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Thursday, December 20, 2007
today is last day le eh!! haha lol...hee..few more hours i will go back to singapore le!! hee so happy eh!! haha lol.. last pic in the hotel le eh!! haha... last le!! sobsob.. cant bear to leave here but wait to leave to go back singapore...haha

very contriditing rite??!! haha nonsense!!

haha me and jon!! haha last pic in hotel le...
haha finally going out shopping le!! haha we go shopping center eh!! first shopping center eh!! i saw a cambodia star there eh!! kinda of cool eh!! the hair!!
haha that is the cambodia star i met!!
seriously nothing to shop eh!! cuz very ex eh!! all us sia.. the shirt all that .. aiyo.. but i got buy lar... one only!! hee!! haha... so as we walk walk walk.. then suddenly my mouth itchy go sabo my cousin all go cut hair!! haha..

at first we don believe them eh.. in fact very scared... but while we are getting our hair done.. we saw many handsome and cool hair eh!! haha at first we still don know who issit!! eh... so just scare here and there then go cut lor!!

haha that is our hair dresser in the center!! i know our hair hair seems no different.. cuz at first we really very scare... don dare let them touch...so we said here don cut and there don cut.. but we very very hou hui eh.. should let them cut everything!! u see below the pic u know le!!

see......wow... see the guy hand some rite???!! that is him eh.. and the handsome guys with the nice hair in the poster we saw... is him eh!! sobsob.. so regret...damed ps!! they are so much better than the singaporeans de lor!!

after getting our hair done.. we need to rush to the airport..!! haha... so i took my last pic with this boy that always greeted us with a smile and treated us so good eh!!

and i give him some money also.. hope he make a good used out of it eh!! haha.. lol !!

haha cool ritE? 3 idiots.. suppose to be 2 idiot lar.. me not!!

haha that is my new hair eh!!

me and my cousins!!

haha baby!!

he got the same shades with me eh!! haha...

she bian le.. she will bleah me le!!

haha cute~~~

huggy huggy!! gay sia.. he is a gay!!

this is the last pic le .. i gtg... need to stop blogging and carry on.. cuz i need to go le.. u know this cambodia trip i got 185 pics u know?? i blog all le.. now need to go chalat soon... sorry eh!!



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