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Sunday, November 25, 2007

haha wa morning see all the taggie i very happy eh!! haha rain~~~ haha... nonsense lar... but thx guys for all the postive taggy~!?? ok!! mua mucakx~~

WA !! i very tired hor!! wa......i really really very tired eh!! seriously !! aiyo i last night!! sleep so late!! still need to blog eh!! sobsob!! aiyo nvm!!

early morning wake up i kanna giao ki lai!! haha aiyo.. hav to go bathe ... change , eat then we are off to town!! wa town again!! sobsob... wa town also can be my second home!! beside chalat , i almost everyday go town also!!

today need to pei my god parents and my sister go TOWN to get my god brother psp!! aiyo... aiyo so early go there hor!! is to shop lor!! bluff me!! chey i tot go there to check on the psp nia!! si bei sianz!! in the end i go there baby sit!!

wanna see the pics??!! i got evidence!! my god brother become maid to carry things i carry her!! and we 3 walk the whole fareast again and again!!

haha see...we walk around there don know how many times eh!!

haha shi ling eh!! aha cute mah... eating chicken!!

now!! exchange eh!! she drink i eat shi lin!! haha...

haha aiyo don we look sweet??!! haha... aiyo me and my daughter hav lots of fun ... because sometimes as we stand down there or out in the blue...got ppl tok to us de eh!! haha... alot ppl say she very cute!!

then walk walk walk.. suddenly a pretty lady called me!! wa..............i cant recongnised its was!! lisa eh !! from northland!! haha so shock!! wa hee!! her mum love my daughter alot eh!! ... ahha aiyo...

then walk walk walk... then walk to lucky plaze to collect the psp!! wa got so many maid sia!!!!!!!!!! so many lor!! aiyo so squeezey!! ahha nonsense lor!! wa scary sia!! so many ppl i walk a while!!

keep on feel i am molested!! eh!! its feel like got ppl keep on touching my butt eh!! sobsob guys i am very sad now eh!! sobsob!! i am being touch!!haha... wat ever lar... we got the psp then i go take my specs!! eh!! ahha!!

haha that is me!!?? haha look smart or not??!! haha... new specs!! but i donknow why my sister and my mother ask me do lor!! i also seldom wear de!!

then after that i rush to go find my brothers!! haha they are at block 8... and as usual rite?? its always the same!! every sunday got ppl play tai chi!! haha the we see lor.. but of cuz play psp lar... !!

same game!! monster hunter!! haha fun eh!! but after that play bb lor! for abt 30 mins... then suddenly me and marcus got tong gan eh!! aiyo.. we just jog and pick up the ball for our friends!! and guess wat!!

we are panting and panting!! as though we climb alot of stairs eh1!! aiyo i think i really old le lar... to long never play le!! after that... we go coffee shop and tok tok!! haha then chris got his new ear rings eh!!

haha actually he very handsome de eh!! but he like to do those funny things which made him look stupid!! but after all , he is still my brother!! and i think he is handsome enough!! even better than anyone eh!!

haha mickey!!!

haha chris went to toilet and eric was bored!! suddenly he took chirs wallet and took chris gf!! de photo out eh!! he is trying to potray erm...u guess can guess is wat bah!! haha

erm u all know when ppl die rite?? then put the pic at the lorry head... or!! haha.... i don wanna say le lar...

hope chris gf don read my blog eh!! if she read ...then chris is dead!!

haha eric crying very sad u know!! sobsob... poor thingy!!

guyss i need to sleep early tomorrow interview!!



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