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Wednesday, January 16, 2008
haha guys i got one good news and one bad news eh!! haha... aiyo today i won eh!! haha.. the score is 7 v 3 , and second set is 7 v 6... haha we play best of 3 .. haha.. i am so so so happy... but bad news is hor , i don hav any pics today!!

cuz i went there quite late and i was practising the whole day!! haha... ps eh... sorry sorry, i was to engross with it , cuz can learn many things , so i just watch... then suddenly my dad sudden who usually trash me until like stupid , haha ......... aiyo but today its not abt taking revenge eh!!

because i feel that hor , even though he claim that i am singapore youth , so cannot handicap , so at first kinda of scare eh!! cuz train le still kanna trash , i can go jia sai eh!! but in my mind is to just put up a good fight eh!! ''

haha never tot i will win.. the first set he got abit put water i think.. but i was thinking the fen bei to much.. but second set.. he never put water le.. tang tang zhen zhen win him bah..i know he got put abit bt i hope , i don think to much!! hee just very happy..after that i eat roti prata and went home!!

seriously by the time i reach home is 2 am?? haha now i still blogging... haha i was going around briana blog.. but cant find.. then go through from one particular blog , wa.... its also my friend lar.. both also my friend eh!!

then my that friend bought for her gf a psp sia!! ...then another one bought the psp for the boy friend... !! wa now liu xing buy psp for gf or bf??!!

read this!! important!!

haha like this i wanna faster find one le eh!! haha.. no lar.. its not saying out of jk... sometimes seriously u don hav to buy something very ex to please somebody , or purposely go make many things for the person to be touched!!

to me there is no defination to say wat is the best present eh!! there is no best present , but buying something useful and ex is a very good present ... cuz the person is totful and he or she is willing to spend on u... because spending money on ur love ones , its not a waste of money!!

even though , some times we buy present is not abt the price , and everybody say its abt heart hor but seriously its not abt that!! but is more to wat we can afford , and buying something ex and useful , for ur love ones... seriously i believe hor, every body will be more gan dong.. and its proven to all age!!

if u buy something for ur love one, which u really cant afford but u put ur heart in and work or wat , and try to buy , its lagi useful eh!! haha that is me eh!! that why my present is kinda of special and tot ful most of the time!!

another issiue abt the price , whether issit ex or not , its more to personally eh!! cuz working class ppl , may think 200 to 400 dollars presents is good enough , 50 or 100 is too cheap ... then for poly or jc , 100 plus is good enough and wat... and for secondary 100 plus is like way to happy going to heaven!!

but seriously it not jus depend on which clustar u are in lar.. its more abt ur family background and wat u can afford!!

honestly i am not a rich person..but i try to buy something which is special and useful , can afford or not depends on my finaicial situation!! guys... seriously wat i say is very useful!! if u all are thinking the best and good present.. for ur love one!!

my li lun will help alot seriously.. it do make sense.. i hope it help u guys alot, if it do help!! tell me eh.. so next time i can teach u guys more!!



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