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Wednesday, January 30, 2008
guys i got one very very bad news eh!! which is i hav to stop my blogging maybe for 2 years?? erm i don wanna it to happen!! but i don think i hav the choice!! the bad news is??!! i might be going to ns!! which it cannot be helpeD!!

when i know this rite? actually i very sad eh.. cuz i know i will miss alot of ppl , i know u guys will hav many many quesion for me , and i will slowly ans u guys eh!! haha firstly , i know u guys must be asking why i never defer?? rite??

erm simple to say , the defer thingy de date rite? is over le, and there is nothing i can do.. cuz i never defer early...and its not my fault , because i hav been moving house to house , so the army send to my old house eh.. then the new owner never send to my mum!!

then almost wanna throw.. then by the time they give my mum , the defer date is over!!

so today i went to chen yee house and meet eric they all for help!! so when they see the letter , they laugh and say , erm don need to defer le sure go in!! haha then body check up at march!! erm i was stunned lar.. but there is nothing i can do...

so there is a number!! i called and told the person , i hav been moving house then never received letter then waiting for results for the intake!! but he say , hope i can get a school or wat then ask the school , say i studying or wat??

so seriously if no poly wanna me.. or nothing i can do... i hav to go into ns for sure..nothing to say!! erm.. so wat is done cannot be undone!! but one thingy i find it very lame lor , because i don know why those poly can send me letters , from my new add all this!!

BUT AMRY CANNOT!! lame sia.. lame lor.. very lame!! haiz.. but nvm lar.. no matter early or late still hav to do de ar.. so ju ding de bah.. i let god decide!!

haha ..so guys don hav to ask me any question le , unless rp take me in , then give me a letter , then i don need to go army!! because once i kanna the check up , means go in for sure le!! then my check up is march!! around or before june i will go into army!!

haiz.. sad sia... 18 year old birthday celebrate inside ... haiz.. don know lar!! all my brothers all that .. haiz!! nvm.. still long .. i think i play as much as i wanna .. or go out bah!! haha i really don know!!

just don wanna think that much!! at first is 23 points , then no course , no poly... already very sianz le.. then jpsae abt the poly thingy , then abt this mindef thingy... all so important.. sia.. my head really very big!!

so i jsut relax.. and eric decided to call kfc and eat!! so we order lor!! haha first time kfc so fast!!

haha.. lol..shiok sia!! haha seriously i am sad inside.. but still need to put on a smile!!

then eric they all wanna go out le.. so help them style their hair.. including chen yee... so i style for them lor , it look great eh , hope they like it , actually i like to help ppl cut hair and style hair for ppl ...

but once in my heart reminds me of , i might be able to see them or meet them as so often , i kinda of sad.. so just keep looking at chen yee and eric hair lor.. haiz.. hope they like it bah.. style like professional le..

i just don wanna think that much , wanna go play bb and vent everything out , nobody know how i feel sia.. i feel like a loner...its not the ppl around me de fault... actually is kinda of my fault!! because i don tend to tell ppl how i feel , because i never hope ppl will tong qin me , or comfort me , or help me..

i rather keep everything inside myself.. then solve one by one.. and just put up a smile and make everybody around me smile.. but seriously actually i don feel anyone will like really come know me de lar.. i mean knowing me inside out... haiz.. that a pity!!

today my brother adam suddenly click on me msn and ask me , how come u know i cut hair.. actually its no obvious too lar.. but he claim that i am the first and the only one to notice his hair.. then i also suddenly say , i usually got ju yi all my brothers de , a little change or wat ... all i know...

and i always helped u all , all that... haiz only u all don know how to appreciate ... seriously all my brothers that saw this.. i not saying u all , its not u all de fault... somehow got things to do with my horoscope!!

haha after playing bb.. then walk home with xiang jie... haha go esso buy cup noodle stand by!! because very hungry everyday night!! never eat dinner all that.. so i rush home bathe and online!! haha then like watch movie sia!! haha

haha watch ERAGON!! ITS A NICE SHOW MAN..i don mind watching over and over again!! haha shhiok ar!!

nice show!! haha and accompained by!!

my 3 good friends!! haha accompany me through many years eh!!

still got lappy!!

haha then i off the lights.. and enjoy online ing!! haha eating , drinking , watching movie!! like this shiok!!

but suddenly one by one online!!then i tell them i might be going ns... haiz all like very sad and make me very sad sia.. come to think of it i really really very sad.. so early go in.. even though chi zao also need to do... but haiz.. all my brothers keep saying very sad..

don wanna me go in so early.. haiz.. seriously i will miss many ppl sia.. i don wanna see my grandmother cry and worried for me sia!! sobsob.. when i think of this and imagine i really wanan cry sia.. blogging and thinking of this!!

already made my eyes watery , actually this notice also good lar... let me enjoy my days... and a notice or warning to those who never zhen xi the time being with me , or wat i am free... haha i refering to many ppl !! haha.. erm jk lar.. its ok ..

i don mind.. i hav to kan kai , because it the fact that things already happen there is nothing i can do or help eh!! haiz... i miss alot of ppl .. i just cant stop thinking?! seriously i hope god will help me get into rp and study the course i wanna!! then don need to go ns le!!

thats all... bye bye!! guys!! i miss alot ppl.. u guys know who u are!! ok??!! take care!!



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