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Saturday, December 8, 2007
HAHA HI HI GUYS!! sorry for the late post eh!! haha actually i find out that , i think now my post is getting more and more boring rite?? haha i am sorry eh!! i know!! but i think i cant do anything abt it!!

cuz i am very very very sick , haven recover eh!! haven...aiyo i very stress with the pool again!! haha this day went to play pool then ... train lor nothing much...but the fun part is after when i go meet my brothers eh!! haha aiyo... hav kinda of lot of fun!!

at first i cab down to block 19 and go find my brothers , in the end i very stress , i throw my cue to them then ask them to throw eh!! haha order food and wanna dig in... haha aiyo then i jsut eat finish everybody tell me wanna go le... si bei sianz ar!!

wa all never tell me earlier wanna go home early..!!sianz then all leave lor!! haha then go to the bus stop , i tot everybody really wanna go home le!! then all wanna take cab , in the end!! haha all tok abt xin shi .. tok tok tok!!

in the end nobody wanna go home le!! haha we tok until like 2 am.. haha lol !! then marcus and vennom no place to go,cuz 2 never bring key ahha...nonsense.. then we decided to walk to my house there!! haha then we walk walk walk!! suddenly eric say!!

wanna go find that kinda of thingy!! then purposely wanna go to the old school and climb in eh!! haha eric nothing better to do rite?? haha nonsense leh??!! haha...

then eric say real de eh!! we really go eh!! firstly go to msl haha... lol rite?? hah... then wanted to climb in but hor!! in the end we remember that our school got alarm de eh!! so cannot...

i don know whether i can type this in blog eh...i scare later i kanna sue eh!! acutally hor both my primary and scondary is haunted....how to say ar...my primary school is actually rite?? a graveyard eh!! erm...

i still remember before my primary school revonate...my sis always bring me go to the old liabary to play...because its huanted and lock so nobody dare to go...but its consider our hideout!!

there is always a shadow of a girl and boy there everyday eh!! but its obvious that above is lock ... there is no entrance all that...then don know why got that... and very weird thingy hor is last time our old first principle never ever wan us to play in the field...during morning eh!! or evening or wat... except for pe lesson!!

who ever go will be punish eh!!

then my secondary school rite?? last time is a english college eh!! and because of a big fire... it killed many ppl which is studying there... everyone crying in pain!! i am not jk or making a story!! seriously last time my principle allow us to hav night classes... for example like we can stay up to 9 pm to study!! then of cuz who will study there!! we will sure play de mah... haha... aiyo...

then we go around the bump lor... seriously those who reading my blogs rite?? just simply ask the sports leader in our school eh!! u all will listen lots of story!! and our bbc rite?? got ppl die before eh!! taht why everytime late night as we pass by , we had never look direct at that direction!!

actually all this story rite? is true de lar... we hav been in that school for 5 years... and teacher , cleaner , seniors all tell us before.. and we ourself had bump into something... seriously but in the day!!its still a wonderful place to study lar.. because there is many wonderful teachers there!!

guys don be scare of that school lar.. u all just study don think to much!! just don anyhow say!! in school... don play play eh!! haha really lar.. no jk...hee...

wa we walk until 5 am then go home eh!! haha then next day le!!



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