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Tuesday, December 18, 2007
haha finally 3rd day le.. today we are going to the city!!haha changing hotel le eh!! haha.. no more viallge le.. haha but our tour guide very good eh!! he brought us to his house eh!! and let us used his toilet eh!! haha.. aiyo!! and his house is so clean eh!!

look at this cow reminds me of li shan eh!! ahha.. lol ... moooooooo mooooooooooooo

very very clean eh!! first time is see cow got no flies around de eh!! so special!!
all this houses belongs to him eh!!
hahah this is the nephew.. haha..he is still single!!
haha pigs!! oink oink~~
haha that is our tour guide!! kinda of cute!! so if anyone need a cambodia husband!! can come contact me.. i will pull strings for u guys eh!!
haha i had a good time also eh!! cuz i play soccer with all the kide there!! haha ..
last pic......................le!!
haha then we carry on with our journey and had our lunch and this restruant eh!! aiyo!! if u guys are attention seekers and u like attention then go this restruant eh!! ..if u are not and u scared attention right?? better don go this restruant eh.. it will freak u out eh!!

lol... cuz the moment i went in.. with my cousin and familes.. the people there rite?? waitress all that.. look at me and keep on smiling!! then before i eat i go toilet wash hand.. then when i come out.. got ppl seems to be looking at me.. and waiting for me to come out of there..

then as i eat... 2 ppl waiting to serve my table..and as i look up..they smile and turn away!!
eeekkkkk very scary sia.. then i had my lunch and go toilet wash hand again... then as i walk out... one of them drop the thingy... then obviously and normallly...

i would bend down to take for them ...then hor i took... i put it and the counter and smile... then 2 girls step back as i step forward.. looking at each other... beating each other... the laugh laugh laugh.. then keep saying thank u...

i smile and walk away!!wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so scary lor!!

never ever go there!! that is my first and the last time!!

we reach the hotel and proceed to the king palace eh!! where we cannot wear slippers and t shirt..or short pants.. but wa....its like so hot lar.. still hav to wear long sleeves!! ...i don feel like going.. but its like kanna forced eh!!

haha but i am amaze by this banana

haha ...so long sia.. and so many lar...its like the whole stretch!!
but its consider worth to see bah!! cuz really very nice eh!!
that is the king palace.. but don know where he is...never come out find me!! sobsob!!
another group photo eh!!
me and my best cousin again!! believe me.. its freaking hot there...but we need to wear until like this.. that jacket i am wearing its hers eh!! and its like so thick!!
we don wanna go in..so stay outside..and cam woring eh!! haha.. lame shit face by han han!!

do i look like a girl?? haha lol ... haha everyone is tried.. due to the bus trip so we went back hotel.. and sleeeeeeeepppppppppppp~~~~~~~~```



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