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Thursday, December 27, 2007
chalat over le!! sobsob!! very fast rite??!! haha 3 days very fast le!! so me and vennom and chris and xiang jie ming hui and dao.. took a maxi cab back to causeway eh!! then we plan to eat le then jiu go home.. but suddenly got the urge to watch movie eh!! haha..

so we decided to go watch movie eh!! haha don caRe!! haha then go buy..actually wanna watch i am legend de.. in the end taht dao lar.. say not nice then don wanna watch!! its like force us to watch like that lor!! haha so we 10 person then we took the whole row lor!!

haha long long eh!

haha sorry guys!! after this pics i don hav any other pics for u all to see.. cuz after we bought the tickets , we go find many places , also don hav a place to sit and eat peacefully.. then by the time we reach yoshiyoya!! ahah then my hp no batt le!! haha sorry ar!!

haha type also every xin ku leh!! haha..haha aiyo then we went to eat lor.. actually everything was so fine until chris go disturb a yoshiyonia girl!! sorry i really don know how to spell eh!! haha damed funny eh!! i cannot describe eh!! haha... then make me cannot tahan

but we cant really care that much , cuz to engorssed with the topic!! haha who shit and make the toilet bowl stuck!! causing the chalat no toilet to use eh!! haha.. aiyo... but still cannot find who is the culprit eh!! haha...

haha.. lol!! haha then xiang jie suddenly say wanan treat us eat moss burger!! ahah then we go eh!! haha then we wanna sabo him!! i remember my bag got alot of ang pow paper!! haha so we dare him to put the money inside and give the person eh!!

he really go give eh!! haha so cool eh!! haha..then we tok tok there!! ahah then we go up watch movie le eh!! haha... thx to xiang jie we go by another lift!! haha directly into the cinemas!! haha

the ppl working there all scare eh!! haha all ask us!! how we come in...blah blah!!ahha tot we no ticketS!! haha first time we tear our tickets from inside eh!! haha freaking cool!! then we go watch our show!! redline.. haha okok nia lar.. tok tok then go home sleep le!! haha thats all!!



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