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Monday, November 12, 2007
today is a very sad day for me!! BECAUSE EARLY IN THE MORNING I WOKE UP!! i hav to fixed that bloody computer ... haiz... very sad lar!! haiz... my cousin always play le make spoil then the father ask me to fix it !!

damed sad lar.. cannot watch my!! cartoon!! sianz... aiyo...i fix this com from 10 to 1...leh.. 3 hrs of torture... for ppl who know me.. u guys know i cant really fix a com or watever shit lar!! its like a nonsense eh!!

wa lau.. but finally can use le... then i set set password only me and my sis can use...my brother cannot use... but he also very fuker de lar... cannot use desktop then use lappy ... then i wanna see when he make spoil the lappy..!! until he both also cannot use!!

aiyo.. so i do hao le jiu start to blog le lor!!nothing much in the afternooon !! erm.. sleep and monster hunter 2!! kinda of too engross with that game le!! haha.. cuz its really fun eh!! searching for new clever tatics!! to with the fight!! and all that!!

haha... i was fighting this !! lao shan lung!! but the name is shen gao ren!! took me 35 mins to finish it!! but i still cant win!! cuz i look at youtube all that rite?? they need at least 3 to 4 ppl to win it eh!! haiz...sadded!!

so i decided to call chen yee they all for help !! in the end... their rank is not up to mark they cant help me !! sobsob!! haiz.. i think i hav to depend on my self again!! throughout the game i hav been doing everything myself eh!! but its something good lar.. its a chen jui!! haha..

so my daughter... kbkb say wanna play game... so i let her use the com lor!!haha... look at her

haha cute rite??she playing the pin ball!!

haha actually is this game easy to play bah,,, haha cuz 2 buttons nia haha... haha!!

haha she play until very jin zhang eh... haha... the leg shake shake shake!! haha...

hee then went down tok tok with them... then start playing monster hunter.... help chen yee first... then play bomber man!!

at first damed angry with it u know!! i am leading all the way in the end let that fuker xiang jie... kio sai!! haha... he action action lady luck with him!! the stupid chen yee lar... wanna sucide with me.. hai me never win ...

haiz.. in the end... second round!! this time the loser... hav to pay the food and treat the winner!! haha damed shiok sia!! haha guess who win ??!! ahaa its me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is won by xiang jie but he should be forgotten lar... lousy de !! haha win by luck!!

haha!! this is me eh!! haha wanan know wat is the prize for winning this??!!

haha!! see... he very sad sia... its a big blow to him eh!! haha.. funny lor!!

xiang jie cant took the blow and chen yee wanna go home le!! so i also go home lor!! go home change .. blog... then go try my monster hunter!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! i killed that shen gao ren!! by myself!!!

myself!!! haha i should post on you tube eh!! haha ppl need 3 ppl !! haha i kill by myself!! haha muahha!!

haha see i can eat so much!! food!! haha

haha xiang jie took this cat... because he can feel that the cat... wanna ke lian him now!! haha. ..



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