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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

sorry sorry !! really busy with pool eh!! haha..

actually second day also fun eh!! haha very fun .. cuz as per normal ar... chalat when we wake up is abt 2 or 3 le.. then change shift to let the others sleep.. so as eric wake up he tend to make ppl wake up also eh!! haha... very cute de eh!!

so as his brother i will stand by him and take pics!! and taunt the fans eh!! haha lol.. haha look at the next picture!! haha!!??

haha wanan know wat issit!! haha?? aiyo.. this ice is eric go put in marcus!! tuuuu~~~~ while he is sleeping eh!! haha then marcus felt cold , wake up!! and stupidly LEFT IT ON THE FLOOR EH!! DAMED ER XIN LAR!!

haha but he poor thingy eh!! he sick then never go to work!! haha.. lol !! then seriously the rest of the ppl never wake up then eric don wanna disturb le eh!! haha... then me and him !! psp war again!! this time is naruto , which i seldom lose him eh!! cuz we are the legendary sanin!! haha...

but this time i admit ... suddenly long time never play i lousy , and not use to the style!! i admit i kanna trash by eric eh!! (eric happy??)haha lol... but in the end manage to win at the back!!

then my turn to trash him eh!! haha.. aiyo but as we play rite?? got alot of c~~~ haha l~~~ haha alot of this ar... we too high le eh!! its a game of stress!! we keep shouting and cursing until everybody can hear eh!! haha... lol!!

but we still keep on playing!! second floor de ppl hope our psp no batt!! and nonsense and stupid chen yee call us lower down the vol , which is slight ,highly , very impossible!!

but the war between me and eric has ended!! haha i admit he trash me!! haha...AT FIRST!! HAHA...but in the end!! the winner always got the last laugh eh!! haha...lol!!

but here is the funny part eh!! haha cuz vennom ken they all cannot tahan us.. so might as well wake up eh!! haha.. lol.. then when they come down we ask for naruto war!! then we o ya pei ya soom!! in the end me eric and shawn one team!! then ken marcus and vennom one team!!

before playing !! me and my brother eric giggliing eh!! haha as in ... haha sure win de eh!! don believe me rite?? haha look at the pics eh!! haha..haha lol..

haha we win them don know how many times.. until they use tissue to throw me and distract me eh!! sobsob.. aiyo.. but in the end i still win!! i am the qian feng!! so called by eric.. cuz i can handle stress and i can finish them clean and fast!! haha..

then he scare pressure, so let me finish them lor!! i manage to kill 2 or 3 at one go eh!! haha diao rite??!! haha

haha see our expression!?? haha looks so easy and funny eh!! haha.. laugh until so happy!!

haha the war continue eh!! haha as u can see we are very organised de eh!! haha lol !!

but ken and shawn suddenly say wanna go out cycle and buy sugar cane!! ahha then good idea eh!! haha they went out and after that come back le!! so me and eric they all .. find our jie mu lor!! haha...

as u can see... eric i going up disturb somebody!! haha guess who?!!

haha lol.. seriously eric i wanan disturb the chen yee.. but hor no pics eh!! i only got video.. but need ppl teach me to up load eh!! sorry guys!! haha...

me and eric went back to sleep but as we wake up.. everybody start bbq and marcus wanan bathe le!! haha look at how cute is my marcus!!

haha is act de lar.. but sometime he got something wrong de lar.. bery cute eh!!

haha that is my marcus and weenah!! both a little!! haha nothing lar.. haha weenah cute rite??!! this one my brotheR!! in the 13 yo~ haha.. the mouth freaking cute eh!!

all of the sudden we spot someone mao eh!! haha so we called everyone to identify eh!! haha.. lol!! very cute eh!! i ask eric to come out..in the end he go smell then bluff bluff!! o i think is xiang jie .. then we shout his name!! ...

he come out!!HE NEVER EVEN DENY THEN SAY ITS HIS!! LOOK HOW CUTE IS HE!! ACTUALLY my xiang jie very cute de eh!! kinda of like single now!! haha any body which is single and interested in such a nice and cute guy??!!

haha long mao eh1! hah not hair!! confirm.. but don know whose!!

haha see.. xiang jie walk away!1 haha first time sia.. never deny!!

haha we found another one!! but eric smell then say .. chen yee de!! haha lol.. actually eric never smell lar.. he jk jk de.. my brother not that dirty ok?!

then we all very hungry , bbq not full ...so me and xiang jie decided to go buy chicken rice!! haha i always eat that.. haha must chi tui !! haha.. aiyo.. then suddenly adam phone call!!! haha cham!! we know need to help alot ppl buy liao!! ahha..

aiyo but we still did lar.. cuz is for my baobei vennom !! haha...and adam!! haha.. then we buy and chiong home! haha.. psp war everywherE!! haha

then know 2 new friends... wei quan and gary!! nice to meet them.. haha.. aiyo then we eat nia lor!1

haha look at adam!!haha still like children rite??!! he is single... height 182 body got b cup!! haha then the rest i don know le!! haha.. sry!!

haha he don know why don wanan eat.. keep on posing sia!!

haha da he zhao!! haha... lol !!

ahha marcus having war with me!! haha haiz ... he still lose me eh!! forever de eh!!

haha me serious rite??!! cuz cannot lose... very ps de!! haha...

then i went up to hunt the boys.. in the end... they having war here!!

haha just a picture of me and marcus palying.. but marcus!! haiz.. still wanna act cute!!

so i was really sick.. cuz the first day never sleep properly.. i was very sick and the air con like don need money like this.. very diao... sobsob!! ahha lol then fall sick!! wanna sleep early!! but kai sin come squeeze in!! nonsense eh.. then she got her punishment!!

haha ............................................................bang from left and right eh!!

then suddenly eric came in.. with his gun to save his gf eh!! haha.. nonsense eh!! u should see how he do it!! haha and play with it!! i got video leh!! haha...

haha that is my adam!! haha..got clevage eh!!

me and my chirsy love love.. haha thx to kai sin for the sign of love eh!! haha...

hahaa sobobs... eric come disturb us sia!!

haha see?? he molest my chirsy!! haha..

chrisy sad sad le.. eric got away with the last laugh!! haha.. then he go down drink le eh!!

sobsob...!! haha.. aiyo now must sayang my chrisy!!

but suddenly eric came back eh!!

lol !! haha no peace sia!

wa...i really very stress!! ever seen me touch my head before mah??!! sobsob!! wa.... help me some one!!

haha scandal eh!! hhaha cannot let eric see!! ahha.. actually if i not wrong .. eric was there bah!! haha... take pic nia!! haha.. not until 5 seconds!! haha is kai sin wanan play de hor!! not my fault!! my brother... leh.. i wont anyhow!! haha she also never anyhow!! she like eric nia.. haha... sobosb.. how to explain sia!! haha..

jk lar.. is ppl call us to pose de!!



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