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Sunday, November 11, 2007
guys i cant blog much!! cuz i am not using my house com!! went to my friend house to blog this post!! and i gtg sorry guys!!

today i went to causeway to meet briana!!! bring her go shan shan xing!! but she hor very nonsense lor... never tell me she need to go home early!!! haiz... aiyo hai me go out for 2 hours then need to go home!!

but actually thats not true lar... haha i wanna go visit my mum too!! haha... meet briana then i very hungry !!! wanna eat eat...!! then she suggest go yoshiyonia!! haha i guess is like this spell bah!! wa when i walk to the counter!! wa jia lat!! blush !!

the girl ps i also ps!! aiyo... sob... so shy lar.. don even dare to order food sia... wat ever lar!! very scare jiu dui le!! haiz... aiyo stop abt the cashier thingy!! ...

haiz see briana quite ke lian!! a girl which has lost its confidence and love... maybe not confidence but love bah!!

but after so many years of research!! a girl will eventually loses its confidence when she loses its guys or maybe she will grow stronger... its just the matter of time... and that few months or moments... the girl will look most miserable and how to say ar....maybe i should use the word , ugly or not used to be herself... the light and cheerfullness in that girl is gone!!

i don know why... its just a feeling that briana its not herself anymore... i mean not that jia lat bah... its just that maybe she like the guy too much... and that is wat i respect her the most...!!! but i always believe that if u hav done wat u really can...

there is nothing much u can do or hang on eh... because it takes 2 hands to clap and u hav to move on with ur life...there is nothing u can do to ask the person back maybe u can try(i don believe in patch or wat...friend possible)...

because the person has already decided to leave u!! haiz...but just believe in urself that just as long u hav treat the person!!

with ur 100 percent of heart.. then there should not be any regret or doubt that are u not good enough or wat.. because this had already ensure u that its not ur fault even though it take 2 hands to clap!! that is one good method to reduce the pain!! loving to deep and too much will hurt u very deep!!

but if u treat the person so good... like more that 100 percent and the treatment and u get its like......nonsense?? i think if u hav common sense u should know the person is not responding to wat u hav done , or the person don really appreciate wat u hav done!!so its very simple and get prepared for the worst!! so u wont feel so pain!!

seriously its works...those who read this...go try bah.. i taught many ppl and it works... but it also hav the negaitve side effect whereas i teach the girl or boy which kanna hurt by ppl!! they start hurting ppl easily , because using this they don really feel the pain anymore!!

secondly why don u guys think worz...u and ur gf or bf bk... when it happen the person who wanan bk will say those lame excuse , feeling fade( even though it can be true!), need to study , not good enough for u and etc.... all this is nonsene eh!! because if u really love the person so much!!

all this can be one(that includes if u really like the person that much!!)so the reason above are nonsense !! so seriously relationship its not a easy thingy to handle!! so just go with the flow!! when there is problem settle it!! freshness and feelings can be created!!

for more information call this hot line!! 999!!

haha i am jk abt the hotline thingy but seriously wat i said above works eh!! go try bah!!

haiz ... this is briana!! sad rite?? u compare the pics of hers below and this one... last time eat with me... she also will laugh de!!

in order to keep her mind busy!! we started playing bombermen!! in our psp!! ahha i am the blue colour dE!! haha.. VICTORY!!

after pei her i go meet my mum!! haha go find her walk walk chat chat!! then go find her eat eat!! haha nothing much to tok abt... sorry i gtg i cut short ok??!! haha...

haha this is my root beer!! float!! looks good rite??

new crispy pork chop!! haha... really very nice!!

walk and tok with my mother... and bought a cheesecake... then slowly walk home and help xiang jie!! open!! monster hunter 2!! bye guys!!



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