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Friday, November 16, 2007
yeahhhhhhhhhh today is the day me and my brothers making new friends eh!!which is learn how to know pauline eh!! haha...kinda of excited eh... cuz i hav to meet her first... i will shy de eh!! haha..

but first thingy hor early in the morning hav to go school for the pre u shit lar.. damed stupid de... i purposely late...cuz last night i slept around 3 or 4 lar.. very late.. so i wake up bathe then i reach school le!!

then hor!! stupid lor.. i sit down... on my psp!! 2 mins later , teacher say can go home le... i very sad eh!! wa lau.. i come for nothing... and u all know why its compusorly?? haha haiz.. to show us this!!

freaking nonsense rite?? its like the whole class are not eligible for pre jc lar.. nosnense idiot!! haiz...

so i went home start to blog and sleep for a while change in my costume!! haha... ~~ then go meet pauline le lor...haha she very cute lar... erm bring hp then like never charge , in the after 3 something then no batt le!!

haha then we go up and down the mrt cuz cant see each other.. haha but i skip everything eh!! haha don wanna tok abt the travelling part... then we reach town and she suddenly showed!! me her ezlink eh!!

wa!!!!!!!!!! she look so different last time eh... she look better now!! haha.. so much better... but she don look as bad as ru hua!! but now seriously nicer eh.. so much better!! haha

then we walk to paragon.. just wanna enjoy air con!! but we never realise is that we walk abt like 2 hours?? haha then we tok alot bah!!cannot tell u all the content eh!! haha then saw my class mate sharifah and ainah!! haha she mucakx to me sia...

shairfah sia!!

cute ... haha... then we went to toy r us... to find my prom clothing.. and i decided to wear this!!

spider man 3 play suit!! pauline say she will wear the same thingy with me eh!!~~~ haha cute rite?? imagine spiderman appearing in the prom!!! spidey is coming!!

haha hey guys seriously i bought this le eh!! i will wear de!! haha

cute rite?? so we continue to walk and chat lar.. haha seriously nice having conversation with her eh... then we go to mac and sit!! and tok again!! haha until i very hungry eh!!

haha i go order macspicy!! wanna try something different ...in the end i got my mouth burning eh!! damed f~~~~ so hot sia.. i wanna die lor!! but everything is forgotten after i saw !!!!!!!!!

a 40 year old plus lady , like a gaowek , saying very teh ... darling~~ u alright or not...................

eeeeeee pui!! suckx... see le also du lan... sorry for me using vulgar language but i cant stand it eh!! eeeeeeeeeeee... haha then we wanna go toilet after that go find my brothers le..

pauline is warmly welcome by them... haha... actually she very lovable de lar.. all my brothers love her alot.. so hope she feel happy and not sad eh!! haha.. or weird or ps... took me very long to convince her that my brothers like her alot ...

and its true ok!! haha then we went to the village then evan wanna eat all this lar.. haha so pauline and them like sisters , all go eat eat all this... haha it become like i abit lonely.. then i paly my psp lor!!

haha skip abt the eating part... its time for the choosing of clothes.. so same as always we go to our designer wear shop...to ask ppl to pei yi fu for us.. and design according to out face looks and height and size...!!

and wow.. evan look gorgeous eh!! seriously.. she look great... its a totally different her eh... really look very nice.. i like it alot.. because we often see her go clubbing ... wear de dou shi those few ... lu here and there ...

kinda of ah lian and not really nice...but this time is so lady its a different her eh!! wow.. even though i keep on disturb her but this time she look pretty!! really.. haha... really pretty... just HAV TO CHANGE THE WAY SHE WAL K AND ACT!! its perfect!!

then its the boys turn le.. wa the kor kor sabo me... he gave me a carigan and ask me to change.. and its so low cut eh... it is all the way down to my belly button!! its very sexy ... !! but freaking weird for me!!

i so scare sia.. in the end he tell me jk .. he gave me another one we all change and come out... sorry to chen yee cuz i didnt see wat u wore.. but when i see xiang jie eric and de gui and kendrick!! its a wow!!

seriously its a wow man... wow...i cant post the pictures ... if i do i will be killed!! so i cant tell u all... where as mine.. i feel like i wanna haiz lar... haiz...

seriously its different from others.. i confirm nobody wear the same thingy as me.. cuz i buy things for here and there.. but haiz... i don know eh...its wat i wanna.. which is i don wanna wear something common like blazer eh... but i don know it look weird...

seriously all the people i mention above they look so handsome and like a hunk .. whereas me.. i seriously wanan haiz.. eric wore something like the day i go modeling.. ken is when i go mia concert... but u know the wei dao is so different...they look so nice

all the brothers de girls.. jaw drop !! their gf was amaze... haiz... seriously i don know lar.. just like wat i say.. i go no more confidence anymore... i feel stupid abt it... actually wanan use prom , like mia that time.. gain alot of confidence but something very weird is...

prom haven come all the confidence i collect all these years has gone!! shit man...seriously i don know bah!!

guys prom night i still will take photo with u all de!! i wanna zuo ji nian!! seriously i wanna make into a photo album!! i confirm wont look good!!

i will look ugly ... but nvm.. its seriously a different me.. usually u all see i wear long sleeves smart smart.. but this time prom is a different me.. i don hav confidence for it at all..

sorry ... when u all see le them tell me ok?!?! i hope it will look good bah... i seriously i hope...

haiz enough with the clothing.. the more i think the more sad i am eh.... haiz.... nonsense man ... i think ar.. i think only ar... maybe is i am not use to it bah... because of people who know me..

u all never see i wear like this before... even i also find it weird...haiz...

so after buying we wanted to go hong kong don know wat restruant to eat de!! pei li hui go eat.. but in the mean while... many ppl seems angry and sad bah.. don know wat happen.. haiz... this prom thingy is killing us!!

hope it will be a memorable one!! ... but the most memmorable de shi when we were walking.. me evan and yue wei.. all of the sudden playing ...the blah blah is over there~~ haha..

then while we walk we shouted THE HEEREN IS OVER THERE ...then we point like the advertisment eh... haha cool ritE??haha then we suddenly look up and WA WA WA!!


walking at town hor... make me feel much sad leh.. don know why!! haha .. very beautiful rite??

all this are my favourite colous lights... haha purple!!

haha i don know hy i take this either.. just feeling very down at that time!!

so we went to cine ... then wanna eat le lor..wa so many ppl eh.. hav to wait for long.. so we tok tok tok... until we can go in eh...

haha but i go in also don know wat to eat so i orfer this lor

haha wanna share with pauline .. but the more we eat rite?? we can slowly imagine hor!! we are not in singapore anymore!! wa lau.. cold de lar.. cannot tahan!! then me and marcus mh2 again!! haha

everybody is tried and really wan to go home! so as we went down!! haha we know new friends eh!! his name is also marcus.. haha taking part in the nokia competion!! haha.. cool eh!! cannot sleep until sunday 3 pm.. then can come out eh!! haha....

he very good sia .. take photo for us then wanna give it to us eh!!! haha... u see his hand got photo rite? erm that ours!!

haha he is marcus!!

haha we exchange numbers and he is toking to us.. loud speaker .. hah he very cute eh... super fun!! seriously... haha can know new friends like this.. we all vote for him!! ahha ... and say bye bye!! haha... he stil wanna chat with us eh!! haha funny guy!!

we all sit taxi and go home!! o this is wat i found in toy r us!! haha i think trica will like it eh!!





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