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Tuesday, December 25, 2007
so so so sorry for the late post eh!! cuz hor...i really very busy with my pool eh!! so really no time!! to blog.. once i reach home is 12 or 1 plus.. really very tired...and pool is a brain sucking game... sorry ar!! i blog today!!

yeah ...finally its chalat le!!haha....hee very fun!! haha wait very long for this day le!! cuz seriously it has been so so so long after i come back from my hoilday then meet all my cousins all that but my dear brothers , still haven see them eh!!

early morning i wake up rite?? then blog blog blog... never sleep eh!! wa lau , seriously very tired eh!! sorry worz...aiyo then i go meet xiang jie then we cab down to marcus house!! aiyo seriously very very tired eh!! haha..

i now more and more lazy eh!! don know why , cuz my ez link spoil , then go take cab...bus and mrt really spoil my day.. wa when i reach hor... i really very high sia , cuz long time never see my bao bei vennom , my brother marcus... and chen yee all that...

see their face or hear their voice rock my world eh!! haha then the first thingy i go to their house is go find chen yee and shout!! haha ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~~~~~~~~~ scare until he wake up... haha damed cute ... long time never play with him le.. kinda of miss him also !!

then we tok tok haha play play and let me show u the thingy we found very long and xiang jie suppose to go buy eh!!

haha this is the thingy eh!! haha cute rite??!! haha inside we can put alot alot of sweets then wack wack wack.. or pull pull pull??!! haha lol... very fun seh!!

so in marcus house... i used the com to listen to my xiao jin teng and yang zhong wei.. haha this is to cry before i go the chalat!! haa their song is good eh!! haha then we called the maxi cab and wait wait wait lor.. haha then while we are on the cab!!

as per normal!! haha PSP WAR AGAIN!! me jin dao , ken and xiang jie!! haha guess who is the winneR??!! me again lar!! haha.. don need to say de!! haha for a moment hor we reach le eh!! haha..lol !!

then as we go down!! we hear some firmilar voices eh!! haha.. aiyo ....its my brothers!! wei and xuan!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! so so so happy to see them sia!! really very happy eh!! haha lol... then while we were checking in! i was shock by the things jin dao is holding!!wa all water activites sia!!

haha very cool seh!!

haha i think i going to get wet this time eh!! jia lat liao!!
haha see how many water bombs?

haha mini water gun and the 2 big bazooka!! haha.. no cheap eh!!all this stuff~~
wa then we check in le then go find our chalat!! haha then we found out , wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the old chalat which hav lots of memory is just beside nia!! ours last time de shi c 5 eh!! haha... yeah!!
haha... c3
we all went in!! shout shout , play play.... then tok tok... haha then decided to go eat mac eh!! haha then thx to ken hor.. make me wear shirt and take out shirt sia.. that stupid nonsense!! u see his whole thingy... just like an uncle!

haha stupid uncle.. i wonder why sophia will like him!! lol!!
so we make our way to mac eh!! haha then the stupid xiang jie took his black shirt to cover his face and shout loud loud ... russel leeeeeeeeeee is here!! come take ur autograph eh!! haha nonsense eh!!
then my brother twins so xiong eh!! ppl only ride the bike on the perdestrian then she scold so loud!! scary sia!! haha.. aiyo then we go eat mac le lor! don need to talk abt the eating part eh!! haha.. then after that we go catch some doll doll.. haha in the end never catch.. then we play the table scoccer thingy! haha...
loser need to learn dog bark 3 times eh!! haha in the end u see the both of them so stress u know who win le eh!!

haha u see their face so stress!! haha can someone teach me how to put video mah?? haha cuz i got video down the whole dog calling process...but i don know how to put video leh!! they say must put on youtube first or wat... wat lai de ar???!!

actually after that , they sore loser eh!! ask for rematch.. then i lose lor... i need to learn dog bark!!

then we need to go rent bike!! haha rent for over night de eh!! haha.. but very sick and tired of seeing ppl tian mi mi... haha i also wanna hav a gf eh!! haha.. aiyo u see so sweet sia.. from the moment i saw them rite?? they hav been like this.. only when bathing then seprate eh!!

haha lol kinda of sweet eh!!

haha then we all decided to rent all the couples bike eh!! haha.. then all couple couple de.. me tag with adam eh!! haha...

haha see... that is my lao gong!!

so we ride back.. to the chalat!! haha then nothing to do mah.. everybody wanna wait until darkness fall then start bbq all that.. haha kinda of shiok and fun eh!! haha cuz psp war again!! ahah we are playing dead to rights eh!!

haha my psp name!! is devil!! haha but my heart is with jesus!! haha lol but see the pic?? who win again!!

haha and its like trashing them again and again!! haha i also got lose lar... but out of 10 games i win 8 or 10.. haha lol... good rite??!! haha u can see from their face eh!!
its written sianz diao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lol.. then as i was sleeping suddenly somebody rape me eh!! u see i am soooooooooo stupid and my clothing is ripe off!! ahhhhhhhhhhh my breast!! sobsob... lol!! i think i got A cup only eh!! adam one abt B chen yee one is D cup!!
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i look gay eh!! haiz.. ahha...
after being rape.. i was kinda of down and leading to depression eh!! ahha then i went down to help out eh!! making water bomb... but all of the sudden ... we were being attack! by 2 nonsense!! haha
wa lau .. this things is really very very pain eh!! i use the word.. very pain eh!!
yue wei !! haha my brother... suddenly hor.. suddenly eh!! hav her puberty eh!! haha wow!! look at the size!! haha!! she is currently single!! but not availble!! haha she very erm.....haha ehem... haha..don know wat word to use!!
haha busty!! haa... !! maybe its implant!! haha...

aha it really looks like condom eh!! haha nonsense sia!! haha... so er....
haha its to early for the games eh!! haha cuz pauline and eric they all haven arrived eh!! haha.. lol... but xuan cant wait for the wars eh!! haha taking that mini gun to go around sparying ppl le eh!!!! haha lol...haha... haha...
kendrick the first victim eh!! haha ken so ke lian.. everybody stand and see only!! haha ken i got help u eh!!

haha lol... twist!! ahha do we look like a family??!! haha and very happy??
haha freaking nosnense eh!! we are not the charlie angels! haha we are the VENNOM ANGELS...!!
HAHA COOL RITE??!!haha later u know bomb............

haha yue xuan wa attack me sia.. make me wet until don know like wat!! sobsob...haha...
haha then the brothers.. all wanna go ride bike mah.. then weenah ask me to pei her.. cuz nobody wanna pei her!! haha then we ride ride lor.. then this 2 nonsnese ...haha wanna win me sia!! haha keep chasing me seh!!
haha evan and yue wei!! ahha very tired sia.. this 2 really can ride the bike ar!! haha
haha but still lose me eh!! haha i very diao rite?? in such a high speed i can take pics .. some more so clear!! haha..
haha this 2 nonsense .. win me le lar...!!
i really cannot tahan!! sure lose them de sia!! aiyo.. haha haha... aiyo.. sobsob!! wa.. when i reach back our chalat!! i really think i going to die le eh!! i cant feel my leg and cannot catch my breath eh!! haha really... cannot!!
then marcus they all came!! ahha i so happy.. go attack marcus until he wet wet first eh!!

haha freaking nosnense!! haha...
haha thx mar dad.. for the turkey!1 haha kinda of nice eh!!
haha sorry i didnt took the whole chicken pic eh!!
haha i am being love to!!
so after that.. all my brothers go pick pauline up eh!! haha don know why suddenly so enthu !! wanna go pick her!! they also don hav like that come pick me eh!! super not fair!! haha then she came.. put down things then tok tok.. eat eat!! ahha i bbq de eh!!
haha i usually don bbq for ppl de eh!! haha.. she so heng!! haha then she never thank me!! haha then we go play games le!! then she change into my clothes so that we can play water gameS!! haha...

ahha everybody so enthu eh!!
haha ah dao very childish eh??!! haha so happy!!
at first we very headache eh!! haha cuz can find a place to hang eh!! ahha in the end we decided to hang on the tree!! ahha.. lol.. then the game start le eh!! haha ... lol ... then everybody hav to sit there then pull !! ahha.. lol !!
suppose to be girls first.. in the end xiang jie go pull eh!! haha...
haha lol!! haha then ming hui but then i never took ... cuz lai bu ji!! i went to take water bombs!! ahha then its pauline turn!! haha.. lol !! GUYS ... GUESS WHO KANNA!!??

haha she is just the 4th person only eh!! haha damed funny lar!! lol!! haha... she pull the all the sweets drop eh!!
haha see??!! wet wet!! haha lol!! countless of water bombs and water gun on heR!! haha...
then we proceed to second game eh!! which is the blind folded then wack the thingy!! haha..
FIRST HERO IS AH DAO!!teaming up with her baby!! ming hui!! ahha...
everybody getting ready for the water bomb all that eh!!
haha then jin dao hav to turn turn turn!! ahha... then go and wack eh!! haha.. but he is really just like an monster eh!! haha once he turn then he go to that place... he aim and wack!! damed bloodly hard lar!!
haha second is chris eh!! teaming up with his bf .. haha tian kun!!haha..
haha his partner give instrustion very good le!!BUT CHIRS DON KNOW HOW TO FOLLOW SIMPLE INSTRUSTION!!laugh until i buay tahan!! but actually this is a plot lai de... we just finding excuse to let him being blind folded!! haha.. lol so we can throw the bomb all that!!

i gave him a good bye kiss!! haha see sweet rite??!! haha.. lol!!

then tis is chen yeE!! i don even know where is he going!! just anyhow swing only!!
haha marcus .. foul !! then he has to wait for his punisihment eh!! haha.. kinda of cool eh !! i mean him.. cuz still can laugh until so happy!!
haha they keep on dogging eh!! but its like no point eh!!

haha cuz no matter how far they run they are being huanted!!

haha this is a better view eh!! see the sweets!! haha on the floor!! and all of them is freaking wet!!

haha still not enough eh!! haha... they kanna bomb like... 20 mins bah.. if not 10.. very fun!!

now i shall intro adam!! ahha the b cup boy!! haha u see.. he very xiong sia!! getting ready le!! haha the biggest viallan of all.. he throw damed hard sia!! haha

guys i need to go church le!! i blog again later!! haha sorry ar



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