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Monday, December 31, 2007
hihi!! guys i am back to blog how i celebrate eh!! haha and count down!!

on the day i just blog from morning till afternoon ... then play with my baby!! haha then we are off to safrah to eat eat the family dinner again!! haha then i finally meet my nephew!! haha.. i am uncle le eh!!both my father and mother side eh! haha.. cool sia!! haha...

i don know why , i find him very cute eh!! and the way he look at me , seems like he like me alot but , haha cannot le.. i already hav my baby!! haha.. lol !! look at how chubby and cute he is!! ....

haha his name is nowel!!

i don know i spell correct or not.. cuz later my cousin!! scold me again!! haha .. aiyo.. then nvm... as i promise her i will turn up for the singing eh!! haha.. wa don know i can sing or not.. i am very very sick sia!! haha..

i wanan listen to yong han sing!! haha.. they say very good.. its my another cousin!! haha actually i also find it super weird.. why me , nowadays so close with my cousin!! but not their parents lar.. cuz i choose to be quiet!! haha. like this then cool mah!

haha anyway we went to the singing k !! PARTY WORLD!!haha...

wa yishuan safarh de room very big sia!! then all the tv... is plasma de eh!! haha shiok sia!!

haha then me and yong han start singing le!! at first wanan sing one song then go le!! cuz i promise to let my best cousin hear my voice then go le mah.. haha then she ask me stay!! haha yong han good good sia.. haha nu zai hen mang!!haha..

haha i most shock is this girl singing eh!! haha ... i hear kim sing before.. ahha so ookok !! haha aiyo my chew min singing sia!! haha ... aiyo.. so good sia

haha so seirous eh!! haha the face so funny sia!!

haha me and me best cousin cam woring!! haha..

haha cannot force by her eh!! haha.. sobsob!!

haha then i sing with my chew min!! lol!! haha very funny sia!! haha... !!

haha she still dare to turn sia!!! my eyes the electricity already any how shoot le she still can look over!! haha lol!! haha..

in the end we sing sing sing!! then forget still got my baby!!! haha she wanna rihana de umbrella eh!! haha.. so funny eh!!

haha cute rite??!! haha that is my baby!!

haah but the whole song she cannot sing the umbrella!only the eh eh eh part she can.. then change to twinkle twinkle little star!! lol.. haha..

but sing very fast finish le .. so i decided to go home eh!! haha they drop me at mrt!! haha then i go home le lor!! haa when i reach causeway then know causeway got count down!! sia.. suddenly so happening seh!! aiyo..

then i bump into xiao yun and briana and huilin!!haah eat popcorn with them and see fire works..but don know why i keep saying wrong things!! at first is say.. wa chi fire works , and see pop corn very nice eh!! ahha...


haha look kinda of near rite?? this year causeway not bad eh!!

haha lol....


wa the head~~

haha nice done!! haha...

yeah guys i change my blog song le eh!! this one really very sad .. pls listen to the meaning.. and happy new year eh!!



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