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Sunday, December 30, 2007
hi guys!! i wanan wish u all happy new year le eh!! cuz actually when i blog this is 5.19am!! i wanan chiong all the way!! to catch up with the date eh!! tomorrow i wont be able to blog straight away!! cuz celebrate with family!! then scare outsidE!!

cannot use come.. then cannot nvm.. scare is cannot wish u all happy new year!! seriously!! ppl ... throw all the unhappiness back to 2007 .. and lets move on to a new year!! don brood to much abt last time eh!!

its a new year and new begining!! to view the chalat and cambodia trip post.. pls click on the past!! december 2007!! if not u cannot read all..!!

haha i shall start my post today!! today i woke up quite early.. just to blog.. but just manage to blog finish the first day of chalat!! haha but for a while suddenly my church call and hope i turn up!!

then seriously is because of something then i hav to go.. but before that i also don know why i hav a strong feeling !! i WANT TO GO!! its god blessing eh!! seriously.. i very tired after the endless training and blogging!! wanna rest at home!! haha but nvm!!

church and worship god is more important to me!! haha... lol .. then on my way to church , i met xiang jie and then marcus and vennom!! felt very happy , marcus and vennom will come eh!! yeah!!

then as we take the mrt!! haha then tok tok laugh laugh as usual.. until that marcus idiot. say wanan go down a stop and buy the tissue!! haha so we stop him and ask xiang jie to take from ppl!!

haha in the end he really take eh!! haha.. look at it!!

haha he go take from a auntie!! haha praise the lord eh!! xiang jie met a nice auntie!! haha..

haha see marcus so happy.. got tissue!! haha... and after that something good happen again!! its god effort eh!! haha.. some kind person really very kind!!

this uncle .. offered to give marcus a packeT!! haha really very thank u to him eh!! we really don know him!! wat a nice guy eh!! really nice!! thx jesus!!

haha as u can see.. marcus its like so happy eh!! haha..

guys don feel weird if u keep seeing me saying abt jesus or praise the lord!! i am a christian and i belong to the church... seriously i like the enviroment eh!! today was really good.. i was very very happy!! haha so high today!!

seriously going to church can change ur mood.. and let u cast everything on god and u will feel free for that moment eh!! haha haha!! shiok!! haha... but happy to see zi xin and my church friends!! haha and most important!! is see our teacher eh!!

she still give us this present eh!! haha .. if ppl u guys are being eduated and got really study or see tv or read news!! this guys!! VINCENT VAN GOGH!! u know very famous eh!! haa... i gtg le eh!! haha i really very happy eh!! aha... hee.. i gtg le.. 6 am le!! haha finally eh!!

after that jiu go home le!!

guys happy new year!!



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