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Tuesday, December 4, 2007
sorry for the late and short post eh... guys this few days i really very very sick.. i didnt hav the energy to blog as i reached home.. then everymoring wake up really very tired...i didnt hav enough sleep eh!!

i am very very sick!! haiz.. this month come again le lor! sob sob... haiz... today i really very late le... haha... need to go for job interview!! haha...so me and my god mother off to mrt!!

then i meet weng pa and chen yee!! to meet eric...wa today is i late sia.. actually i very sick lar... then go for job interview!! haha i will be working in hotel eh!! haha ... don tell u all where first.. haha got uniform sia!! haha take pics show u all.. haha !!

i like the uniform alot.. most important is.. this time is working with my brothers!! haha...then after the job interview i went to this place!!

haha singapore cuesports...obviously is go for my training lar.. haha then i training the whole day... but didnt hav the chance to play cuz the other ppl going for seagames must let them train first!!

so i follow my dad and started training eh!! play until veyr tired ar!! in the end my dad still ask me sit mrt home!! training hor got nothing to blog de!! just very tired eh!! haha...

to lishan and kat... seriously i miss u all and bai!! really wanted to ask u all out.. but u guys are all so scattered around eh.. all working .. don know when free and i scare i ask u all also wont come out.. but seriously wait i feeling better first ok??!! pls ar..

i really very sick!! thx.. for everything!!



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