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Friday, December 14, 2007
sobsob going back le!! haiz... last day of genting eh!! haha..nothing much to say , just really miss the enviroment here!! really wanna come back here eh!! haha with my brothers all that...!! and seriously guys , this is nice!!

haha look great??!! in singapore , last time only 4 leaves hav!! but now no more le!! i don like choc so seldom eat, and also i cannot eat!! so guys for presents all that!! pls ar... no!! choc!! but i really miss this donunts eh!! is the favourite of my whole family!! haha...cool eh!! look so tasty!!

as we make our way down to the mountains actually nothing happen!! don know why all very tired so all sleep in the car... then my uncle drive all the way then very fast reach johor le!! haha then we went to eat the famous restruant ar... the yuan yang yu!! haha so ex man!!

haha shark fin!!

this is the most ex de lor!! haha aiyo... sobsob!!

haha kang kong!!

haha left 2 bao!! ahha

haha the chicken hor!! haha sorry ar.. i to hungry eat finish le!! haha..

haha chili crab!!

that all my friend i gtg... urgent ar!! sorry!!



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