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Thursday, November 22, 2007
attention guys!! pls grab the pic!! if u all wanna it!! i never post it... up to friendster cuz the size of the pics... is too big!!! so i am sorry... u all hav to take from here!! sorry guys!!

finally today is prom eh!! haha i very jin zhang ... haha firstly i will show u all... after so many days of going town and pei my on clothes!! this is wat i bought bah!!

just a singlet!!

a necklance!! of a cross...

a sunglass...

haha cool rite?? haha

a biker jacket??

a carligan

and a simple pair of shoes!! haha...

haha then i pei pei myself lor!! but thx to the kor kor which gave me the ideA!! haha... aiyo this is wat i become!! haha...

haha with the shades... and the necklane i become like this!!

with the singlet i became like this!!

with just the cardigan i became like this!!

with the jacket!! and whole i became like this!!??

guys ?? after looking at all this ... which do u think is better??!! haha but pei here and there i choose the last one with the jacket to prom eh!! cool mah?? haha i don know.. just don wanna look the same as everybody!!

early in the morning rite?? wake up !! i quickly!! go to the toilet to check out for any pimple!! wa........HENG...AR...DON HAV!! haha then i change.. into the first pic and go find evan!!

cuz we will be doing our hair later on... and this is wat happen to us!!

haa that me!!

my pretty evan!!

haha very lady rite?? don look like her at all...

seriously from this angle very nice rite??!! ahha

my hair very stright le!!

haha pull pull!!


now i can disclose!! who well my brothers wear eh... this is the day they got their clothing!!

this is ken!!

xiang jie!!


that is de gui!!

my pretty evan!!

and that is me!! haha wa.. first time i look like this eh!!

me and evan is off to the prom!! and out heart is pounding eh!! wa... boom boom boom!! haha.. we in the cab rite?? took alot of pics.. but she never send me!! haha...

when we reach.. wa there is so many ppl eh!! then i so scare.. but when me and evan step in!! the ppl!! wow.........!!~~~~~ so loud... made us so shy!! haha... but also good lar..

its a indication that we look not bad!! haha...once i reach hor!! ppl find me to take pics le!! not start showing u all!! haha...

haha that is my wenhui eh!! hav been friends with me for a long time!! nice girl!!

haha all my so called best friends eh!! haha... cuz von treat me very good once... rui wen family and treat me very well ... and her sis is my gf!! wen hui is my life time friend!! haha...

haha this is my favourite teacher eh!! haha mrloke!! haha best teacher in msl!!

haha this is my class chair man eh!! haha... cool rite??!! to helmi!! thx for saying i look good tat day!! actually u too.. hope u last long with rakina!!

haha rachhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~haha... cool rite?? he look like a busiiness man!! and he is so cool lar!!

haha tong!! my master piece.. i think she regret for not bringing a shawl!! aiyo.. the carligan not that nice rite?? with a shawl it will be perfect!! haha... but girl ... u really look great!!

haha yixi!! haha... cute eh!! haha... look so girl!! haha...

haha val!! my outing friend.. and my best friend too eh!! she cute rite?? she also wearing heels le eh!! haha...

haha my gf!~~~ hahA... not that gf lar... but very good gf~~

haha me and the chair man of sports leader!! he very cute that day!! mouth cannot close de!!

wa lishan~~~~~sobsob she will be got to aus to study!! on 1st of january!!sad eh!! haiz... sobsob...

haha me and von!! haha she look very different eh!! she is wearing heels also... haha!! ahha... but seems no difference... haha!! funny girl eh!!

haha me and jie wen!! ahha her sorry lo... very cute de eh!! haha

me and my brother!! ahha jin dao!! cool rite?? haha

my bao bei!! evan!! best brother forever!!

haha me and tong fang!! my best kfc mate last time!! never fail to pei me eat!! but ppl pretty le.. got bf le!! haha...

suddenly got alot ppl woooooooooo~~~~~~~ again!!without saying or hearing... or asking i know who came!! my BROTHERS!! HAHA...too shuai until everybody wooooooo~~

see cool rite?? hawha one glance u can .... see.. its a wow!!

haha... walk up also got sei!!

its time to went in but busy take pics with my class mates eh!!

this is my best malay friend i mention in my friendster!!

haha my classmates!! those who went to prom eh!! haha ...wa flowers?? for who!! ~~ ??? haha

haha we went in le!! and took more pics!! this is yong jian!! cool guy eh!!always... ohhhhh~~

me and my most you yuan de brotheR!~ do we look good?? i asking nia!!

haha me and birthday boy!! gao!!

me and my brother kendrick!! shuai rite??!!

me and rain!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~ or downpour!! haha....

that my brother...limze ba gua king!! ben and you shan!!

me and my s1 class mates eh!!

haha melisa!! haha my best mixed blood friend!!

haha me and my childhood friend we know each other since primary 1~~

haha my classmates eh!! haha cool rite??!! qing rong!! ~~ smile!!

haha that is my teacher!! haha cute rite??!!

haha azhar giving his speech!! everybody go hor.. is one person nia.. ours special!! eh!! haha got 2 body guards!!

haha hafiz... cool rite??!!

kb !! cute eh!!he won prize eh!!

haha... he really mutter alot.. but overall quite a nice speech!!

see so many ppl attend!! haha

haha... this is the mc... haha!! he very cute de eh!!

haha my classmates!! haha were invite to the stage!! and dance!! haha~~ haha

haha this is the prom queen eh!! haha she is indeed very cool!!

haha my ian!! haha cute sia!!

sarah!! most sporty girl eh!!

me and miss neo and eric and xiang jie!! haha this teacher like small kid eh!! eric wife!!

me and weili!! haha she is a very sweet and nice girl eh!! and extremly tall!!

jia hui and yk... both look pretty eh!! and its very... haha!!

mr photogenic.. haha hong li!!

my best combine humans teacher!! haha mr muti!! !!

haha this is my principal!! he said he regretted for not wearing shades with me!! actually he very cute de eh!!

me and my dm!! really wanted to tank him... he spot my talent... and gave me the chance... he took care of me and eric and evan very well.. really want to tank him alot!!

we 3 very close eh!! haha always hav dinner together!! haha look nice rite?!!

haha happy birthday to yong gao!!

haha he must be very happy eh!! so many ppl sing for him and celebrate with him!!

haha me and miss yeo!! sometimes she is kinda of loud..but actually she very cute eh!!

haha!!!~~~ haha.. me and 2 sec 4 boys... they are not the same as other sec 4 boys!! one of the best and most li mao de sec 4 boys!! jack and alson!!

me and diayani!! hope i spell correct... haha she is a hottie eh!! haha alson so xing fu!!

haha me and the malay boys!! ahha the biggest size one is my ping pong shi fu!!

the green club members eh!!!

haha she very cute de eh.. hav a sharp mouth!! xin ying!!

me and my vp~~ a pretty lady eh!! haha

haha this pic is took by a m4 girl.. wants to say sorry to get... because me and mr seow keep on saying her!! haha

haha cute rite?? he help me to get a1 eh!! for mother tongue!!

haha saw the one with hat?? he is the porm king eh!!

haha me and the girls ... of my class!! guys this pose and girls are the same with the pic.. of racial harmony day eh!!

haha me and my class de guys!! playing ballon eh!!

haha ... me and saliza!!haha i am stuffing food into my mouth then she ask me to take pics!!

haha me and yk eh!! aha.. she very cute eh!!

haha me and shu yi!! haha

haha.... this one is eric childhood friend very cute de eh!! he can cock very well!!

ravpreet... the funniest and cooliest girl i saw!!

this two rite?? actually i don know them de... is they keep on disturbing me.. while i do dnt!! very funny eh!!

haha... this is atikah!! the most pretty girl in my class!!

haha amy and pervert mei liang!!

sophia and yan ting and chen jing!!

haha my mother!! actually is my teacher but she very motherly eh!!

haha.. aiyo... both is my best dm!!

hahah... my best english teacher!!

haha we are singing birthday song for yong gao!!

haha me and my XXXXXX haha ... aiyo she look pretty today withour glasses eh1!

haha our second mother!!

after getting ready to sit... ppl were called up from each table to go up and play play eh... haha and we didnt know wat was it....haha !! haha everyone was very excited...and this is how the game go... firstly we hav to hear the music and know wat is the instrument in it...!!

then we hav to act ...as though we are playing it.. everyone is very funny.. because act act act in the end become dancing competion!!

haha look at rain!! doing the worldcup warm up man!! cool!!

everyone hear the nosnense game until very ps!!

haha that is me!! took by eric!!

this is group one!! haha and start le lor!!

haha... that is julie... the best dancer!! haha

seriously i wanna thx rain!! if not this group will not win eh!! haha... rain !! we love u~~~ haha...

the game ended fast eh!! haha... so the DANCE FLOOR IS OPEN FOR US TO DANCE EH!! aiyo.. wa first time i see the school ppl so hot and enthu sia.. all really go in and dance... freaking cool lar... hahaa i did lar.. but too hot and don know how to dance then i come out le!! haha

haha look like clubbing rite??!! haha... seriously alot ppl ar!!

haha this is the teacher which just stay opp my block eh!! haha she took care of me very well in vietnam!!

haha miss ng!! my green club teacher... she very cute and nice...but ppl always bully heR!! sob!!

haha miss baye.. also very good... a teacher which don hav temper at all also!!

haha seriously i don know why!! i like this pic alot... look like a star rite??!! haha i jk ...i am not that...bhb!!

haha irene!! the most pretty sec 4 in normal acadiemic!!

haha me and the well mannered girl!! mira!!

seriously i don know her name!! but she ask me to take pic with her then i ok lor!!

haha kai ling!! the primary school girl which advance to secondary !!

haha jia hui~~~~~ haha... lovely girl eh!!

haha that is me and weiting!! pretty mah?!!

haha...tricia!! haha vietnam!! psp mate!! ahha... always come find me for psp!!

haha sophia!!!!! she really really very very cute!! like her alot!! even though she never been my classmate!!

haha yanting!! a very traditional girl!!

haha this is another weiting!! well mannered also!!

haha karwee!! haha i am sorry i always disturb her.. so shock that she ask me to take pics eh!!

haha she is a very sweet looking girl eh!! she very lonely that night eh!! aiyo..

haha my kfc friend!! with her around i always hav free chicken!! haha...

haha you shan!! hav lots of memories with him!! cuz there is once he accused me hai him fail english because i always make him laugh eh!! haha.. .but guess wat after i change seat!! i score even better than him eh!! funny rite??!! haha...memories eh!!

haha me and bao!! he likes to send us funny message!! mr nice guy eh!! bao continue!!

haha me and beng eh!! ahha he very guai!! seriously he don smoke don drink and don even scold vulgar language !! haha i more naughty... i don smoke i don drink but sometimes will scold vulgar language!! eh sometimes only hor!!

haha wow!!!!! he look so clean!! he really can look great!! my brother!! xiang jie!!

haha me and the couple!! haha maybe going to married le eh!! ahha i don know hope so!!

me and weeeeeeeeeeeeeee wik!!!!!!!!!~~~ haha she very cute de eh!! u blow wistle she will respond eh!!

haha miss wati!! mr loke!! mr tan!! and mdm rosna!! all being invited to dance eh!!

haha mrloke can shake eh!! haha nice rite??!! haha...

acutally our principal very cute de eh!! he don look like one at all.. cuz he always play with us... i tok to him and play with him don know how many times le.. like can no big no small like that... but he is a very clever person... haha i respect him alot!!

haha!! that is my kb~~~ ahha!! mr personailty!! haha...

haha my maths tutor!! hong li!! haha... cute and mr nice guy!!

my bao bei brotheR!! miss photogenic!!

haha pretty rite?? look like tai tai.. she very guai on that day... never kb , never scold , never anything!! haha really very guai!! i bet she enjoy it!!

mr and miss photogenic!!

haha rain~~~~~~see our vp~~ laugh until cannot tahan!! haha he actually very cool eh!! guys don judge a person by its cover.. he is a nice guy and he can dance well eh!! haha... really!! rain1!

haha mr sporty!! rain!!

haha i cant see but i think that is evan!! eh1!

me and my most you yuan de brother!! eric!! seriously this is the second pic i love eh!! hope he put as display pic!!

haha me and de gui!! he really quite handsome on that day!! eh!!

everybody stealing vennon shades!! me and jie eh!!

haha the flowers is for eric!~~~

haha the brothers that is still in msl!!

yue wei and xuan came looking for us eh!!

haha this pic more clear rite?? i love this pic also cuz got~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~haha bye bye guys!!

hey guys i wanna end here le... very tired!! sick of uploading pics eh!! ahha... aiyo... seirously prom night freaking fun...actually eric tot of making it the first and the last prom night but the feeling is so great that... prom seriously is a event which can hav lots of memories!!

and u can see many ppl !! become very beautiful!! girls can make guys regret.. guys and make girls shock!!nice eh!! haha there is many things happen after the prom!! during the chalat!! and the next post.. i shall post i wanna thank who!!



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