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Thursday, December 6, 2007
firstly i shall start my explaination eh!! seirously every night when i reach home seriously i don really hav much mood to blog le eh!! because i am really really very sick and tired!! very eh!!

cant really take it for long!! everyday i hav to travel all the way to bugis there and go for my pool training and its like!! everyday eh!! morning i go in rite?? i see the day when i go in!! but when i come out its always the night !!

freaking sianz lar.. if the place is near bugis i don mind eh!! its so far lor!! whether u walk from bugis village or which route u can find to go there hor!! its still very ... sianz... nvm then today after 5 hours of pool rite??

there is many time i play play play.. then think think think then wanna bk my cue le eh!! haiz i am very very tired lor!! then kinda of stress too!! haha don tok abt pool le!! but friends familys brothers or anyone which is reading this blog eh!!

haha how to blog abt my story eh!! haha tok to u all pool i don think u all know! haha erm...don worry guys sunday i will be working le eh!! haha alot alot of stories de lar... confirm!! haha

sure got alot pics!! haha show u guys my workplace.. i will be playing pool again!! i mean tomorrow lar.. so i hav to sleep early.. anyway guys i tell u all first ar??!! i going overseas!! haha don tell u all where first... ask me personally!!

haha cuz i wanna take alot nice pics then show u all eh!! haha... and guys!! where is my CHRISTMAS PRESENT!!?? haha u alll sure forget de lor!! haha but i quite happy eh!!

i don know whether issit ppl keep on click refresh or wat... because last week i view my blog see got how many ppl see... is 6040 plus nia!! but today is like 7000 plus.. which means..1000plus ppl view ar??!!

haha sorry guys my blog wont be boring eh!! pls endure for a while !! for a while nia!!



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