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Tuesday, January 29, 2008
haha today i freaking tired sia!! haha i hav been sleeping late everyday , cuz pei friend chat chat!! haha so tired sia!! haha aiyo... but its worth it lar.. cuz i sad sad can make me happy happy , haha aiyo.. so very worth esp u chatting with ppl u wanna chat with..

haha today i very guai , i stay at home , wait for the new tv to come , and help pick up my baby!! because my god mother not free... hav to stay at home!! haha aiyo... so i go pick her up lor!! haha bring her go and buy her RAINBOW ICE CREAM...haha got this ice cream meh? haha thx to her...

i walk here and there.. from ma ma shop to ntuc to 7 11... haha and thx to weiting ar.. make me so ps haha.. aiyo... take off my hat hor!! haha aiyo.. so ps , then my hair!! ahhhhhh ahah but my baby very good to me, wear back for me eh!! haha.. aiyo..

so in the end cannot find sia... haha aiyo...so went 7 11 buy the milo ice cream for her lor!! haha..cute rite??!! haha...

haha see... aiyo ...then i still hav to promise her to buy for her everyday sia!! haha aiyo...

wa i just bathe sia... haha then go home , whole body sweat!! haha aiyo... hee but the tv cheered me up!! haha see.. hah that is the new plasma tv!! haa 42 inches!!!

haha see le also shiok haha..

haha....wa very big rite??!!

haha that is winnie the pooh!! seems real or wat eh!! haha its from my tv eh!! haha my new tv!! haha mucakx to my god parents.. now my god brother and sis and me!! haha can enjoy even more!! haha..

haha pooh~~ haha her favourite!! haha..

haha... so guys?? wat u guys think eh!!

after everything and enjoy and shiok for a while!! haha i go bathe and change le.. haha i meeting my mum and sis at town.. to buy my cny clothes!! haha but i reach to early haha.. so find my brothers first.. haa aiyo they buy and change le..

haha then my turn!! haha hee i never take pics!! haha cuz i don wanan show u all.. haha i wanna same like last year.. haha new year the show u all.. haha aiyo.. wa... very ex eh.. haha i buy until 220 ...after discount!! haha ..

but worth it lar.. seriously a different me again.. haha i bought a tie , 1 polo , 1 long sleeves and long pants... haha 220 consider ex!! but very nice eh!! haha don wanna show u all first!!

let u all xin yang yang , luan luan xiang!! haha ..shiok man.. then i sit mrt home... haha thats all.. haa bye bye!! i wanna sleep le.. cuz really very tired eh!! haha aiyo..

wa my this year de.. is more to korean feng bah.. erm a different me!! haha suits my hair 2!! haha lol bye guys!!



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