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Thursday, January 3, 2008
haha!! hi guys!! haha.. lol!! haha i am back to blog..pls scroll down to see those post u miss?? i mean if u wanna see lar...but if u don wanna its ok lar...haha ...erm..start from 1st january de!!

guys for those who read my blog.. pls do me a favour !! pls... pls tag ur name or say something eh!! cuz hor... no matter how i count rite?? and i know who are those that read my blog.. there should be only 40 regular blog readers of my own!!

but funny thingy is.. some time i one day never blog.. the counter can jump up to 100.. and the highest i went.. is i go for hoilday for 3 days.. and it jump 1000 eh!! so i really wanna know who are those that read my blog!!

don know me also can tag eh!! haha..i just wnana know!!

today is ken birthday celebration eh!! he jus come back...so meet him quite late.. take care ken!! and i am really really busy.. i hav to run up and down!! haha...haha i hav to meet my mother first then go for pool!! haha wanna say thx to the chirs , in the singapore youth too...teach me quite alot yesterday!!

haha thx eh!! haha so i don wnana blog that much!! i went bugis.. find iris and pass her things.. then i yue hao pauline to meet her at bugis!! so i waited abt an hour or 30 mins!! wa... she still haven come sia!! haha .. aiyo.. sobsob!!

haha.. lol!! haha.. then i call heR!! SHE STILL AT WOODLANDS!!haha so i rush down to meet my brothers first!! haha..

haha so go to hong kong cafe!! and seriously i never say anything abt chris hair!! is he keep looking at me , as if , he wanna me to comment like this.. so i purporsely don care him!! haha.. lol !! but seriously i am not jk!! i find that his hair like this.. nicer... its seems he has jus came out from army!!

and he look fresh.. not like the hoildays.. like ah beng!

haha see!! cute rite??!!

haha then we eat eat eat lor!! but i never eat lar.. i wanan save money!! haha lol.. haha wa then i get to sit beside her sia!! da sao!! haha..lol!!

haha yo ga~~

haha my vennom haha cute rite??!! just got his new hair cut!! haha...

haha... cute eh!! 19 year old~~~vir~~~~~~~haha gin~~~~~~~~

haha birthday boy!! haha 18 eh!!

haha so we play naruto... haha i am the champion again eh!! haha lol.. haha aiyo i win lar.. but very fast we eat finish the the movie time le eh!! haha lo... today we watching avp2 eh!! haha.. lol !! then we buy pop corn all this...!! haha.. look at the pic!! avp is m18 eh!!

haha m 18 eh!! haha u see .. we all ... all can watch leh!! haa...

haha the most funny thingy is.. xiang jie go took the the plate eh!! haha then say happy birthday to kendrick , then we tot wat sia.. he go take out the m18 thingy and give it to ken!! laugh until we buay tahan!! haha but he make him self ps lar.. haha

when he go put back alot ppl laugh at him!! lol !! haha so funny lor!!

very quickly the movie ended!! seriously trust me.. avp2 SUCKS!! HAHA NOT NICE AT ALL... i never bluff!! seriously took so long to shoot this movie , in the end so lousy!! haha.. don care lar.. so the movie ended!! everyone got together and joke like always!! haha

suddenly yue wei and xuan get into fighting stance eh!! haha cool sia!!

haha cute rite??!! haha marcus wanna put yue xuan in j team eh!! haha freaking funny eh!!

then they go down to smoke rite??!! haha...haha then me and eric send pauline to the bus stop!! haha hope she had a good time!!

then suddenly when we came back they past them ken birthday present!! this is only for m18 also!! haha u all don know de don ask!! this is the newest haha...tuu~~ haha.. lol !! cool rite??? the packaing!!

haha lol !! wanna know wat issit!!keep a look out at mrt advertisment!! okamoto~~

haha ken see le he freaking ps eh!! haha .. he so shock then scare we take out and show ppl eh !! hha lol !!

then eric wanted to tell ken some secrets eh!!

bang bang!!

dare dare!! ken say ... lan lar lan lar !!

eric~~ said!! its ok ..tonight.. dare dare bang!!

haha~~ seriously all this is jk de lar.. ken is a very nice young looking !! but uncle... gentlemen!! haha...lol..

see everybody laugh until so happy!!

haha they still force ken to do this sia!! give me de hua.. i cant do it eh!!

haha still got ken name eh!! the belt!!

haha so we got nothing to do.. deciding where to go...haha then start to cam woring with my bao bei evan!! haha lol !!

haha i take pic got jin bu eh!! haha the teeth belongs to wei!! she say like that can enchance the pic to be better!! lol!!

haha so we took a group photo before !! those ppl who need to school to leave!! which is xiang jie and adam n sophia n chris!! haha this pic me and adam.. look like a idiot!! haha lol...

so when they go home!! haha..lol !! haha... we decided to go sing k eh!! haha kinda of miss those days.. all voices in one!! haha lol!! haha hav so much fun!!

sorry for not the clear pic!! haha chen yee singing !! eh!! haha kong qiu qian to...STEVE!! haha jk lar.. chen yee is a nice pure single guy!! haha..u guys can contact me if u all wanna know him!!

suddenly haha.. we... sing sing sing!! then they told us got supper buffet free de eh!! haha lol.. then we were like.. so good sia don need to pay... then at first very ps don dare to take!!

wa then indeed singaporeans very kia su!! wa i see eveyrbody chiong and take then i take le lor!! haha .. wa...

at first i only take one plate... haha very little nia.. haha got sushi somemorE! haha..

haha then we go back .. and eat!! wa freaking nice sia!! haha freaking nice leh!! haha aiyo.. free and somemore so nice!! then we go back take eh!!

haha see we took so many.. still got the jap tou fu!!

ahha so many sia.. sushi , nuggets , satay , otah , crabmeat , pudding , mee , aiya alot lar!!

haha see alot rite??!!

haha still got ice cream eh!! haha.. aiyo.. !!

SERIOUSLY GUYS VERY NICE!! and guess how much the whole singing of k??!! each person is 25 dollars nia!! haha.. 25 nia sia.. aiyo then its not like u can only sing until 4 hours..

haha me and my eric!! haha lol !!

haha my marcus forever so cute aar??!! haha he and his satay!!

seriously very cheap eh!! i think is because of school days !! so cheap sia.. never sing before so cheap.. somemore so many free things!! everyone was tired eh!! then we went home early... took some pics before we board the cab!!

haha me and bao bei evan!! haha my lao gong soon eh!! sweet rite?? that is how close the brothers is!!

haha got see mah?? a ghost??!! sobosb so scare.. once we took the pic.. no one was there eh!!

haha i am surrounded by girls again!! haha i always very xing fu de rite??!!

haha i wanan end with this pic!! haha i like this pic alot seh!!

haha the last group pic ... in k!! bye guys!! i need to go for my pool le!!



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