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Monday, November 26, 2007
porm night post is dated!! on 22 nov!! go see if u searching for it!!

early monring wake up to go for interview eh!! wa so so so tired lor.. sobsob... i never say i very energetic before hor?? haha but today quite happy eh!! came to know 2 new friends eh!!

one is joan and his bf jeff... 2 very interesting ppl eh!! very very cute... get to know them from pauline!! haha... aiyo... very funny lor them.. they kinda of good.. cuz firstly the intro jobs to me, second they think that i don know where is my new work place so the kindly send me there too eh!!

haha so good rite??!! early morning , hav to get things for my auntie so go causeway de guardian , in the end never open sia!! aiyo then suddenly i walk around ....wahhhhhhh cannot find!! jia lat ... no shop open!! suddenly the guardian person come!!

wa very good service eh... she let me buy...but i cannot go in lar.. i plead her very long eh.. say its urgent...and its urgent eh!! haha... aiyo...then i give her 50 then got no change .. hav to give exact amount!! wa lucky mac open!! haha

i go get a medium coke eh!! haha...but actually i plan to give that girl bah.. wat a nice girl!! then i pay money get my stuff and go... haha see i so good!! treat ppl drinks eh!! haha.. aiyo then i go for my interview... kinda of excited bah!!

but i don hav problems bah.. quite fun... then me joan jeff and ben walk around.. they show me where to eat and tell me which one is nice all that... very nice hor? just get to know them yesterday eh!! haha... aiyo...

then went to plaza singapura for lunch eh.. but need to wait for pauline cuz they need to go print things... then suddenly they ask me go play pool because they heard i very good at it.. sobsob!!

wa scare me eh!! then we go print and ate the famous wonton mee... pauline!! treat everyone wor... cuz she late!! its their rule!! haha poor thingy eh!! haha!! aiyo... hee... then while we wanna go play pool hor!! boom!! rain so big!!

rain freaking big lor!! aiyo... i wanan go meet her also cannot... the her hor!! i don know whether can mention her name or not!! cuz don know whether she allow... scare she don like!! its like wa...... i am so afraid to be late eh!! cuz never let her wait before... but seriously i don even know where i am!!

because that place go no... mrt... cant find taxi!! and cant wait one!! cuz really raining very heavily eh!! i shall skip all the part... i shall skip to until i go to meet her... lucky she is not angry!! haha mua mucakx!! another nice girl which hav manners and good temper!!

actually i very xing fu le lar... girls around me!! i mean the girls friends!! around me are good eh!! haha... aiyo... then hor not long later eric and chen yee came to meet me eh...so 4 of us watch!! FRED CLAUS!!

seriously guys, if got chance go watch it eh!! ME AND ERIC ALMOST CRIED!! we not aqua lar... but seriously its very touching eh!! the guy that said those things... seriously go watch it.. its a very nice christmas show eh!!

after the movie... we went up to see the secenary!! indeed its was good eh... how i hope i had a gf with me alone there... haha too bad can hug eric only!! aiyo guys i scare i become gay eh!! i think i start to fall in love with him le mah!!...

he has give me so much care and concern... he is always there for me .. sobsob... aiyo... i remember during our trip to vietnam , he almost got lost and i am freaking worried!! sob!! sob!!

GUYS HOW?? WE U GUYS STILL VIEW MY BLOG AND ACCEPT ME AS A FRIEND!!?? if i really fall in love with eric and be together with him??!! haha... just a question ar??!! haha tag and tell me ok??!!

jeremy is a 100 percent guy ... sentence above are not represented by him eh!! don mistaken!!

then we went to toy r us eh... haha then we took chen yee pic!! haha he very cute eh!! look like winnie the pooh mah??!!

haha he is on tv~~ haha winnie the pooh!! where is my honey??!!

haha he very cute eh!! very!! cuz we ask him walk there then stand then he really go do that eh!! haha aiyo... then so many ppl looking at him!! haha GUYS HE IS QUITE A NICE GUY!! now he is still SINGLE... never had gf before!! haha... if u all wanan know him!! pls kindly tag me and tell me ok?!

haha i shall end my blog here!! haha guys which saw this post rite??!! haha pls bring ur gf to vivo .. cuz this christmas tree is indeed very beautiful and big.. i saw so many christmas tree in singapre during christmas.. but all not that nice eh!!



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