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Wednesday, November 28, 2007
WA today... its joan and jeff aniversary ...so they ask me and eric to join them and go to east coast and play eh!! wa....................so long never hav this kinda of life le eh!! really , everyday bu shi go town jiu shi , stay at home...

so long never go excersise... or go out tok tok tok and see the scenary le eh!! haha... but i wanna thx to joan and jeff that they had organise this trip , and its a pleasure for me and eric to join them eh!!

haha so early in the morning get ready and meeting eric at woodlands then to bedok.. haha wa.......then shall i skip the travelling part...because its me and eric playing psp all the way...nothing much!!

then suddenly joan and jeff came up... didnt notice or realise we sit on the same bus.. so we do our own thingy... jeff and me playing bomberman .. joan reading her book...eric playing his monster hunter... haha... that all...

haha psp is a very good device eh... because for a while we reach le eh... haha then went down tot pauline reached already.. in the end !! wa !! never!! GUO RAN IS CHI DAO QUEEN!! haha...

eric is the KING!! haha cuz both always late de ar!! haha ...then nvm... to make things worst... haha JEFF WORE HIS SUAY SHOES...!! haha... i just get to know this story eh.. haha and its really very jun!! i remember the first time i go out with him!!

he is wearing the same shoes eh.. then got rain eh.. then yesterday just got to know that its was WELL KNOW LEGEND ... that once jeff wore his shoes... then it will sure rain!! indeed ...maybe thx to him it rain!! haha...

aiyo... so when pauline reached.. we decided to play POOL FIRST...sob.. pool!!~~ ahhhhhhhhh... sianz!! haha nvm... haha but kinda of weird mah.. ppl anniversary then go play pool ... such thingy!!

haha wa... i very jin zhang lor.. cant play at all!! aiya nvm lar.. just for fun!! haha..

hahaha that is jeff and joan.. haha the cute couples.. ahha they really really very loving and sweet eh!! haha .......then eric toking with pauline then i shall wait for my turn!! haha...

wa in the end... lose to eric only!!! haha but u all can ask him hor i lose eh!! haha eric thx for disturbing me!! haha u are the WINNER!! haha but actually while playing pool or wat rite?? as long i am playing with my brothers or friends... i don care abt winning or wat!!

just wanna hav fun eh!! its the most important eh!!.... haha

haha... the rain starts to drizzle!! haha at least smaller lar.. haha so i went to draw money and we are on our way to east coast park!! haha... wa... as we walk!! PAULINE ALMOST FALL DOWN AGAIN!!

haha i cannot so bad eh!! i blog this... later tomorrow i almost fall also.. haha.. ps lor.. because after she fall... moments later i almost fell also!! haha.. nonsense lor.. god is protecting her eh!! haha.. aiyo...

haha ...wa seriously east coast very big eh!! hhaa... aiyo.. no matter how we walk like never reach de lor.. haha... then suddenly joan came out with a game to speed up our speed on running!!!! CATCHING SIA!!

so long never play le.. at first don feel like ruinning... but they play real one sia!! even eric also play!! haha...AIYO.. THEN RUN~~~~~~~

haha joan diao~~~~~~~hahha CATCHER!!


haha joan play cheat!! wanna go to the grass! haha... aiyo... eric cannot catch anyone!!

hha...aiyo indeed this idea is super good eh... but in return hor!! haha we are really very very tired.. like run don know how many km eh!! me and eric really old le.. run for a while ... panting just like dog.. haha!!

run for a while then we reach the beach le!! decided to play with water eh!! haha.. very cool sia.. me and eric don know why so excitied eh... because its like it hav been so so so long... we ever been to beach!! and east coast hav many of our memorieS!

for example eric birthday.. and etc...

kinda of miss here actually... wa...

haha we got to mark our name here eh!! haha... so joan did everything for us eh!!

haha jeff joan pauline eric and me~~~~~haha.... haha

haha sweet eh.. de jeff... without saying.. straight away go draw this eh!!

haha the tide was kinda of too high eh.. cuz it just rain finish mah... aiyo... actually its still raining lar.. that why so high.. so i decided hee~~~~~~~

haha....eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.............guys this is not for under 18 ok??!! haha... aiyo..

haha i am being forced by joan to say twist eh!!

haha jeff very suay...play water until half way... then the tide come and woossssh...his shoes all wet eh!! haha... aiyo.. but seriously thx to him eh!! haha... seriously after that when we notice rite?? hah... the rain stop once he took of his shoes eh!!

haha then we started playing the stones.. see how many times it bounce!! and i am the winner!! haha... so happy eh !!~~ aiyo... so shiok lor!! haha

then suddenly they need to go back le ... so we wash our leg at mac and sent them off as they sitting cab!! so me and eric and pauline go rent our bikes eh!! haha... ahha aiyo... fun eh... i going to blade sooon~~~~~~~ haha... aiyo.. so long never play le eh!!

so as we got our bikes!! haha we play lor... haha look at the pics!!

haha eric and pauline having so much fun!! haha playing catching with one another eh!! haha..


haha...so as on our way to the jetty eh!! haha.. suddenly got a small boy shouting for me eh!! haha kinda of scary also.. cuz raining and dark.. east coast not much ppl eh!! haha.. suddenly wa.......~~~

this small amercian boy!! chasing me!! haha wanna win me eh!! of cuz.. cannot let him win lar...!! haha... haha aiyo the compete with him for quite long.. until i cannot tahan!! haha but i not that weak lar.. is that he too far from his parents ... !! so i said!!

haha~~ u lose...bye bye!! cute sia thisn boy!!

moments later we sprint to the jetty... because its raining again!! haha so we 3 hav dong gan which is jeff wore back his shoes eh!! haha... so as we went to the jetty... just nice there is a place to sit for 3 eh!! haha.. but its still raining!! actually the ambinece very fun eh!! and nice... EVEN THOUGH ITS RAINING!!

because usually if its raining me and eric will kbkb.. but weird thingy is.. eric said he too long never ling yu , and he wanan try because he like the feeling.. and without me saying its seems i enjoy the rain to... just like so relaxing eh!!

getting out from the problems and troubles and the busy life in the city!! sometimes ppl say ..go town slack.. actually i find that town very busy then not relaxing even though is hanging out and shopping with friends.. but still i think such park is better!!

haha eric suggested we took pics as a memorable day eh!! haha that is pauline!! haha pretty rite?? a friend which has the same tots as me.. as we hav low self essteem!! haha.. but she is a nice girl.. eric and me felt hourned to know her!! thx pauline!!

at there we chat many stuffs eh.. haha sad , happy , funny ,even abt vietnam!! haha chat very very long!! and i even caught a nice view eh!! really nice!!

haha we keep on laughing laughing laughing!! if not jiu shi quiet quiet quiet... just wanna enjoy the atmosphere and the rain!!

sorry my cam isnt that clear.. but seriously very becautiful eh!! very...

but moments later ... we need to return the bike le eh!! haha... aiyo so we rush back.. and after me taking out my blade... eric and pauline got down their bikes.. we are totally exhuasted eh!! haha.. aiyo.. but bo bian still hav to walk..

cuz i really really very very hungry eh!! haha...then got a 100 plus and continue walking!! wa seriously east coast really big.. but we 3 de conversation never ending de eh.. can tok all the way so we didnt notice.. as we pass by the chalat.. part... wa...

i remembered!! tears drop~........haiz... nvm may the memories be there...

so after for a while we finally reach le!! ...haha so each person hav to choose one dish.. i choose stingray , eric choose cockles , pauline choose satay!! and we 3 choose sugar cane and

haha nice leh~~ seriously its good eh!!

haha so many stuffs eh!! just for the 3 person..

haha my sting ray!!

haha satay!!

wa hot until i buay tahan eh!!wa lucky pauline bought another sugar cane for me eh!! haha.. but IN ADDITION SHE ORDERED ANOTHER KANG KONG!!

wa 3 of us buay tahan le ar.. haha aiyo.. sobsob!! haha aiyo.. so full haha.. actually we 3 eat so much hor.. actually our xin qing also not that good i think.. we hav our own personal problems.. that why we the helping hand of each other.. we really enjoyed this day!! haha...

shiok!! so after eating we are on the way back to pauline home.. sending her home then we cab home eh!! haha..aiyo.. wa pauline brought us to the the route she normally walk!! wa its really kong bu...so quiet and!! eerie!! seriously very!

haiz.. and thx to eric keep on telling her ghost stories and make her so scare eh!! haha.. but wat to do.. eric like to disturb her!! haha but kinda of funny though!! so we sent her home.. after that me and eric also scare!! should not tel u all why!! haha

bye bye i scare scare i sleep first!!



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