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Wednesday, November 7, 2007
sorry for the very late post because i am using lappy to post it.. they load pics very weird then i tot my blog got problem!! hav to wait guys... i try to get it done by today...

this is the 3rd time i upload the pics all over again!!


SERIOUSLY I DON KNOW WHERE TO START EH!! o lvl finally finish le!! eh!! seriously actually i don really know when to start and how to start eh!! haha but no matter wat also must start!!

i don wanna tok abt o lvl... because its over and i hav a bad feeling abt it.. so forget abt it bah!! i just wanna say thx to those teachers and my classmates which help in my studies !! seriously thx alot!! esp li shan john chi sheng they all!! i know i never write the rest of their name!!

they see me sure kb me say i biased de lar!! haha but i think when they read this they will eventually laugh!! now i am at marcus house !! haha celebrating the end of o lvl!!

haha but seriously is got nothing to do here so i decide to finish my blog with marcus lappy!!

haha they drinking sia but i guai guai!! never drink!! haiz ... one blink o lvl finish le eh!! quite fast ... i didnt really realize that today was the last day i am wearing this unifrom... i know when u guys see this pic u guys will think i zi lian!! the first one i took .. is because of the uniform then the second 1 is the hair!!

marsiling uniform!! last day le... no more chance to wear and don need to wear anymore!! hee!!

haha wa see my hair??!! haha my holiday hair eh!! finally grow back le!! need to rebond sooon!! haha

erm...??wat u guys really wanna read ar?? i don really hav funny jk ... even if hav i can remember!! erm.. how abt i tell u guys the happy stuffs happen during that period ok?? then slowly to sad de bah?? haha okok??i will start now le ar??

at the begining of the 2 weeks break(study week) my mother ask me to help her move her house eh!! haha yeah then guess wat i found eh!! i found many of my childhood pics and toys .. but i never took many photo!! because no time and there is too much dust but i find it very cute lar!!

see this pic!!

if u guys hav been to disney land rite?? u guys will get to see this eh!! haha this is mickey mouse de hand eh!! last time very ex eh !! i remember last time my mother don wanna buy for me.. i cry cry cry until she buy the hand and the mickey mouse ear for me!! hee!!

haha this is me in aus....hugging a kolar bear!! he very cute eh!! and very guai never shi shi at my arms !! haha aiyo so good good !! i hope i can visit there again!! haha guy its a very nice place eh!!

after i moving the house the whole day!! wa my mother say wanna go eat at causeway cuz near my house!! aiyo..then nvm!! suddenly she say until like very ke lian!! saying that we never really take a quan jia fu together!!

so she suggested to take neo print!! and that the photo below!!

my smile its like damed bloodly stupid lar!! forever de eh!! haha i cant smile properly!! sianz!!

very fast hor!! then is the moon cake festivial le eh!! erm but this year i decided to make a difference bah!! want to celebrate or friends!! haha then hor!! very weird hor!! i celebrate with the ang mors at my condo eh!! but they very fun de eh and very friendly!!


aiya i jk de eh!! i know i no chance de cuz i ugly!! and my heart only got HER!


haha wen xin mah?? haha cute rite?? we 2 very nonsense de eh!! cuz we come from the nonsense family!!

the most happy most happy thingy is.............................................HALLOWEEN!! HAHA COOL SIA!! very high lor!! the first time i see it in singapore and with my own eyes!! that day i was walking home!!

got ppl shout at us!! over the road!! woooooooooooooooo~~~~~~~~ it caught our attention and we turn and look!! guess wat!!

HAHA GOT 2 GIRLS(ANG MOR) IN THE CAR THEY FLASH THEIR BRA OUT!! HAHA THEN SHAKE HERE AND THERE!! even li shan see le also very high eh!! haha then we know is halloween!!

haha need to go collec sweet le lor!! so me li shan and john and hong wanted to go first!! then marcus and xiang jie came and find me to play psp!! so i ask them join along!! hee after when we go take sweets rite??!!

then i realise even though i so ugly i got very hao de ren yuan haha!! i got alot of sweets eh!! haha shiok sia!! look at the pics!!

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....this is wat i got from the first house eh!! they don hav!! haha !! we took a pic with the friendly cute ang mor !! haha they are really nice ppl eh!!


if u click one the pics u see this family very very cute eh!! haha seriously!!

so we walk walk walk and walk.. to look at different decoration of the

haha cute rite?? haha this one is casper house eh!! haha ...haha cool rite?? haha but this one cannot go in sobosb!! wanna go in and see de but too bad!!

haha this guy is really really cute ... i like him alot but when he screams i feel like slapping his face!! his son and dog is really cute!! maybe i wanna find a ang mor gf le lar!! haha and hav a baby!! i don know why i like baby alot and i don mind taking care of them!!

this is his house!! haha i mean outside nia!! inside there is more haha!! haha

haha this one can go in de eh!! we went in and get some sweets... haha ... if i hav such house rite?? next year halloween !! hor !! those who got read my blog can come and play but THAT IF

haha casper hosue again!! haha ~~~

this is my newly wife and gf!!~~ finally i am not single anymore eh!! haha... weeeeeeeeeeee~~~ cute rite?? haha actually i don dare to do this de sia!! the nonsense li shan lar... at there kbkb but don dare to come take pics!!

did u guys see!! the sweets at my clothes are gone??!! haha.... aiyo because its is more than enough to put it into a box eh!! haha... A BOX!! I SEE ppl de sweets all is like put in a small pumpkin , if not jiu shi plastic bag~~ haha but mine is ONE BOX EH!! OF SWEETS

HAHA CUTE RITE?? HAHA I like to be a kid now!! haha because of this pics i give marcus scold like as though i am really a kid eh!! haha do i loook like one??

haha aiya~~~ not i wanna hao lian lar~~~ aiya ... chey too many eh~~ i don even know how to eat ~~ haha cool rite?? haha so many~~

haha so manymany sweets eh!!

this pics was took before we really walk the streets eh!! haha cuz lee hong and john just came!! haha they always always very slow de lor!! don know wat are they doing before that!! haha but anyway i am very happy to be one step closer with all my class mates eh!!

esp john kun qing rong and etc(sorry guys my blog going to be very long so sorry if i never mention but u guys know who u are!! hee~) haha most importantly i don know why i really wanna thank li shan bah~~

she has been really goood to me~~ and we hav lots of fun playing and jk around

haha this is li shan eh!! the center one~~ haha cute mah~~ to li shan: haha see i choose this pic nice mah??~~ haha aiyo not fat not plump no double chin~~ so cute so pretty so nice~~ most importantly so good to me~~ muackx~~

haha this is the last pic for halloween eh!! haha ~~ this is the sweets i got eh~~ when i go home i see my small little brother , took a small plastic bag nia~~ haha see ~~ my brother look short and very cute de eh~~ i was wondering~~ since i can get so much ... meaning i still young ~~

hee wat am i thinking eh~~ i am still 14+++ of cuz YOUNG~~

lets proceed to other day eh~~ haha i wanna say happy happy birthday to many ppl eh~~ haha but not going to list all~~ firstly is my brother jonathan and my sister kimberlim ....then my classmate john and anna~~

haha during the study break rite?? seriously i think hor~~ only my class rite? never study~~ we all go and play bb ... tok tok... go for halloween even though tomorrow got exams eh !! haha nvm but the fun part is we are even closer~~

on anna and john birthday we went to seoul garden~~ and john cuz a bomb eh!! he treat everyone which cost him abt 170 dollars eh!! wa he so good rite? but don get the wrong idea.. its not that he treat us or rich then we say him good~~

because he is quite close to everybody and quite a nice guy... but very weird he also don hav gf~~ haha maybe he is same like me bah!! think that single rocks~~ haha then still got alot but we are not only just close to our own classmates~~

even with yong gao yong jian they all ... and bao... haha we paly bb , and tok many things... haha miss them... 3 months of hoilday eh!! i wonder when will i hav the chance to see them again~~ haiz!!

i shall end my blog abt the class bonding and wat i do with my class here eh!! haha with this pics~~~

the pretty lady holding the puzzle is my best cuttiest classmate ever eh!! haha she really very cute de.. u see the way she tok hor~~ aiyo haha... i don wanna say the jk abt the chicken breast thingy bah~~ later she kill me~~

lets procced to tok abt last day of school eh!! i hav lots of pics to show u~~ we wanted to take more and play more but cannot lar~~ we cant bear to do it.. cuz we love this school eh!! really love the school alot!!

actually to be true... i don reallly hate this school in fact i really like this school ... the only i don like is the way they work things out eh ...seriously its nonsense... later when i start toking abt sad things then u all know le eh!! haha

we never really do any vandalism on the last day ... cuz i guai guai only chen yee did something bad...i only took pics of something which is in my memory!!

this is my seat eh!! haha sobsob... so empty... haha look at my table!! very clean de hor~~

took pics with my favourite teacher in msl.. he is bloody cute and lovable lar... alot of times feel like kissing him eh~~ haha... cool leh... he!! so handsome rite??

haha i wanna tok abt this eh!! erm...... o this thingy was wat we always do in sec 3... haha kendrick and eric like to play with this.. because they wanna learn the jackie chan... see who can climb to the opposite side... and seriously there hor!!

only hav the foots prints of ours... because nobody go do such thingy de lor!! haha i think after sec one and 2 see my blog they sure go try de eh!!

haha this is the net ball... facilties room bah... everytime when i walk pass i will remember the happy days with the net ball girls... they are a bunch of lovable ppl lar... they hav the most pretty indian there... my gf... nj...my close friend yk...

haha and my kai sin guo...joy ohhhhhhh~~~

the next one is.. this switch eh!! i remember last time we very childish eh!! haha... me eric ken kok hao... that time we hav this idea was like going around the school and see who can knock in as much button as possible eh!!

cute rite?? haha then we knock knock.. in the end suddenly the dm come find us... haha aiyo...we are caught by the cam... stupid us rite?? haha then the dm kbkb lor!!

haha last day we got nothing to do... we go explore the girls toilet eh...haha...haha... last time we don dare explore eh!! scare got girls inside... later let them see very ps... haha !! and plus 2 stroke at the backside eh!!

haha this is my class eh!! i will mis mis de... funny class!!

haha this is how our lesson goes eh!! haha this is kb... he is always mention in my blog.. cuz he really very cute...

this is the BADDIE!! this is the nonsense baddie!! i hav been serving green club for so long... protecting all the plants ... trying to preserve the nature!! and this bastard go pluck the flower!! sobsob.. guys pls hunt him down!!

haha actually nothing to talk abt school le eh!! let me tok abt the sad things and show u guys.. haiz how the stupid school works thingy out.. haiz ... this thingy happen before our study bk ...and this is that kinda of class we were given!!

seee any tables around??!!

no tables at all...stupid rite?? all chair.. then the ohp all this all spoil de!! wtf... m5 class was beside us.. then i don wanna say lar.. their class full of good equipment eh!! aiyo...haiz... i know i understandable eh!! that the students hav exams so the sec 5 and 4...

hav to change class eh ... but its like at least give us a better classroom!!

can u guys believe that is kendrick?? haha cute rite?? haha can believe ur eyes that... this is our school de xiao cao when he is young eh!! haha

the guy at the most right is kendrick !! hah look at the big difference ?? hah ... funny rite?? haha but he is one of the xiao cao le.. haha to shuai eh... hee

shall end here and lastly!!

the most sad thingy which made me cry alot is my grand mother met an accident eh!! haiz my heart is so so so pain... the pain is something u cannot describe eh!! its like u really....feel like grabbing someone!! this is the first time i ......................................................haiz.. i don wanna say le don wanna think anymore...

guys very sorry for the late post... i think the blog really got problem haha i need to go fix it... i took so long because i need to re up load the pics..and blah blah!! sorry guys!!



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