and childish when he is jk... he is still trying to improve and seriously now he is doing good and freaking cute... he is currently 17 , single , height 182 ... haha he is good at canoeing... that is where his muscle came from!! nice guy , but need alot of time to teach him how not to be playful.. that all...

haha cant see his face rite?? haha wait lar.. i show u all one very handsome and man de!!

haha that is my brother adam.. tag me or tell me if u are interested in him eh!! haha gtg bye eh!! i need to sleep early... tomorrow morning.. i am off to my training the whole day!! bye bye.. take care guys!!

lastly sorry to adam..



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