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Sunday, December 16, 2007
haha finally i start to blog abt cambodia trip le eh!! haha.. aiyo... sorry guys!! actually also don know how to blog.. cuz i meet up with my brothers then eat... then darg until 12 then i take cab and make my way down to my aunt house where everybody gather!!

aiyo...then hor... wa as i reach my sis throw me the family t shirt...haha kinda of cool eh!! haha...wanna see... this year one is different cuz only got the logo and the name...don hav the whole chew family name eh!!

haha this is the logo!!

haha and my name!!

haha i am number 52 eh!!

so because long time never see my sis le mah.. so don plan to sleep!! wanna tok with her and watch tv until the time we gt to leave lar... so as i took the u zhou kan and read... and this thingy make me damed fedup eh!! haha... aiyo... damed stupid lo...

if u guys are able to read chines then pls kindly read it!! it says if i am going overseas , i hav to take note , because there will be xue guang zhi zai , (this means that something bad will happen!! and its like there will be accident or u will see blood!!)

i let my sister see and she laugh!! blah blah.. then she hao lian her new phone to me eh!! is the lastest lg viewty phone!! haha kinda of cool eh!! actually is freaking cool lar... her boyfriend bought this for her!! haiz..so good eh!!

the cam is 5.0 mega pixel!!

haha everything is touch screen!! haha

haha see this is how it type sms eh!! very cool rite??!! i think i maybe wanna get this phone eh!! aiyo

haha but times files very quickly ahah then i need to bathe change... haha but very quickly prepare everything and go to the airport le!! cuz many ppl late eh.. haha aiyo but i most free de ,cuz i hav to take care my baby!!

haha take pics!!

haha me and my baby!! haha sorry for that kinda of face cuz really very tired eh!! i never sleep dao... she cry cry cry... insist me to bao le!! ps!!

haiz this place was once me and eric de hui yi eh!! haha as we made ourtrip to vietnam this is the place where we eat our bkfast!! lonely 2 person eh!! haiz it suppose to be mac... i don know why suddenly became burger king!! sobsob!! i wanan mac!!

the pic below suppose to be 2 seats only!!

there place is where we sit eh!! haiz.. i very huai yian that trip with my most you yuan de brother!! eric!! muackx!! haha...

hey guess who i saw!! haha miss chow eh!! haha i really miss her alot.. haha funny thingy is that she still remember me eh!! haha so so so happy!!

haha see...she very cool eh!! haha still wear leather jacket eh!!

haha aiyo then eat finish i got nothing to do leh!! damed sianz... carry my baby go see mp3 handphones all that... haha then i forget singapore airport damed good de eh!! its one of the best eh!! haha got free internet eh!! haha...

i will make full used of my time eh!! BLOG!!

HAHA SEE MY BABY??haha she support my blog always!! ahha ...cute eh!!

haha i saw a old friend eh!! haha.. aiyo...haha my kfc friend!! he belongs to fuchun cc de kfc worker... he always serves with pride and li mao , and always give me the thigh i wanan ahha.. good eh!!

sorry i don dare to take the pic in front of him.. i scare he will tot i disrespect eh!!

haha very fast we board the plane le eh!! kinda of hate that feeling , seriously i love singapore alot everytime i leave singapore i don feel good always!! haiz.. my brothers friends , love ones all here.. sobsob!!

haha first time see leather cusion de seat of the aeroplane eh!! haha...

nothing much to say because hor!! haha i sleep all the way... haha never tok or play with anyone.. haha kinda of nice to sleep!! haha.. cool !! haha but the whole flying trip took abt 1 hr 45 mins eh!! haha.. but very fast reach de lar.. when u sleep!

just like wat i expected eh!! haha then we get off the plane and took pics eh!!

haha sorry .. cuz sun to big eh!! and just wake up...my sis and my hair very messy eh!!

haha thats is the plane i sat eh!! haha.. bye i will miss u eh!!

chop my passport... then go sit bus le eh!! haha cuz i still very tired!! i took my baby out to see the enviorment!! then i found out , know wonder singapore airport so good eh!! haha but mange to take one or two bah!!

haha athat is me and my baby!! haha twist!! haha..

moments later i got a bad bad news eh!! haha.. aiyo.. sobsob... we are not going to chalat eh!! we are going to the don know wat village de...i am sorry eh!! if i not wrong the place is call angkor wat... cuz i am very tired so never listen!! jsut board the bus and play with my baby!!

haha see!! she is so so so cute!! haha..lol!!

in the bus nothing to do eh!! so i intro all my cousin to play bomber man!! haha cool eh!! haha aiya don need i say u all also know who won rite?? haha...lol

haha sorry if not clear eh!! haha ... obviously i won eh!! haha i am the white one .. haha happy happy de.. lifting my head eh!! haha..

haha i manage to sleep for a while but very fast reach le eh!! acually u know after i reach her i really really sad eh!! refused to believe my eyes... as in the population of kids at the age of 2 ar... come beg for money.. some even younger...

i hav been to many countries and i see quite alot of such things!! but however , the most incredible part is at the back , as u can see how they do things and get paid for every single cent eh!!

haha my family i boarding the boat!!

haha dangerous!!

guys can u see how poor thingy they are?? they are not asking for alot of money!just one dollar eh!! they don hav shoes or wat... the children just walk around like that eh!! still got more at the back wait i show u guys!!

u see??!! haiz... aiyo...

the ppl here live in such houses!! the incredible part is the tour guide told me whenever the waves or the water lvl rise the ppl will use bamboo stick to carry the whole house to a higher lvl of land...so it wont be affected eh!! so diao rite?? the whole house eh!!

haha this 2 girls smile to me eh!!~~ haha~~ haha so happy!! haha...

haha me and my sis took some pics!! but sorry!! really very sleepy eh!!

more houses!!

this are the poorer ppl live de houses...!! no door... all this... all wood and those big dried leaves!!

wa...where does all this kids came from!! ahhhhhhhhhhhh we hav been... hijacked!!

o...they are selling us stuff!! but how they board the boat!! as only tourist is allow!! and they are so young!!

see this little girl!!

haha sorry she is not diaoing us!! she smile to us... begging us to buy or asking for one dollar!!

guys let me explain ...this is how they got up... look at the pics below!! u see?? one person in charge of the speed boat... then the small children will either jump or climb to our boat and sell us things.. and its so dangerous.. if the timing is not rite they might being bang or hit by our boat!!


haha that is my tang mei eh!! best de liao!!

both cousin!! 2 nonsense lai de!!

all my cousin!! there is more but all don wanan take then some at singapore!!

wa....kanna hijack by even more younger kids!! sob!!

wa...the tour guide says this is for even poorer ppl!! as they were fisher man eh!!

no doors!! no window.. or wat ever!!

guys this is the most most most incredible part... u see the small small thingy rite??actually its a human ... its a young boy eh!! u see the back ground all the way to the back.. that is where we came out from , now we are at the open sea!!

and this young boy with a paddle in a pail came all the way out..JUST TO GET 1 DOLLAR!!

wa i see le heart so pain!!

this is the sea where all the singapore dragon boaters met the accident eh!! see...its a open sea... so dangerous and yet the small boy came all the way!!

see!! this is wat he is in!! just like that... into the open sea!

his house is so far away eh!! and he is not scare eh!!

we gave him some money and finally he willing to return!! sobsob!! very very poor thingy!!

wa at first we only tot there is one or 2 , in the end so many came!!

then we went to one of their house!! this belongs to the richer villagers eh!! they hav their own fish farm!! ...wa so many fishes eh!!

haha in the end my hand itchy go feed those fishes... they splash the water!! wa... make me smell like fish!! nonsnese eh!!then kanna scolded by many ppl!!

aiyo that is me in action!! ahha go overseas everything also must try mah!! haha

wa snakes!! u see the boy not scare at all!! wa get it away from me!! sobsob!! wanna cry le!!

they still hav their own croc farm eh!! haha... cool ritE? if i hav one in singapore!!

some preseve funny freaking wierd fish!!

haha but damed big eh!!

guys forget to mention this eh!! the babies are also very cute!! they look not bad... quite nice.. and they know how to use eh!! as in ... they will perfrom in order to earn money!! this shows that , we singaporeans are so relying on our parents since young... and we learn nothing!!

twist!! haha cute rite??!!

that the boy boy!! that my uncle gave him the money!! ahha he very cute eh!! we give him money rite?? he go call his brother!!

o another one hijack the place... they don belong there eh!! they are some other house hold kids.. wanting to see or get money from tourist!!

ahha see cute rite??!!

this is a boy eh!! haha he is showing us , his power and hope we rewarded him!! i gave alot to the kids le.. so i didnt give him ...very poor thingy eh!! look at the next pic!!

he is beggin the ang mor... but the ang mor , i think he also gave so many of them le!! haha...

sorry abt the pics of my face!! my cousin say wanna take.. so i wanted to save one to show it to u guys!! hope u all don mind eh!!

haha i look innocent mah??!! haha aiyo i think i fat le eh!! i mean the face!

haha i plan to make a jk out of that thingy they.. like light house.. but no light.. its just a small tiny room like for camping.. and my cousin asked me a stupid question , as if i know eh!! aiyo she ask wat is that for!! but logically and using high eq and iq!! its obivously its a statiion for ppl to make love eh!! haha if not how they hav babies ...

the house so small then kids around.. cannot be do infront of kids rite?? so they will go such places!!

let me teach u guys some educational thingy eh!! do u guys know that , those countires like india all that rite?? hav such big human population even though they are so poor and they cant afford it... do u all know why!! and how to slove it??

seriously is because of the economy and enviroment.. they are poor and jobless ,they hav no tv like us to entertain us, they hav no night life to play with, so whenever they are bored... they tend to hav SEX to cure the boredness..and they don know wat is a condom...

so eventually after everynight , a new born baby will pop out eh!! this is true eh!! u read the text book or wat... is also like that de... do u all know how to slove it??!! haha tag me and tell me the ans!!

haha this is their school eh!! haha wa... how dangerous eh!! if suddenly study half way then storm or raining!! i remember msl only raining heavily rite?? all already kbkb cuz many things cannot do.. and veyr dangerous!!

the trip ended very quickly eh!! haha as we reached the shore again!! they offered us to buy this... but its like so ex lar.. 5 dollar us!! here everybody tok abt us eh!!... haiz so ex!! worst thingy is take the pic until so ugly!! ... u guys can see urself!!

take until like i so firece!!

haha my tang mei say not nice.. so she also don wanna buy!!haha...

i am starving le lar.. finally we are going to eat our lunch ... but when we reach the destination rite? its kidna of like disappointing eh!! ... cuz hor... freaking nonsnese .. like nothing to eat!! i think i only eat mee and bread !! that all!!

this is the bread i mention!! haha really long rite??!! full eh!! will eh!!

haha this is their different kinda of bread!! but i was rather sick with it eh!! after i saw the bread with a snake design ... which totally spoil my wei kou!!

so i went around looking at ppl digitial cam eh!! haha...and i saw this... cool eh!!

haha that is my uncle in mao ri qiu si!! haha i donknow how to spell in english.. but bottom line.. he caught that eh!! 300 over kg sia!! haha so cool!! look at the hieght!!

look at the length haha.. freaking cool lar.. they rent the boat rite?? so ex lor.. 4 person sit.. 900 or 800 sing dollars eh!! haha...

finally we are leaving for shopping but i see nothing nice leh!! only this from eric they all !!

their favourites!!

finally we can go back hotel and change and sleep like 1 or 2 hour eh!! haha their hotel is kinda of cosy bah!! hah i like the feeling there eh!! haha bigger than genting de!!

haha i will be sleeping on the right!! haha..

JUST LIKE WAT I SAID!! times files when a person sleep... very quickly i wake up ... bathe and style my hair... and we were brought to the craving center! as they show us their skills and everything!!

haha nothing special... my home land thai also got alot eh!!

very fast.. we leave the place.. and went to the mesuem.. ahha don know how to spell .. sorry guys long time never study or go to school le.. but really very fun eh!!i love to go such places .. alot of stories to hear eh!!

haha cute mah??!! haha that is my baby and my cousin!! haha same rank as me..but to young eh!

haha this is a mini model of the famous angkor wat eh!! haha... aiyo... cool rite??!! hand made eh!!

as we walk in we see many cool stuffs which worth a millions of dollars eh!! just look at this one .. they call it she li zi!!

erm... i think this one is the buddua she li zi bah.. i don know how to say!! but the ppl who practise buddism know this bah!!

found something very cute which made everybody crowd around the she li zi eh!!

haha see the hand print??!! u hav to place ur hand there eh!! and follow the instrustion eh!!

i don know whether u guys can read it!! but kinda of long eh!!

this is the thingy which is really find it amazing eh!! this person!! is a highly respected monk eh!! at that time few years ago , he told the people in few months times , this whol village will be deserted and they wont be anyone walking in the streets or wat.. it will be just like a dead town...

nobody believe him eh!! everybody just blah blah blah.. because the economy was good there... boosting eh!! cars around , everyone is rich... but then!! he really can foresee the future eh!! look at the pics below!!

this is the guy eh!!

compare the 2 pics eh!! can u see the difference??!! haha ...in the later years the civil war started!! and everyone ran away!! haiz... i hate WARS!!

next is the special seal eh!! i was told that this seal rite??!! once a person had it.. stamp on the body of clothing , this person will be bless by all buddas , in heaven and no one is to harm the person... and no matter that the person do it will succeed and bless all that.. special rite??!!

even though i am a christian rite??!! haha i also wanan hav one of those.. but too bad my heart is still with jesus... haha and hor this seal thingy rite??? is seal in one of the temple in tibet.. only the 5 greats lamas , had to bring the 5 differents keys to open the lock eh!!

they hav objects which is kai guang before de eh!! haha.. aiyo.. kinda of cool also.. cuz if u place ur hand... or any parts of ur body eh!! u will feel a very weird feeling .. like warm warm de.. if not jiu shi... something poking u like this!!

wait ar.. i don know why i take this for!!

haha o see ... we just place our hand on it and u will feel something le eh!!

they got for necklance all that de eh!! ahha very special!! and very ex also.. aiyo.. very eh!!

haha don mistaken.. this monkey..don hav any abilites.. just find it very cute and bought it! wa very ex eh!! 3 dollars us eh!! ... aiyo.. sobsob!! but thx to my aunt , she bought it for me!!

ahha i still don understand eh!! why this money like big like this.. i mean how much it worth!! i think singapore currency looks better eh!!

everybody done its shopping!! and now... proceed back hotel!! haha wa... finally!! but hav to play first mah!! we can dress up to be a cambodian eh!!

haha i am being dress up like a warrior eh!! cool rite??!!

haha this is my ......................how should i name it ar... aiya she is just a pretty young looking cambodian which knows how to speaks chinese!! and she is the one , choosing all the clothes for me eh!!

haha... haha i woundnt play alone eh!!

haha that is my sister and my baby and best cousin!! ahha and jing wen!!

haha... cute rite??!!

haha my another cousin!! haha jennis!!

haha the big cousins!! haha

haha this is good eh!! the cashew nut ice blended!! haha... freaking good!!

haha that is the toue guide!! i mean only for that mesuem.. haha she still got blog eh!! haha.. lol !!

haha back to the hotel for massage!! then next day le!



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