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Monday, December 10, 2007
haha actually i very happy eh!! cuz i received my first chirstmas present... haha done by the heart de eh!! haha... cannot mention is who cuz the person don allow me to do that.. but really very touched eh!!

heart melt !!! haha... wa... show u guys my first christmas present eh!!

haha nice rite?? the outer covering eh!!

haha a couple bear bear!! cute rite?? very cute eh!! fat fat de!!

haha round round fat fat de eh!!

haha but when i open it i am very surprise eh!! ahha very very... haha aiyo.. see !! got so many letter!!

haha qing shu eh!! haha jk lar.. just some normal letters cuz i wont be in singapore.. but really very touch!! haha actually hor i don know issit normal or not.. cuz i am not allowed to open them eh!!

haha... haha i place everything until very ncie rite??!! haha... aiyo..so so so touched!! mucakx muackx!!!

haha thx worsZ!! haha guys... friends and everyone reading this blog!! haha where is u all de present.. i still haven received from u all leh!!



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