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Monday, December 17, 2007
haha finally!! second day le eh!! haha today we visit the angkor wat eh!! its is one of the seven wonders eh!! haha ...must go see de eh!! haha everything is so amazing!!

haha this is the front eh!! haha...

actually we wanna sit elephant go in de.. but they say that... humans kings and elephant hav to go in from different gate and go out from different gate.. but they wanna catch the sun set so hav to rush..then cannot sit lor!! sadded!!

sorry for that blur image eh!! haha cuz i zoom .. wa look at the budda(sorry i never disrespect.. i am a christian so i really donknow how to spell)haha... look at this eh!! so nicely done... can u guys believe this place was once abandon ??

before the french ppl came colonise , cambodia... this place was abandon by the villagers eh!! and soon it was covered by tress and everything u can find in the forest!! and no one know , that there is such thingy eh!!

so one day ... some french guy found out this place.. and ask the villagers abt this, and they found out that this was built for the gods , and no one go da li the place because everyone is carving and hunting for food all this , who will be bothered abt it eh!!

so the french , said its a histroian place , so it cannot be abandon like this... so thx to the french we are able to see such wonderful place!!

everything was nicely done.. its just like the taj mahel!!

haha srry this pic was took by my cousin!! not me eh!! i donknow why she took it!!

there are god heads is on the left and the demon heads is on the right!! everything was nicely done!! if u see from the first one rite??!! u can only see the first one and nothing behind eh!! if u are an architure rite?? u will be amaze eh!! without the latest techonolgy all that rite?? they were able to build everythingy so straight so equal!!

that is the left side...of the heads of buddua!! erm.. some head is stolen!! eh!!

this is so called the divine elephant eh! cuz the normal one , only has one head eh!! this hav 3...and every entrance has the same 3 headed elephant.. size length and everything ar.. is the same!!

ahha took some pic with me and my cousin!!

the family photo!! haha the 3rd chew family never come.. so we seems to hav so little ppl!! sorry!!

haha me and my biao mei.. bugging me to take pics!!

the male cousin!! haha jing wei don know run to where again!!

haha me and 5 sen eh!! i look fat and like a bai chi!!

haha.. wa... so ex u know??!! 20 us leh!1 haiz... aiyo!!

now we are proceeding into it eh!! i cant really explain!! cuz the tour guide just show us around and said wat does the craving represent eh!! so just look at the pics bah!!

haha hav to go in deeper eh!! as u can see the crowd.. alot ppl rite??!!

erm.. don know how to say!!

haha me and xiang xiang again!! he likes to act cool .. i think he smile is nicer!!

haha the 4 cousins again!! finally jon!!

haha my nose and budda nose touch eh!! haha

one thingy good abt chew family rite?? they always hav something to play... eh!! they always hav something to do.. and always hav money to spent.. not me lar.. them!! u look at the pic!!at first i was searching for them.. didnt know they are here gambling eh!

aiyo... see?? they play 4 ki bi!! haha...

my uncle win kids money again!! haha then let me take pics!!

moments later we procced to the second one.. but they called it the tree temple!! haha they hav a reason of calling that.. tell u all the meaning later!!

let me get the power of the sun!!

haha can see me mah??!!

haha sorry for that stupid face... haha but see my piggy hand?? haha i found this eh!!

erm.. see le mah?? let me explain now.. cuz very weird rite?? the trees can just grow one the temple or through the temple all that eh!!

haha..another pics with my cousin!! is this pic more obvious abt why issit call tree temple!!

then the tour guide brought us to a place and call us to hit our body parts eh!! haha.. cool

haha we hav to lean on the wall and hit on our body parts eh!! haa.. if u hit then got echo means ur sickness is cured eh!!

all the cousin!! still hav more.. haha but see.. i am the only one.. which seems to be like godly u know why??!! see my aura??!! i am.....................POWERED!!

haha now we are walking to the inner part eh!! the whole place is damed big lar... okok erm did u guys , 3 entrance?? haha.. erm the left one is for officer, the center is for the king , the right is for the people.. and back door for the elephant eh!! ... aiyo.. i wanted to be funny ..wanna go in from the king entrance.. in the end kanna scolded eh!!

loll....see the bright?? look at the distance?? need to walk so far sia!!

then my baby is tired and crying all the way.. asking me to carry her..sianz lor!! no choice i hav to be a good father!!

haha my cousin!! haha she is my best cousin liao.. haha... hope she like the christmas present!!

hahah... aiyo... seriously i don know what is the use for this big hole eh! but its seems dangerous to me!!

so lastly we wanan catch the sunset eh!! but hor.. we are kinda of late.. so in order to catch that beautiful sight.. i chiong ar... haa.. good rite?? just because of u all i did such a big scarifice eh!! haha.. lol !! but its really freaking tired eh!! and DANGEROUS!!

u see hor everyone is not walking up the steps .... they hav to crawl and climb up the steps eh!! .. cuz its so small lor... i mean the steps... then nvm eh!! if one fall .. the rest at the back , sure die!!

see the steps?? everyone hav to walk side ways eh!!

finally i am at the top.. and this is the view at first eh!!

haha i took this sight from the top.. haha still got alot ppl ar...

this is those ppl who climb such a long way.. just to catch the beautiful sight eh!!

pretty rite?? haha i never zoom eh!! how i wish , i had a gf ... and she is with me there eh!! sobsob.. i mean if i had one lar..u can see the sun is so big and round!!

can u see it more clearly??

u can see it slowly slowly going down... really very beautiful eh!! aiyo.. sobsob.. why i no gf ... and i sit alone there.. enjoying this sight eh!! guys help me find a gf pls??!!

wa.. finally it went down eh!! cool rite?? so obvious.. so clear!!
so its time to climb down fast.. but i very suay eh.. at first is all the old ladies.. and aunties.. i scare they might fall and we hav to get down this thingy and the mountian before the sun set eh.. sobsob.. aiyo.. jialat sia.. then my familes all don know go where...so i waited.. played my psp.. until those aunties go down le then i go down!! good mah??!!

see everyone had to hold the sides.. all this to go down.. wa....

wa...then i need to rush le lor.. at first i was running down.. i know i sure kanna scolded de.. cuz i hav to reach the bottom of the mountain before darkness falls eh.. sobsob.. aiyo then there is so many old lady beside me sia.. so , i very scare they fall down.. so i decided to walk with them.. slowly and on my hp the cam lights for them..

receive many sincere thanks u from them... and soon i reached!! and i saw many worried and angry eyes staring at me.. thx to one of my uncle keep on miss call me.. my hp from 40 dollards plus become no money.. sobsob...

cuz one call , one min is 5 dollar..and if i hang also voice mail.. also minus 5 dollars!!! sobsob !!

went back and had another massage again!!eh!



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