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Saturday, December 1, 2007
I shall continue from here eh!! cuz we decided not to go home eh!! we wanna go marcus house monster hunter until we killed that bastard!! haha.. aiyo!! nonsense eh!! so we cab down!!

haha get charger !! haha plug in and play..but no matter how we try hor , cannot win de leh!! all the brothers hav a psp.. so we play play play until 2 or 3 then still cannot win...haha i wanna rest so eric and vennon go kill other dinosaur eh!!

haha see....

but we very suay lar... no show to watch then li hui bullying marcus ask marcus go take vcd out and watch!! haha in the end they wanan watch darkness fall!! of cuz is ghost show lar.. but not scary de lar.. but kaisin and li hui like never watch like that de!!

haha li hui fa pi qi le~~~~~~~~

whereas our poor xiang jie!! got nothing to do so he only can sleep sleep.. because the next day he hav to rush home change and go buy his guitar.. haha wa he say very cheap so early morning 6 hav to wake up and go line up!!! crazy rite?? but i believe it will worth it bah!!

haha that is him!! sleep sleep!!

haha actually i wanted to blog eh!! but donknow how to blog cuz never sleep dao then don know which date to put ... !!

so after i decided not to blog .. and after countless of fighting this stupid bastard .. !! me and eric finally won eh!! its like wow... we try so many times rite?? we wasted like 4 hours plus!! fighting the same monster over and over again!!

finally we won eh!! the white girl is eric , the golden colour de shi me!!! haaha... !! cool mah??!! ahaha that red thingy is the bloody stupid thingy lar... haiz!! fight until 6 am eh!! haha...

then i decided to go to sleep eh!! when i wake up next morning is abt 4 or 3 pm bah!! i not sure .. haha wake up watch tv then discuss with the brothers abt the chalat thingy.. non of us can book!! so we decided to apporach our chalat queen!! haha nobody can win her eh!! we try but cant...!!

yeah and she booked de dao again!! haha ... to my dear brothers.. the payment is abt each person is 70 - 50 per brothers eh!! haha just inform u guys first eh!! haha not confirm abt the money!! but this time christmas sure very nice de!! very fun!! plan hao le!!

pls give me the money early so i can go buy things to play , and decorate things , and organise games eh!! really eh... that all...BROTHERS TAKE NOTE!

haha then tok tok tok suddenly my mother called me!! haha so happy eh , i don cant remember when is the last time , that i saw her!! hee so happy... she ask me go out eat eat ... meeting her at causeway ...

so i rush to causeway , and meet her then walk walk walk ... to g 2000... cuz my mum wanna buy her working pants eh!! then saw LAY KHEAN!! working very digently!! haha see her rite?? remind me of all my classmates!!

i really miss li shan and qing rong they all...haiz...

haiz.. don mention!! haha then wa..........saw my god mother.. haha so decided to eat together!! haha can see my grandma le!! haha then we started eating!! show u all the food eh!!

haha feng fu mah!!??

haha this is everything eh!! haha

shiok !! haha shiok mah??!! but the price also shiok...guys better don go eat.. 200 plus like this nia leh... i go zhen fa .. eat 300 plus even more!! haha...cannot mention which restruant eh!!

haha then go metro find my friend xiao rui , joan , jeff and pauline!! haha wa... then meet my another best friend... haha net!!! haha so happy so long never see her le eh!! haha.. aiyo poor xiao rui working alone then look like quite boring de leh!!

haha but moments later my mother ask me go find her so i find her le then go find pauline they all!! haha... wa... then i go to the toys department play alot of things eh!! haha ... aiyo bubble!!

haha kids are sooooo cute now eh!! haha just a simple bubble all so happy.. guys if u all are sad or wat rite?? friday saturday or sunday go causeway metro or other toys department hor!! cuz seriously just by looking at those kids rite?? it really feel very very good eh!! haha...so cute!!

haha joan now selling this eh!!

haha wa this can fly up to 4 story high eh!! haha... wa... seriously if this thingy fly pass u rite?? it can be serve as a fan eh!! very cooling!!

haha this is the best.. wa when she on and show me rite?? haha its stronger that a hair dryer eh!! haha this can fly up to 10 to 11 storeys high!!

haha then i go play computer games.. in the end i got new friends sia.. haha the small boy ask me wanan try mah then i play with him the game like day of deafeat then he say i very clever and good ...clever and good hor.. so wanna compete with me.. but haven play finish joan they all wanna go le!!

so i go down wanna tell xiao rui bye bye !! but cannot find her leh.. why ar... haha so joan and jeff go take a puff and me and pauline play bomberman lor!! haha then play play play very fun!! haha i do nothing then pauline lose to me le!! lousy!!

haha but cannot play too long will die.. cuz when she lose she beat me!! haha.. aiyo.. then we say good bye to each other then went home le lor!! haha... aiyo i very tired i wanan sleep le!! haha bye guys!!



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