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Friday, November 30, 2007
sorry for the late post because i don know how to write... because i went to friend house and stayed 2 days!! and never sleep eh!! play psp the whole night so how to blog ar??!! haha..

nvm i provide pictures eh!! haha.. aiyo seriously whol body freaking pain eh!! very very pain .. don know why... cant really move , don even wanna go out.. i guess i falling sick soon eh!! aiyo then i stayed at home ... until some very special came visting me... so sweet of that person!!

i just say i am kinda of sick or my body is pain!! (but really very pain... at first my brother jio me out i also don wanna go out!!) haha then the hee hee come visit me le... sweet rite?? haha aiyo those who are reading my blog!! haha where u guys??!! haha...

its ok lar.. i am jus jk but really very happy that someone visited me !! haha.. really happy.. haa aiyo... then hor i send the person out!! haha then bought dao hua all this for my god parents.. haha i went back home to sleep eh!! in the end when i wake up !!

sob sob lagi pain eh!! very pain , i don know why!! suddenly my brothers called me to go down to block 8 to tok.. and sun bian discuss how to celebrate christmas eh!! haha .. then bo bian , its a meeting hav to go.. but i hav to eat my dinner first..

haha went to breeks with my god parents... the food okok nia.. cuz last time working at vivo always eat mah.. then eat long also sianz ... haha aiyo haha eat finish hor then off to chen yee house first!! i wanna find the songs i mention in the previous post!!

haha wa in the end going to closer to his house rite?? haha got curse de sia.. stomache leh!! wa lau sai sia.. its always like this lor!! its a curse its always like this , go his house rite?? i sure need to go toilet , need to go do things de... don any how think!!

its business eh!! haha aiyo.. da hao!! aiyo aiyo if he charge me everytime i go toilet hor... he sure freaking rich de lor... haha !! haha aiyo then search my thingy and cab down to find my brothers.. go there rite? haha never tok abt the chalat!! all play psp!!

haha aiyo... cuz all to engrossed with the new monster i downloaded ahha.. all of us keep fighting in the end die die die!! at first is me and marcus and eric.. in the end 2 of die most of time... marucs esp!! haha... we play until very stress eh!!

haha stress ar... me play until cannot tahan!!

haha see marcus die!! die die!! everyone laughing at him

haha that is our adam!! haha he also very sianz le.. haha hee aiyo u see his muscle big rite??!!! haha...

then we got another stragety eh!! haha we play and try again!! haha really very hard.. its monster hunter most difficult de monster eh!! too hard to kill le.. we sustain abt 25 mins before we died eh!!

but in the end sobsob!!

marcus die again!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuking sianz ar... serioulsy lor no matter how we fight also lose!!

haha this is took by xiang jie.. cuz he feels that this angle i look like girl!! haha he very bo liao ritE??

haha i know i look like a girl.. and that is wat i plan to do.. i wanna keep my hair hair long long and let ppl mistake me as a girl ... cuz girls got alot beneifit de eh!! haha... really eh!!haha then will alot alot of boys see me heE!!

shiok shiok!!!



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