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Saturday, November 10, 2007
hee guys today i blog very little nia cuz hor!! i tomorrow need to wake up early to the gym then after that go jog then go SHOPPING WITH BRIANA!!

she ask me pei her go shan shan xing!! haiz find that she very ke lian leh...haiz...i wonder she need how long to get over with it eh!! the whole day i did nothing lar seriously...

kinda of moody and sad... no one is there to cheer me up!! but i hav to remain as my normal self and bring laughter to ppl and smile always!! haiz... so lonely... so many ppl around me but i felt so empty...

i wonder except for god eh?? except for god!! which know me very well... is there anyone on earth knows how i really feel and wat i really want?? but its ok lar... everyone say they never ask anything from me...

but seriously they don know actually they hav been asking.......haiz... forget no point saying... i say so much but only i know how i feel... i prefer to hav that smily look to everyone bah....

i suddenly miss my class mates alot eh...........esp li shan xiao bai lee hong jon anna kun yu...........haiz... so long never hear their voice kinda of weird to me... seriously i haven find a job!! decided to find one after prom!! and earn alot of money!!

then batam with 13 yo~~ haha...haiz... seriously i don know why i haha then i haiz.. totally no mood today do wat also no mood... just wanna kill some dino !! haiz... so i play monster hunter and came to blog the whole day!!

i kill many freaking big monster but just toook one pic nia!! sorry guys!!

this one also very big eh!! haiz.. i just wanna vent everything killing such dino there is more other cuttier and stronger de... hhaiz........................aiyo....................i don know wat i blogging lar!!

haiz forget it!! guys i am sorry for being moody .. i don wan such feeling but i don hav a choice !! haiz... tooo many things happen... firstly is her secondly also her third also her...3 different kinds of her... has to many problems!!

so i hav to be strong!! wat ever !! bye guys nitez!!



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